Trump Vetoed Bill to Save U.S., Mr. Guo Took Action to Save Whistleblower Movement

(December 22, 2020. LuDe Media, Morning News, LuBoAiGuan Talk)

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Summary: President Trump officially signed a veto to the National Defense Authorization Act today because it ignored the enormous security threats to the United States. In the re-veto process to be activated by Congress, President Trump, who has 80 million public support, only needs to get 1/3 of the Congressmen’s support to defeat it. Mr. Guo, by God’s will, had decisively disposed of the Will Affair at a critical time, cutting ties with VOG and Phoenix Farm, which saved the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China and the general fellow fighters. Mr. Bannon told Dr. Yan on WarRoom that her report has been accurately verified and the CCP will soon be held accountable.

1. Trump Said National Defense Authorization Act a Gift to Communist China

The President officially vetoed the Act today because it failed to include the provisions to repeal Section 230 and to respect the history of veterans and the military, and it conflicted with the Trump administration’s America First Principles in national security and foreign policy actions, where allowed (CCP-controlled) Ukraine to continue to import advanced weapons from the United States.

2. Trump Scored Big Victory by Vetoing Congressional Bill

There is no debate session on such an important bill, and only 20 hours are given for congressmen to read it and then vote on it. No one understands the core contents of the bill unless the persons who specifically drafted it, and the other members of the House and Senate simply do not have the time or capability to read the lengthy bill of nearly 6,000 pages, and can only follow the waves to vote for it, thus Congress easily obtained a simple majority of 51% to submit the bill. But, President Trump’s legal team spent 10 working days studying it before Trump pointed out the traps buried in the bill and exercised his veto power, and it is believed that there are many congressmen who support President Trump have seen the truth.

If Congress initiates a vote to reject Trump’s decision next week, Trump would only need the support of 1/3 of the congressmen to block the attempt of Congress. Historical data shows that the chance of Congress overriding a presidential decision is only 10% of that of a president vetoing a congressional decision. The veto, if successful, would be the first time that Trump has forced Pelosi to sit down and negotiate with him equally after four years of holding back, and the political balance of the United States would be biased in favor of President Trump from now on.

3. Mr. Guo Decisively Handled Will Affair and Saved Whistleblower Movement Again

According to the Will format that Sara announced, a large group of fellow fighters were guided to list family members, the Rule of Law Foundation, the New Federal State of China or a certain farm, etc. as beneficiaries of the Will, and thus these objects would be of the same nature on this list. If the CCP arranges someone inside a farm to sabotage and commit crimes, and then frames the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society, it will bring a fatal blow to the Whistleblower Movement. Mr. Guo made a decisive action to have his fellow fighters cut off from VOG and Phoenix Farm, completely defeating Han Zheng’s plot to bring the Whistleblower Movement to an end.

4. Bannon Said Dr. Yan’s Report Accurately Verified and to Immediately Hold CCP Accountable

He said it is because of the CCP virus that the debt on the Fed’s balance sheet has soared, so we must hold the CCP accountable, expel CCP companies from the U.S. market, and confiscate CCP assets to compensate the American people.

5. Bannon Denied Nomination of Powell as Special Prosecutor

There are two reasons: one is that Powell is not influential enough, fearing that she can’t hold down the scene in face of the debating and questioning in the House and Senate, and the second is that Powell is too close to Trump in her rhetoric., which is not favorable to enhance her credibility in the centrists.

6. NATO Released New Alliance Report in Response to Communist China

Because it has been kidnapped in economy and infiltrated in politics by the CCP for a long time, NATO has been squeezed to the point that it has almost lost the room of survival. This time, it finally woke up under the constant hammering from the United States and understood that the CCP is its real enemy.  The release of the report signals that NATO has already begun to act.

7. Gunfire at Any Time in South China Sea

Two U.S. B1B bombers took off from Guam yesterday and flew over the South China Sea, escorted by U.S. warplanes throughout. At the same time the J11 fighter of PLA took off from the South China Sea islands for tracking and surveillance. The probability of a gunfire between the two sides has increased steeply!

8. Another City in Communist China Entered State of War

On Dec. 23, Shenyang declared a city-wide state of war on the grounds that a woman returning from South Korea had tested positive after isolation. It can be expected that after Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu and Shenyang, more cities within the wall will be tested for tolerance of the bottom line of the CCP, and humanitarian disasters will continuously be staged.

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