Chinese Whistleblowers! Four Shocking Information Verified!



It took Chinese Whistleblowers 3.5 years!

What a mass! Evil things that CCP does to the United States of America and the World!

Naive American people won’t believe them until so many evil things were verified day by day , again and again ……

Just show you four of shocking evil things today! Whistleblowers told the world all in advance!

Hong Kong protestors will be suppressed by force!

COVID 19 will be spreading all over the world as biological weapons!

Alibaba will be sanctioned by the America!

Three hard drives exposed contains Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Steven Terner Mnuchin, Mark Meadows, FBI CIA heads ……

American Whistleblower Edward Snowden started movement ……

and Chinese Whistleblowers not only started it but also verified day by day, again and again!

Wake up Americans! Sleepy Americans!

Chinese Whistleblowers were and are being deleted and blocked in all medias!

Come to GTV and Gnews to find the truths!

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