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The Pennsylvania Battleground


Figure Six tabulates by category a total of almost a million potentially illegal votes in Pennsylvania. This is roughly twelve times the alleged Biden victory margin of 81,660 votes.

圖表六按類別列出了賓夕法尼亞州近一百萬潛在的非法選票。這大約是所謂的拜登以 81,660票獲勝的十二倍。

Figure Six 圖表六

By far the largest category of potentially illegal ballots – over 680,000 – is associated with poll observer abuses. Certified Republican poll observers were kept at distances the length of a football field. They were prevented from accessing back rooms where tens of thousands of ballots were being processed, and they were rounded up into restricted areas when trying to fulfill their legal duty to observe the ballot counting process. Without meaningful observation of the ballot counting process, it is impossible to verify the legality of absentee and mail-in ballots. 

迄今為止,最大的潛在非法投票類別 – 超過680,000 – 與投票監察人員遭受不公正待遇有關。經認證的共和黨監票員被要求停留在相當於橄欖球球場⻓度的距離之外。他們被阻止進入處理成千上萬次選票的房間。當他們試圖履行法律義務來觀察點票過程時,缺被圍困在受限制的區域中。如果不對點票過程進行實際意義的監察,就無法核實缺席和郵寄選票的合法 性。

State Representative Frank Ryan, along with several other members of the State Legislature, found that over 202,000 more ballots were cast than actual registered voters in the state. In addition, there were 58,221 absentee ballots counted that were returned on or before the postmarked date on the envelope.37 9,005 additional ballots were counted without a postmark on the envelope, in clear violation of state election law.

州議員弗蘭克·瑞安(Frank Ryan)和州立法機構的其他幾位成員發現,該州的選票比該州實際登記的選⺠多了202,000。此外,還有58,221份在信封上的郵戳日期或之前返回的缺席選票被計算。 另外9005張被數算的選票的信封上沒有郵戳,這顯然違反了州選舉法。

There were also over 14,300 absentee ballots cast from addresses in which registered voters did not legally reside, over 7,400 registered voters from other states that successfully cast ballots in the state of Pennsylvania, over 8,000 likely dead voters according to an analysis of state records and publicly available obituaries, and over 1,500 suspect votes in the names of persons over 100 years old.


Pennsylvania was not exempt from the double-voter problem either, with 742 voters on record as having voted twice, adding several hundred fraudulent ballots into the mix.


The Wisconsin Battleground


Figure Seven tabulates by category a total of over half a million potentially illegal votes in Wisconsin. This is more than 25 times the alleged Biden victory margin of 20,682 votes.

圖表七按類別列出了威斯康辛州總共50多萬張潛在的非法選票。據稱是拜登勝出的20,682 張選票的25倍以上。

By far the largest category of potentially illegal votes is associated with alleged “bad-faith voters” who registered as “indefinitely confined” and thereby broke “Wisconsin election law to circumvent election integrity photo identification requirements.” These persons voted without showing a voter identification photo and therefore underwent a far less rigorous I.D. check than would otherwise have been conducted. (Wisconsin voters who had registered under “indefinitely confined” status were also seen attending weddings, riding their bikes, going on vacation, and otherwise not confined.) 

到目前為止,最大的潛在非法選票類別,與註冊為“無限期限制”的所謂的“惡意選⺠”相關,也因此違反了“威斯康辛州選舉法要求的提供含照片的身份證件以規避選舉誠信問題”。 這些人投票時未出示選民身份證件照片,因而對其進行的身份檢查也遠不如應有地嚴格。(還有註冊為 “無限期限制” 狀態的威斯康辛州選⺠,被看到參加婚禮,騎自行⻋,度假,就是那些不受限制的情 況。)

In the wake of the expanded definition of indefinitely confined voters – a definition ruled legally incorrect by the Wisconsin Supreme Court – the number of indefinitely confined voters surged from just under 70,000 voters in 2019 to over 200,000 in 2020. Through this one problematic dimension, the integrity of 216,000 Wisconsin votes were compromised in the 2020 General Election.

在無限期限制選⺠的定義擴大之後 – 威斯康辛州最高法裁定這一定義在法律上是錯誤的 – 無限期限制選⺠的數量從2019年的不到70,000名激增到2020年的超過200,000名。通過這一存在問題的維度,在2020年大選中,威斯康辛州有216,000張選票的誠實性被打了折扣。

In addition, as illustrated in Figure Seven, 17,271 ballots were cast at 200 illegal polling places through “Democracy in the Park” events, in direct violation of Wisconsin state law. These polling locations provided witnesses for absentee ballots and acted in every way like legal polling places. Moreover, many received ballots outside of the limited 14-day period preceding an election that is authorized by statute for in-person or absentee balloting. These were clear violations of state law. City of Madison officials facilitated the event which was broadcasted by Biden radio advertisements.


Figure Seven圖表七

Finally, as noted in the figure, there were 6,848 voters registered in other states who voted in the state of Wisconsin—ascertained by comparing all states’ voter databases with the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. Also, 234 individuals were documented as having voted twice in Wisconsin. Moreover, a whopping 170,000 in-person absentee ballots were cast without the submission of a legally required absentee ballot application。






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