五月花寫作組 | 翻譯:風雲九霄(文蕭) | 校對:傘兵 | 編輯:jamie(文胤) | 美工、發稿:滅共小宇宙

Part 14 – Cherishing Life and Religious Liberty


Steadfastly supported the sanctity of every human life and worked tirelessly to prevent government funding of abortion.


  • Reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, ensuring that taxpayer money is not used to fund abortion globally.
  • 恢復並擴展了墨西哥城政策,確保美國納稅人的錢不被用於全球墮胎。
  • Issued a rule preventing Title X taxpayer funding from subsiding the abortion industry.
  • 發布了一項規則,以防止Title X納稅人的資金資助墮胎行業。
  • Supported legislation to end late-term abortions.
  • 支持立法終止晚期流產。
  • Cut all funding to the United Nations population fund due to the fund’s support for coercive abortion and forced sterilization.
  • 聯合國人口基金支持強迫墮胎和強迫絕育,因此終止對其撥款。
  • Signed legislation overturning the previous administration’s regulation that prohibited states from defunding abortion facilities as part of their family planning programs.
  • 簽署法律推翻了上屆政府的法規,以禁止各州對作為其家庭生育計劃的墮胎設施撥款。
  • Fully enforced the requirement that taxpayer dollars do not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.
  • 全面執行要求納稅人的錢不得用來支持奧巴馬醫改計劃中的墮胎。
  • Stopped the Federal funding of fetal tissue research.
  • 停止了對胎兒組織研究的聯邦資助。
  • Worked to protect healthcare entities and individuals’ conscience rights – ensuring that no medical professional is forced to participate in an abortion in violation of their beliefs.
  • 致力於保護醫療機構和個人的良心權利——確保沒有醫療專業人員被迫違反其信仰而參與墮胎。
  • Issued an executive order reinforcing requirement that all hospitals in the United States provide medical treatment or an emergency transfer for infants who are in need of emergency medical care—regardless of prematurity or disability.
  • 發布了一項行政命令,加強要求美國所有醫院為需要緊急醫療護理的嬰兒提供醫療或緊急轉運,無論其是否早產或殘疾。
  • Led a coalition of countries to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, declaring that there is no international right to abortion and committing to protecting women’s health.
  • 領導一個國家聯盟簽署《日內瓦共識宣言》,宣布沒有國際墮胎權,並致力於保護婦女的健康。
  • First president in history to attend the March for Life.
  • 歷史上首位參加維護生命權遊行的總統。

Stood up for religious liberty in the United States and around the world.


  • Protected the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, teachers, and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor.
  • 保護醫生,護士,老師和安貧小姐妹會等團體的良心權利。
  • First president to convene a meeting at the United Nations to end religious persecution.
  • 第一任總統在聯合國召開旨在結束宗教迫害的會議。
  • Established the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative.
  • 建立了白宮信仰和機會倡議。
  • Stopped the Johnson Amendment from interfering with pastors’ right to speak their minds.
  • 阻止《約翰遜修正案》干擾牧師發表意見的權利。
  • Reversed the previous administration’s policy that prevented the government from providing disaster relief to religious organizations.
  • 推翻了上屆政府阻止政府向宗教組織提供災難援助的政策。
  • Protected faith-based adoption and foster care providers, ensuring they can continue to serve their communities while following the teachings of their faith.
  • 保護基於信仰的收養和寄養服務提供者,確保他們在遵循信仰教義的同時繼續為社區服務。
  • Reduced burdensome barriers to ensure Native Americans are free to keep spiritually and culturally significant eagle feathers found on their tribal lands.
  • 減少繁文縟節,以確保美洲原住民可以自由地在其部落土地上保留精神上和文化上重要的鷹羽毛。
  • Took action to ensure Federal employees can take paid time off work to observe religious holy days.
  • 採取措施確保聯邦僱員可以帶薪休假來遵守宗教節日。
  • Signed legislation to assist religious and ethnic groups targeted by ISIS for mass murder and genocide in Syria and Iraq.
  • 簽署了立法,以協助那些在敘利亞和伊拉克被ISIS進行大規模屠殺和種族滅絕的宗教和族裔群體。
  • Directed American assistance toward persecuted communities, including through faith-based programs.
  • 向美國的受迫害社區提供援助,包括通過基於信仰的計劃。
  • Launched the International Religious Freedom Alliance – the first-ever alliance devoted to confronting religious persecution around the world.
  • 發起了國際宗教自由聯盟,這是有史以​​來第一個致力於應對世界各地宗教迫害的聯盟。
  • Appointed a Special Envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.
  • 任命了一個特使來監督和打擊反猶太主義。
  • Imposed restrictions on certain Chinese officials, internal security units, and companies for their complicity in the persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.
  • 對參與迫害新疆維吾爾族人的某些中國官員,內部安全部門和公司實施共謀限制。
  • Issued an executive order to protect and promote religious freedom around the world.
  • 發布了一項行政命令,以保護和促進全世界的宗教自由。




















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