[1] 川普總統《拯救美國》集會演講全文 

Grant Stinchfield: And yet the nation is forced to watch the sham impeachment of the one president who successfully put China on notice. Well, joining me now is a close confident and trusted advisor of President Trump, Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Mayor, great to have you on the program.


Mayor Rudy Giuliani: How are you, Grant? Good to see you.


Grant Stinchfield: Well, it’s good to see you, Sir. You and the president, President Trump that is warned about Joe Biden’s ties to China. We’re seeing it unfold right before our eyes, Sir.


Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Yeah, I mean you look at the executive orders in the first couple weeks, and he wasn’t going to do America first. He quite clearly is doing China first. I mean the Chinese are the big winners in the first two weeks of this administration. It’s really very unseemly when you consider how much money the Biden family has gotten from China over the years, that, uh, he is so blatantly helping China. I have … I put out a podcast today, called “CCP Goal”, and that is to defeat the us by 2049. That’s exactly the words of, uh, Xi Jinping at the Party Congress. He set 2049 as the goal to surpass the United States as the leading nation in the world. And, here we are that threat, and, uh, and favoring China with … I mean actually with money … You look, you look at the Paris Climate Accord. It’s gonna save China, you know, trillions of dollars that it’s going to cost us.

魯迪·朱利安尼市長:是的, 看看前面幾周的行政命令。他不是美國優先,很明顯,他是中[共]國優先。這屆政府的前二周,中[共]國才是最大的贏家。考慮到拜登過去這些年從中[共]國撈到那麼多錢,他現在公然地幫助中[共]國就顯得非常地過分。今天我上傳了一個音頻叫「中共的目標」,就是他们要在2049年打敗美國,這是習近平在黨代會上的原話。他設定的目標是2049年超過美國,領導全世界。我們是他們實現目標的障礙……在幫助中[共]國,在錢的問題上……你看,你看《巴黎氣候協議》, 那將給中[共]國節省數萬億美元,以我們為代價。

Grant Stinchfield: It’s a shame. He appears to be getting help from the White House now with Joe Biden there clearly, which brings us to the impeachment, this giant sham, you know. We always talk about Democrats operating on emotions. Their whole case seems to be that destruction and violence occurred, but we all knew that happened. There’s been no mention really or any proof that President Trump had anything to do with it. What do you think of the Democrats case so far?

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:這是一個恥辱。他[习近平]顯然正從白宮的喬·拜登那裡得到幫助,還給我們帶來了這場彈劾,您知道這是一場巨大的鬧劇。 我們經常談到民主黨的運作是基於感情[而非理性],他們所有的論據看起來就是發生了破壞和暴力,我們都知道那發生了。但是根本沒有提及并沒有證據表明川普總統與那有啥关系。目前為止,您是怎樣看待民主黨的論據的?

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: I think their case is a prophetic appeal to emotions and hoping that people are stupid. I mean they, they, you have a speech and they… I saw that guy swallow, the words in the speech are perfectly normal, and he he treats them like there’re words of incitement. No one was incited by it. The difficulties that the congress started a half hour before the President even ended his speech, so he couldn’t have possibly incited anyone. They were in the congress already, and then, of course, he ended the speech by telling him to be peaceful, but and then they said, well, he didn’t really mean it. Well, I mean that means you can’t win. If he had said don’t be peaceful, he’d have been guilty; and if he says he’s peaceful, he’s guilty. It’s because they’re unfair. They’ve been unfair.

魯迪·朱利安尼市長:我認為他們就是說預言和煽情,並且希望大家都是傻子。 我是說您給了這麼個演講…… 我看到他[川普總統]演講中的用詞完全正常,而這些話被當作是有煽動性的。 沒有人被這些話煽動。 國會在總統結束演講半小時前就已經開始開會了,所以他[川普總統]不可能煽動到任何人。 他們[議員們]已經在國會上了,然後,當然,他[川普總統]以告訴大家要和平,結束了他的演講。然而他們卻說他[川普總統說要和平]不是真心的。好吧,那你跟[這幫人辯論]就永遠都贏不了,因為如果他[川普]說不要和平,那他就有罪; 如果他說要和平,那他還是有罪。 這是因為[這些議員]是不公正的。 他們一直不公正。  

Grant Stinchfield: Clearly unfair, which shows us, Mr. Mayor, this video they ran yesterday. I’m gonna play one clip of it because, again, they selectively edit, which is so dishonest if you look at this as a supposed to be a fair trial. Let’s roll that clip from the Democrats presentation yesterday. 

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:顯然這不公平,市長先生,向我們展示他們昨天播放的這段視頻。 我要播放其中的一個片段,因為它們又有選擇地進行編輯,太不誠實了,尤其是您認為這本來應該是一個公平審判。 讓我們放一下昨天民主黨演講中播放的剪輯片段。 

President Trump: After this we’re gonna walk down, and I’ll be there with you. We’re gonna walk down … we’re gonna walk down to the capital…


Grant Stinchfield: Mr. Mayor, they didn’t leave the President up saying “peacefully and patriotically with our voices”.

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:市長先生,他們沒有留下總統說的“用我們的聲音和平地和愛國地…… ”這句話。 

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Yeah, I mean, that’s total deception. It would, in a trial, it would probably lead to a mistrial if they did that with a judge, or you would then play it and slam the lawyer in front of the jury for being a deceptive liar. I mean how can you leave out you’re trying to say he incited people, but he told them to be peaceful and patriotic? Well, how could he possibly be inciting them if he told them to be peaceful and patriotic? 

魯迪·朱利安尼市長:是的,我的意思是,這完全是欺騙。 如果這發生在法官的庭審中,就可能會導致審判失敗。您放這個[片段]就是自己當騙子,在陪審團面前給律師打臉。 我的意思是說,您怎麼能說他[川普]煽動人民,卻告訴人們要和平與愛國? 好吧,如果他告訴人們要和平與愛國,那他[川普]怎麼可能煽動人民呢? 

Plus, I was at that rally. Nobody was jumping up and down, acting crazy. Whatever happened at the capitol had already started. It already happened. And, we, and it took about an hour to walk from there to the capitol if anybody did. So, the two different events, the two different events that they’re trying to put together in a desperate effort to prevent him from getting real, getting elected in 2024 if he wants to.

另外,我參加了那個集會。 沒有人跳來跳去,表現得很瘋狂。 [当时]國會山上發生的事情是已經開始了的。 它已經發生了。 而且,即使有人要走到國會山上去,那也得花大約一個小時的时间。 因此,這兩個是不同的事件,他們[那些议员]正試圖把两件不同的事情拼湊起來,以阻止他[川普总统]在2024年當選,如果他想参选的话。 

Grant Stinchfield: Yeah, desperate and of course dishonest as well. I put together this little clip, you know, the President’s team has been getting a lot of criticism apparently even from the President himself. I want to roll the first attorney to speak yesterday and then get your response. I hate to turn lawyers against each other, but I want to play this because I was troubled by it too. Roll it. 

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:是的,他們[議員]這是無計可施了,而且真的是不誠實。 我準備了下面這個[總統律師講話的]小片段,您知道,總統的律师團隊顯然也受到了總統本人的批評。 我想放一下[總統]首席律師昨天的發言,然後想聽一下您的評論。 雖然我不想讓律師们互撕,但我真的想把它放出來,因為它是如此地困擾著我。放出來吧。 

Bruce Castor Jr.: The House managers who spoke earlier were brilliant. I loved listening to them. They’re smart enough to pick a new administration if they don’t like the old one. President Trump no longer is in office. He was removed by the voters.

小布魯斯·卡斯特:之前發言的眾議院管理者們都很出色。 我喜歡聽他們的發言。 如果他們不喜歡舊政府,他們可以足夠聰明地選出一個新政府。 川普總統已經不是總統了。 他被選民給選下去了。 

Grant Stinchfield: So Mr. Mayor, that’s Bruce Castor. What in the world is he talking about there? I mean, it’s so disappointing for me to see that, and that’s the guy defending my guy, President Trump. 

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:所以說,市長先生,那位就是是布魯斯·卡斯特。 他在到底說的是啥啊? 我的意思是,我看了以後太失望了,那個傢伙就是給我的川普總統辯護的人啊! 

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: I don’t know what he was thinking about. Lawyers make mistakes. Maybe maybe nobody had told him what side of the case he was on before he came in. He might have been a little confused about it. But it was a fundamental errors that.. I mean I can’t explain it. And just have to chalk it up to a bad day, I guess.

魯迪·朱利安尼市長:我不知道他腦子里想啥呢。 律師也會犯錯。 也許沒有人在他來[聽證會]之前告訴過他,他是代表哪一方的律師。他可能有點犯糊塗了。 但這是一個基本的錯誤…… 我的意思是,我也無法解釋。 我想,這只能歸結到那是倒霉的一天。 

Grant Stinchfield: Well, Mr. Mayor, it’s great having you on the program, and I’ve told you before, I want to thank you for all you did during this time, leading up to today included, you and the entire team. God bless you, Sir, and I appreciate you coming on the program. 

格蘭特·斯金菲爾德:好吧,市長先生,很高興您參加節目,我之前就已經告訴過您,我要感謝您在這段時間內所做的一切,直到今天,包括您在內,以及整個團隊。 上帝保佑您,先生,我感謝您參加節目。 

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Thank you, Grant. God bless you too.


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