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LuDe Media 20201214 Evening News, New York Time


McConnell’s Active Recognition of Biden as President-elect Drew Boos


Senate Majority Leader McConnell was elected to the Senate in 1984 and has served six consecutive terms for a total of 36 years by two-sided pleasing and being eight-faced. Suddenly he came out today to stand for Biden, and played a two-faced tactic again, intending to release panic in the media to strike Trump, but the Americans have woken up. His change in statements drew an immediate revelation and denunciation from Bannon at WarRoom, and the McConnell family’s vicious collusion with the Chinese Communist Party soon spread on social media. Instead of striking Trump, McConnell’s tricks made the patriots see the darkness of the swamp more clearly and unite more closely.

川普律师Jenna Ellis发推:宪法规定1月6日选出新总统

Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Tweeted: Constitution Requires New President to Be Elected on Jan. 6




According to the Constitution, the Electoral College votes will be stamped today (15th) and sent to Washington via special carriers, and then the House of Representatives and the Senate hold a joint session for a public vote on Jan. 6. The media, however, has been trying to convince the public that the election is over and that Biden is already the president-elect.

Like the rest of the House, Pelosi will then have no privileges and Senate President Pence will have all the power of the Senate that day to decide who is president-elect. If one House member dissents, the House and Senate will debate and then the House will elect the president on a one-state, one-vote basis, and the Senate will choose the vice president. The current number of Republican states to Democratic states is 30:20.

LuDe analyzed that Pelosi is likely to delay the proceedings on Jan. 6, preventing the House from electing a new president (Trump) as scheduled.


Trump Appoints Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hunter Biden


When Obama appointed special prosecutor Mueller to investigate the fictional Trump Russia-gate, he assembled a team of more than a hundred members and spent $30 million but came up empty-handed. Today Trump hit back at the Democrats with the same tactic, the difference is that this time, instead of framing, he will convict Hunter Biden at the legal level with solid evidences.


Independent Prosecutors Have Special Power Granted by Law


The independent prosecutor could not be selected from the existing prosecutorial and court systems, but only from the community of independent members of the legal profession and jurists, and he will have powers of organization, personnel, investigation, subpoena and special litigation, which beyond those of the President. He may not be removed from office in the middle of the process without extremely serious misconducts, physical disabilities, loss of mental capacity or other circumstances that actually impair the performance of his duties. Investigations of the independent prosecutor are not subordinate to the federal prosecution systems or to the federal court systems.


U.S. Air Force Successfully Realizes Two-Way Data Interaction Between Drones and Fighter Aircrafts, Leading New Way of Air Warfare


Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie, the U.S. Army’s unmanned combat aircraft, in a recent regular operation with the Air Force’s F22 and F35A and the Marine Corps’ F35B, successfully achieved real-time data switching, target authentication, reconnaissance signal collection and other missions. The success of this operation will open the U.S. military “a new warfare of a manned warplane to lead a large number of unmanned warplanes”.


Israeli Midcourse Anti-Missile System Intercept Test Successful


The Israeli ABM system consists of the Iron Dome system for ground-based interception, the David Slingshot system for mid-range interception, and the Sword system for high-altitude interception.

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