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1217晚間要聞—NewYork Time                                         

LuDe Media 20201217 Evening News, New York Time


U.S. State Department: CCP is a Global Threat, While China a Partner for Future


The U.S. State Department’s successive tweets about the CCP threat marked a full-scale turn in U.S. diplomacy toward it. The tweets said that the CCP is a global threat, but that China is welcome on the world stage like any other normal country. We must continue to work together transatlantic to awaken and help people see the CCP challenge. The United States is a sovereign nation, and national security is the first priority. The CCP threat to U.S. national security extends to financial markets and hits U.S. investors. The CCP is doing whatever it can, including stealing intellectual properties and suppressing critical speech, to take away everything from us, and is subverting the free world.


PLA Proactively Close Dialogue Channel and Gunfire at Any Time


The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said PLA refused to attend an MMCA-related meeting scheduled for Dec. 14-16. While senior U.S. military officers waited in front of the screen as scheduled, according to the schedule agreed to by both sides on Nov. 18, the PLA officers never showed up. This is a serious military blunder that could only happen if authorized by the CCP’s top leaders. The CCP deliberately missed the appointment, on one hand, to avoid the issue of militarization of the South China Sea and to exchange time for space to wait for Biden’s in power, and on other hand, to put the responsibility of missing the appointment on the United States, so as to create an excuse for next deliberate disturbance.


Introduction to MMCA

MMCA全稱Military Maritime Consultative Agreement,軍事海上磋商協定,是1998年以來,美中雙方簽署的旨在定期舉行軍事對話的一個協定。其意義是改善空中和海上作業安全,審查兩軍之間發生的任何不安全軍事事件,降低兩軍誤判可能產生的風險。

The Military Maritime Consultative Agreement, an agreement signed by the U.S. and CCP since 1998, is designed to hold regular military dialogues. Its significance is to improve the safety of air and maritime operations, review any unsafe military incidents that occur between the two militaries, and reduce the risks of miscalculations may arise between these two sides.


U.S. B1B bomber fleet flied to Sea of Japan


The fleet conducted joint training with Air Self-Defense Force of Japan, which escorted the U.S. bombers.


U.S. Army and French Forces Conducted Submarine Exercise in Pacific


French attack nuclear submarines and their nanny ships sailed to the Pacific Ocean, docked in Guam and conducted joint exercises with U.S. attack nuclear submarines. This is the first time that the two navies moved an operation in the Atlantic Ocean, to the Pacific Ocean.


Navarro Released 36-page Academic Report on Election

該報告以納瓦羅個人名義,在WarRoom網站發佈。該報告,將2020年六個搖擺州的大選舞弊情況進行了科學客觀的記載和全面的梳理匯總,提出了8個結論:主流媒體不負責任,造假調查足以反轉大選結果,每個搖擺州都有不同的造假特徵,大選違規是有組織性的,媒體遮罩了真相,應該調查掩蓋造假的人,立法和司法部門沒有積極調查,如果1月20日之前沒有真正的調查,這個國家不會再有公平選舉了。通過納瓦羅的這份科學報告, 2020年的美國大選真實情況得以載入史冊,其影響重大。

The report is released on the WarRoom website under Navarro’s personal name. The report put together a scientific objective documentation and comprehensive compendium of election fraud in the six swing states in 2020, offering eight conclusions: mainstream media is irresponsible; fraud investigation is sufficient to reverse the election results; each swing state has different characteristics of fraud; the election irregularities are organized; mainstream media shields the truth; people who covered up the election fraud should be investigated; the legislative and judicial branches are not actively investigating, and if there is no real investigation before January 20, there will be no fair election in this country again. With this scientific report by Navarro, the realities of the 2020 U.S. election are now recorded in the history books, and the impacts are significant.

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