Biden’s Phone Call to Xi Jiping on Lunar New Year Triggered the Anger of Americans; NFSC Is the Biggest Beneficiary


The day before yesterday, everyone knows that I told you a week ago that Biden must call the Zhongnan Pit before the Spring Festival, and the order had been given to Yang, the Queen [Yang Jiechi] and the Politburo. Who said it? Your Brother Seven was the only one who said that. I know every move of the Zhongnan Pit. So, they did call yesterday, right? And they chose that timing and that kind of call. Lude has interpreted everything for you, but what I want to tell you is that after this call, both the United States and China are hurt. 


First, he [Biden] triggered the anger of Americans. Second, the political strife within China has intensified. The biggest beneficiary is again our New Federal State of China. You don’t believe me, right? Look at all the negative effects after Biden’s phone call now, which have manifested, right? This is absolutely valuable. The “chief accelerator” (Xi Jinping) and the Zhongnan Pit wanted to save their face and act before the Chinese people and brainwash them. It would work in the past because back then there was no Internet and the common people could not tell right from wrong, real from fake, and so believed whatever you told them, right? [Biden] called you and he asked if your feet hurt? And you asked him if he had a headache? Isn’t it? He said, I will do double cultivation with you, and he said, I can do double double cultivation with you. Who would know? Right? 


Now when the call is over, the media all over the world will report this. And then the Communist Party can brag now, right? The President of the United States was forced onto his knees to make a call at the specified time and specified place (called “two-specification” or Shuanggui by the CCP), and so it is said that this phone call has created the so-called “two-specification call” in the history of China and the United States. At the time and in the way specified by Xi Jinping to call Xi to congratulate him on the lunar new year. Awesome. This should be called a “Sino-US, two-specification phone call”. 


After the two-specification call is over, the American people became unhappy, after all, President Biden represents the American people. If you two-specification him [Biden], it’s equivalent to two-specification me. I heard that people were outrageous. Last night, which was the New Year’s Eve, my friends from all over the world contacted me. Many of them used to like Biden as I told you. The guy, who once persuaded me to be good with Biden and told me, “Wengui, Biden is a good guy, blah blah…”, called me yesterday to scold him [Biden] and his eight generations of ancestors, saying that Biden is simply a coward. 


He said, so many people have died, who will answer the question where the virus came from? This hasn’t been figured out yet, and you made this f*cking phone call? The two-specification call. A point well made. People are dying and you made a two-specification call. Are you stupid or what? And then, a few major American families and major American pharmaceutical companies were pissed off, saying that you made this two-specification call and the CCP pushed out their vaccine and their antidote before us. Then, whose money can we still make? What do you mean by doing this? 


Besides, Wal-Mart and Wall Street said, President Trump created the best leverage for us when negotiating with the CCP, that is, you have done the bad things and we, American have sanctioned you. If I help you with the Huawei and TikTok case, can you help us to enter China and let Wall Street go in too? This would be the best card, but you made this double-specification call, and then we lost all our leverage. It’s really like this.


It’s like President Trump cooked a big pot of vegetable already, and this two-specification phone call is like putting a pile of shit in the pot. Now, no one can eat it anymore. The negative effect of this call is so huge, but to our NFSC, it is so good, and not only that, brothers and sisters, you will see something more exaggerating. This two-specification call will unite many people, leaving people with no choice but to take down the CCP together. This is absolutely good news on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Regardless of how many days Biden can stay in the White House, the possibility of him colluding and working with Xi Jinping and the Zhongnan Pit has been diminishing. 



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