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Part 7 – Life-Saving Response to the China Virus


Restricted travel to the United States from infected regions of the world.


  • Suspended all tr​​avel from China, saving thousands of lives.
  • 暫停所有來自中國的旅行,挽救了數千人的生命。
  • Required all American citizens returning home from designated outbreak countries to return through designated airports with enhanced screening measures, and to undergo a self-quarantine.
  • 要求所有從指定疫情爆發國家返回家園的美國公民,需通過指定機場進行加強的篩查措施,並進行自我隔離。
  • Announced further travel restrictions on Iran, the Schengen Area of​​ Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Brazil. 
  • 宣布了對伊朗,歐洲的申根區,英國,愛爾蘭和巴西的進一步旅行限制。
  • Issued travel advisory warnings recommending that American citizens avoid all international travel.
  • 發出旅行諮詢警告,建議美國公民避免所有國際旅行。
  • Reached bilateral agreements with Mexico and Canada to suspend non-essential travel and expeditiously return illegal aliens.
  • 與墨西哥和加拿大達成雙邊協議,以中止不必要的旅行,並迅速遣返非法外國人。
  • Repatriated over 100,000 American citizens stranded abroad on more than 1,140 flights from 136 countries and territories.
  • 飛行了1140次航班,從136個國家和地區,撤回了10萬多滯留在國外的美國公民。
  • Safely transported, evacuated, treated, and returned home trapped passengers on cruise ships.
  • 安全地運送,疏散,處理並接回在遊輪上被困乘客。
  • Took action to authorize visa sanctions on foreign governments who impede our efforts to protect American citizens by refusing or unreasonably delaying the return of their own citizens, subjects, or residents from the United States.
  • 採取行動,批准對外國政府的簽證制裁。這些外國政府通過拒絕或不合理地延遲其本國公民,臣民或居民從美國返回,而阻礙了我們保護美國公民的努力。

Acted early to combat the China Virus in the United States.


  • Established the White House Coronavirus Task Force, with leading experts on infectious diseases, to manage the Administration’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to keep workplaces safe.
  • 建立了由傳染病領域專家構成的白宮冠狀病毒特別工作組。政府採取措施以減輕COVID-19的傳播並確保工作場所的安全。
  • Pledged in the State of the Union address to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the Virus,” while the Democrats’ response made not a single mention of COVID-19 or even the threat of China.
  • 在國情咨文中承諾“採取一切必要步驟保護我們的公民免受病毒的侵害”,而民主黨的回應中隻字未提COVID-19,甚至中國的威脅。
  • Declared COVID-19 a National Emergency under the Stafford Act.
  • 根據《斯塔德法案》(Stafford Act)宣布COVID-19為國家緊急狀態。
  • Established the 24/7 FEMA National Response Coordination Center.
  • 建立了24/7 FEMA國家響應協調中心。
  • Released guidance recommending containment measures critical to slowing the spread of the Virus, decompressing peak burden on hospitals and infrastructure, and diminishing health impacts.
  • 發布遏制措施指南,這些措施對於減慢病毒的傳播,減輕醫院和基礎設施的峰值負擔,以及減少對健康的影響至關重要。
  • Implemented strong community mitigation strategies to sharply reduce the number of lives lost in the United States down from experts’ projection of up to 2.2 million deaths in the United States without mitigation.
  • 實施了強有力的社區緩解策略,以大幅減少美國民眾的生命損失。據專家預測,如果不採取措施,美國將有多達220萬人口面臨死亡。
  • Halted American funding to the World Health Organization to counter its egregious bias towards China that jeopardized the safety of Americans.
  • 暫停美國向世界衛生組織提供資金,以應對其對中國的過分偏袒,這損害了美國人的安全。
  • Announced plans for withdrawal from the World Health Organization and redirected contribution funds to help meet global public health needs.
  • 宣布退出世界衛生組織的計劃,並重新分配捐款基金,以幫助滿足全球公共衛生需求。
  • Called on the United Nations to hold China accountable for their handling of the virus, including refusing to be transparent and failing to contain the virus before it spread. 
  • 呼籲聯合國要求中國對病毒的處理負責,包括拒絕公開透明,在病毒傳播前未能遏制病毒。

Re-purposed domestic manufacturing facilities to ensure frontline workers had critical supplies.


  • Distributed billions of pieces of Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves, masks, gowns, and face shields. 
  • 分發了數十億件個人防護設備,包括手套、口罩、防護服和麵罩。
  • Invoked the Defense Production Act over 100 times to accelerate the development and manufacturing of essential material in the USA. 
  • 超過100次援引《國防生產法》,以加速美國必需材料的開發和生產。
  • Made historic investments of more than $3 billion into the industrial base. 
  • 對工業基地的歷史性投資超過30億美元。
  • Contracted with companies such as Ford, General Motors, Philips, and General Electric to produce ventilators. 
  • 與福特,通用汽車,飛利浦和通用電氣等公司簽約生產呼吸機。
  • Contracted with Honeywell, 3M, O&M Halyard, Moldex, and Lydall to increase our Nation’s production of N-95 masks.
  • 與Honeywell,3M,O&M Halyard,Moldex和Lydall簽訂合同,以增加N-95口罩產量。
  • The Army Corps of Engineers built 11,000 beds, distributed 10,000 ventilators, and surged personnel to hospitals. 
  • 陸軍工程兵團建造了1.1萬張病床,分發了1萬台呼吸機,並向醫院派遣人力。
  • Converted the Javits Center in New York into a 3,000-bed hospital, and opened medical facilities in Seattle and New Orleans. 
  • 將紐約的Javits中心改造成擁有3千張病床的醫院,並在西雅圖和新奧爾良開設了醫療機構。
  • Dispatched the USNS Comfort to New York City, and the USNS Mercy to Los Angeles. 
  • 將USNS Comfort飛機派往紐約市,並將USNS Mercy飛機派往洛杉磯。
  • Deployed thousands of FEMA employees, National Guard members, and military forces to help in the response. 
  • 部署了數千名FEMA員工,國民警衛隊成員和軍事部隊來幫助應對。
  • Provided support to states facing new emergences of the virus, including surging testing sites, deploying medical personnel, and advising on mitigation strategies. 
  • 為面臨新病毒威脅的州提供支持,包括大量設置測試站點,部署醫務人員以及提供緩解策略建議。
  • Announced Federal support to governors for use of the National Guard with 100 percent cost-share. 
  • 宣布聯邦支持州長使用國民警衛隊,聯邦承擔100%的費用。
  • Established the Supply Chain Task Force as a “control tower” to strategically allocate high-demand medical supplies and PPE to areas of greatest need. 
  • 建立了供應鏈工作隊作為“控制塔”,戰略性地將高需求的醫療用品和個人防護裝備分配到最需要的區域。
  • Requested critical data elements from states about the status of hospital capacity, ventilators, and PPE. 
  • 從各州請求有關醫院容量,呼吸機和個人防護設備狀態的關鍵數據。
  • Executed nearly 250 flights through Project Air Bridge to transport hundreds of millions of surgical masks, N95 respirators, gloves, and gowns from around the world to hospitals and facilities throughout the United States. 
  • 通過“航空橋計劃” (Project Air Bridge)飛行了將近250次航班,將來自世界各地的數以億計的外科口罩、N95防毒面具、手套和防護服運往美國各地的醫院和機構。
  • Signed an executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to ensure that Americans have a reliable supply of products like beef, pork, and poultry. 
  • 簽署了執行《國防生產法》的行政命令,以確保能夠可靠地供應美國人牛肉、豬肉和家禽等產品。
  • Stabilized the food supply chain restoring the Nation’s protein processing capacity through a collaborative approach with Federal, state, and local officials and industry partners. 
  • 通過與聯邦,州和地方官員以及行業合作夥伴的協作方式,恢復了國家的蛋白質加工能力,穩定了食品供應鏈。
  • The continued movement of food and other critical items of daily life distributed to stores and to American homes went unaffected.
  • 確保分發至商店和家庭中的食品及民眾日常生活中重要物品持續流動,不受影響。

Replenished the depleted Strategic National Stockpile.


  • Increased the number of ventilators nearly ten-fold to more than 153,000. 
  • 呼吸機數量增加了近十倍,達到15.3萬多台。
  • Despite the grim projections from the media and governors, no American who has needed a ventilator has been denied a ventilator. 
  • 儘管媒體和州長做出了嚴峻的預測,但沒有任何需要呼吸機的美國人被拒絕使用。
  • Increased the number of N95 masks fourteen-fold to more than 176 million. 
  • N95口罩的數量增加了14倍,超過了1.76億個。
  • Issued an executive order ensuring critical medical supplies are produced in the United States.
  • 發布了一項行政命令,以確保關鍵醫療用品在美國生產。

Created the largest, most advanced, and most innovative testing system in the world.


  • Built the world’s leading testing system from scratch, conducting over 200 million tests – more than all of the European Union combined.
  • 從零開始構建了世界領先的檢測系統,進行了超過2億次檢測,這是歐盟所有國家的總和。
  •  Engaged more than 400 test developers to increase testing capacity from less than 100 tests per day to more than 2 million tests per day. 
  • 與400多名測試開發人員合作,將檢測能力從每天少於100個增加到每天超過200萬個。
  • Slashed red tape and approved Emergency Use Authorizations for more than 300 different tests, including 235 molecular tests, 63 antibody tests, and 11 antigen tests.
  • 減少繁文縟節,對300多種不同的檢測方法,批准“緊急使用授權”。這些方法包括235種分子檢測法、63種抗體檢測法和11種抗原檢測法。
  • Delivered state-of-the-art testing devices and millions of tests to every certified nursing home in the country. 
  • 為該國的每個認證養老院提供了最先進的檢測設備,並進行了數百萬次檢測。
  • Announced more flexibility to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to waive cost-sharing for tests. 
  • 宣佈為“醫療保障優勢”(Medicare Advantage)和“D部分”(Part D)計劃提供更大的靈活性,以免除分攤檢測費用。
  • Over 2,000 retail pharmacy stores, including CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, are providing testing using new regulatory and reimbursement options. 
  • 包括CVS,沃爾瑪和Walgreens在內的2千多家零售藥店正在提供檢測服務,並採用新的法規和報銷選項。
  • Deployed tens of millions of tests to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), tribes, disaster relief operations, Home Health/Hospice organizations, and the Veterans Health Administration. 
  • 對養老院,輔助生活機構,歷史悠久的黑人大學和大學(HBCUs),部落,救災部門,家庭保健/臨終關懷組織以及退伍軍人健康管理局給予了數千萬次檢測。
  • Began shipping 150 million BinaxNOW rapid tests to states, long-term care facilities, the IHS, HBCUs, and other key partners.
  • 開始向各州,長期護理機構,IHS,HBCU和其他主要合作夥伴運送1.5億BinaxNOW的快速檢測試劑。

Pioneered groundbreaking treatments and therapies that reduced the mortality rate by 85 percent, saving over 2 million lives.


  • The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates in the entire world.
  • 美國的病死率屬於世界最低的行列。
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program to expedite the regulatory review process for therapeutics in clinical trials, accelerate the development and publication of industry guidance on developing treatments, and utilize regulatory flexibility to help facilitate the scaling-up of manufacturing capacity.
  • 食品藥品管理局(FDA)啟動了“冠狀病毒治療加速計劃”,以加快臨床試驗療法的法規審查過程,加快制定和發布有關療法開發的行業指南,並利用法規靈活性來幫助促進規模化生產能力。
  • More than 370 therapies are in clinical trials and another 560 are in the planning stages.
  • 超過370種療法正在臨床試驗中,另外560種正在計劃中。
  • Announced $450 million in available funds to support the manufacturing of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail.
  • 宣布動用4.5億美元支持Regeneron抗體混合物的生產。
  • Shipped tens of thousands of doses of the Regeneron drug.
  • 運送了成千上萬劑Regeneron藥物。
  • Authorized an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for convalescent plasma.
  • 批准了恢復期血漿的“緊急使用授權”(EUA)。
  • Treated around 100,000 patients with convalescent plasma, which may reduce mortality by 50percent.
  • 使用恢復期血漿治療了約10萬名患者,可使死亡率降低50%。
  • Provided $48 million to fund the Mayo Clinic study that tested the efficacy of convalescent plasma for patients with COVID-19.
  • 提供了4,800萬美元以資助梅奧診所(Mayo Clinic)的研究,該研究測試了恢復期血漿對COVID-19患者的療效。
  • Made an agreement to support the large-scale manufacturing of AstraZeneca’s cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies.
  • 達成協議以支持阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)公司的兩種單克隆抗體混合物的大規模生產。
  • Approved Remdesivir as the first COVID-19 treatment, which could reduce hospitalization time by nearly a third.
  • 批准瑞德西韋(Remdesivir)為COVID-19的第一種治療藥物,可將住院時間減少近三分之一。
  • Secured more than 90 percent of the world’s supply of Remdesivir, enough to treat over 850,000 high-risk patients.
  • 確保了全球90%以上的瑞德西韋供應量,足以治療85萬多名高危患者。
  • Granted an EUA to Eli Lilly for its anti-body treatments.
  • 對Eli Lilly公司的抗體治療法給與EUA。
  • Finalized an agreement with Eli Lilly to purchase the first doses of the company’s investigational antibody therapeutic.
  • 與Eli Lilly達成了購買該公司生產的第一批研究用抗體治療劑的協議。
  • Provided up to $270 million to the American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers to support the collection of up to 360,000 units of plasma.
  • 向美國紅十字會和美國血液中心提供高達2.7億美元的資金,以支持收集多達36萬單位的血漿。
  • Launched a nationwide campaign to ask patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma.
  • 在全國范圍內發起了一項運動,請求COVID-19康復的患者捐贈血漿。
  • Announced Phase 3 clinical trials for varying types of blood thinners to treat adults diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • 宣布針對各種類型的血液稀釋劑的3期臨床試驗,以治療診斷為COVID-19的成年人。
  • Issued an EUA for the monoclonal antibody therapy bamlanivimab.
  • 發布了針對單克隆抗體療法bamlanivimab的EUA。
  • FDA issued an EUA for casirivimab and imdevimab to be administered together.
  • FDA簽發了casirivimab和imdevimab一起使用的EUA。
  • Launched the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium with private sector and academic leaders unleashing America’s supercomputers to accelerate coronavirus research.
  • 私營部門和學術界領袖共同組建了COVID-19高性能計算聯盟,使用美國的超級計算機來加速冠狀病毒的研究。





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