Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Exceptional Legal Experience, Expertise, and Judicial Record Make Her the Right Choice to Serve on the Supreme Court

Issued on: September 26, 2020



“Apart from matters of war and peace, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice is the most important decision an American President can make.”

-President Donald J. Trump


-唐納德J. 川普總統

THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR THE COURT: Judge Amy Coney Barrett will serve the American people with honor and distinction on the Supreme Court.


  • Judge Barrett’s extensive experience as a professor and litigator, record of academic success, and outstanding judicial record make her an excellent choice to serve on the Supreme Court.
  • 巴雷特法官作為一名教授和訴訟律師方面的豐富經驗,學術成就以及出色的司法記錄,使她成為在最高法院任職的絕佳選擇。
  • Judge Barrett is currently serving the American people on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • 巴雷特法官目前正在第七巡迴上訴法院為美國人民服務。
  • Judge Barrett has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to upholding the Constitution as written, and not legislating from the bench.
  • 巴雷特法官已表現出堅定不移的奉獻精神,以維護已成文的憲法,而不是在法官席上重新立法。
  • Judge Barrett’s excellent judicial record shows she will protect the rights of Americans and defend the rule of law.
  • 巴雷特法官出色的司法記錄表明,她將保護美國人的權利並捍衛法治。
  • Judge Barrett’s character and work ethic have earned her awards and bipartisan praise from the legal community.
  • 巴雷特法官的性格和職業道德使她獲得了法律界的各種獎項和兩黨的讚譽。
  • Judge Barrett’s colleagues at Notre Dame Law School signed a letter supporting her 2017 nomination, calling her “a model of the fair, impartial and sympathetic judge.”
  • 巴雷特法官在聖母大學法學院的同事們簽署了一封公開信,支持她2017年的提名,稱她為“公正,公平而富有同情心的法官的典範。”
  • In 2017, a bipartisan group of law professors – including professors from Harvard and Stanford and other law schools around the country – urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to confirm Judge Barrett to the Seventh Circuit, describing her work as “rigorous, fair-minded, respectful, and constructive.”
  • 2017年,兩黨法學教授小組(包括哈佛大學和斯坦福大學及全國其它法學院的教授)敦促參議院司法委員會確認巴雷特法官進入第七巡迴法院,稱她的工作 “嚴謹,公道,尊重” ,並且具有建設性。”
  • The American Bar Association rated Judge Barrett as “well qualified” in 2017.
  • 美國律師協會在2017年將巴雷特法官評為“非常合格”。

EXCEPTIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Judge Amy Coney Barrett brings a wealth of experience from her time in private practice, academia, and public service.


  • Since 2017, Judge Barrett has served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit after she was nominated by President Trump and confirmed on a bipartisan vote.
  • 自2017年以來,巴雷特法官在川普總統提名並經兩黨投票確認後,一直在美國第七巡迴上訴法院任職。
  • Judge Barrett was appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts to sit on the Advisory Committee on Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, where she served from 2010 to 2016.
  • 巴雷特法官由首席大法官約翰·羅伯茨(John Roberts)任命為聯邦上訴程式規則諮詢委員會委員,她于2010年任職至2016年。
  • After graduating from law school, Judge Barrett clerked for D.C. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman and for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
  • 從法學院畢業後,巴雷特法官為哥倫比亞特區巡迴上述法院法官勞倫斯·西爾伯曼(Laurence Silberman)和最高法院大法官安東尼·斯卡利亞(Antonin Scalia)擔任助理。
  • Judge Barrett practiced both trial and appellate litigation in Washington, D.C. at Miller, Cassidy, Larroca, & Lewin, and at Baker Botts.
  • 巴雷特法官在華盛頓特區的米勒(Miller),凱西迪(Cassidy),拉羅卡(Larroca)和萊溫(Lewin)以及貝克·波特(Baker Botts)從事審判和上訴訴訟。
  • Judge Barrett worked for more than 15 years in academia, shaping the next generation of legal minds and supporting the professional development of her students.
  • 巴雷特法官在學術界工作了15年以上,塑造了下一代的法律思想,並支持她的學生的職業發展。

PROVEN RECORD OF SUCCESS: Judge Amy Coney Barrett has received numerous awards as a result of her excellence as a legal scholar and professor.

經證實的成功記錄:艾米·科尼·巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)法官憑藉作為法律學者和教授的卓越表現而獲得了無數獎項。

  • Judge Barrett graduated summa cum laude from Notre Dame Law School and received the Hoynes Prize for achieving the best record in scholarship, deportment, and achievement.
  • 巴雷特法官以優異的成績從聖母大學法學院畢業,並因在獎學金,行為舉止和成就方面的最佳記錄而獲得霍恩斯獎。
  • At Rhodes College, Judge Barrett graduated with multiple highly respected honors, including induction into Phi Beta Kappa.
  • 在羅得斯學院(Rhodes College),巴雷特法官畢業時獲得了多種備受推崇的榮譽,其中包括入選美國大學優等生榮譽學會(Phi Beta Kappa)。
  • At Notre Dame Law School, she received the John M. Olin Fellowship for aspiring academics and earned a tenure-track faculty position.
  • 在聖母大學法學院,她作為一名有抱負的學者獲得約翰·奧林獎學金,並獲得了終身制教師職位。
  • Judge Barrett was later awarded the Diane & M.O. Miller, II Research Chair in Law.
  • 巴雷特法官後來被授予戴安&M.O.米勒(Miller)二世基金法學研究主席。
  • Three graduating classes at Notre Dame Law have selected Judge Barrett as the “Distinguished Professor of the Year.”
  • 聖母大學法學院的三個畢業班選了巴雷特法官為“年度傑出教授”。
  • Judge Barrett served as a Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School.
  • 巴雷特法官曾在維吉尼亞大學法學院擔任法律客座副教授。
  • Judge Barrett’s scholarly work has been published in several prominent journals, including the Columbia Law Review, Virginia Law Review, and Texas Law Review.
  • 巴雷特法官的學術著作已在《哥倫比亞法律評論》,《維吉尼亞法律評論》和《德克薩斯法律評論》等幾家著名期刊上發表。

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