President Trump is Fighting Harmful Ideologies that Cause Division in Our Federal Workplaces

Issued on: September 22, 2020



PROMOTING UNITY: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to promote unity in the Federal workforce by combating harmful and offensive race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating.


  • The President signed an Executive Order to end training sessions based on race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating in the Federal workforce, the Uniformed Services, and among Federal contractors.
  • • 總統簽署了一項行政命令,以終止基於種族,性別成見及替罪羊行為的培訓課程。這些培訓是在聯邦勞力、軍警及聯邦承包商部門中進行。
  • This order will prohibit Federal agencies and Federal contractors from conducting training that promotes race stereotyping, for example, by portraying certain races as oppressors by virtue of their birth.
  • 此項命令將禁止聯邦機構和聯邦承包商開展助長種族成見的培訓,例如,將某些種族描繪成生來的壓迫者。
  • This damaging ideology causes great division and is rooted in misrepresentations about human nature, our history, our founding principles, and our Nation’s unique role in the world.
  • 這種有害的意識形態造成了巨大的分裂,並根植於對人性、我們的歷史、我們的立國之本以及我們國家在世界上的獨特作用的錯誤陳述。
  • Research shows that blame-focused diversity training reinforces biases and decreases opportunities for minorities.
  • 研究表明,側重責備的多樣化培訓會加劇偏見,並減少少數群體的機會。
  • President Trump’s order ensures that Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars support unity in our Nation instead of promoting radical ideologies that divide Americans by race or sex.
  • 川普總統的行政令可以確保辛苦工作的美國納稅人的錢用於支持國家的團結,而不是提倡以種族或性別劃分美國人的激進的意識形態。
  • This order encourages diversity training that promotes inclusive workplaces where no one feels marginalized because of his or her race or sex.
  • 該行政命令鼓勵開展營造包容性工作環境的多樣化培訓,使得任何人在此工作環境中都不會因其種族或性別問題而感到被邊緣化。

COMBATING A DIVISIVE IDEOLOGY: The President’s order is necessary to combat a radical ideology that has infiltrated diversity training throughout American institutions.


  • Federal employees and employees of Federal contractors have been required to attend training in which they are indoctrinated with radical and harmful instruction.
  • 聯邦雇員和聯邦承包商的雇員被要求參加培訓,在培訓中被灌輸激進和有害的指導。
  • The Department of the Treasury instructed employees to avoid “narrative[s]” that Americans should “be more color-blind.” That same session promoted the radical idea that “virtually all White people, regardless of how ‘woke’ they are, contribute to racism.”
  • 財政部指示其雇員應避免美國人應該”更加無視膚色”的”說法”。該培訓上還宣揚了一種激進的觀點,即 “幾乎所有的白人,不管他們有多`清醒’,都助長了種族主義”。
  • Employees at Argonne National Laboratories were told that racism “is interwoven into every fabric of America.”
  • 阿貢國家實驗室的員工被告知,種族主義 “交織在美國的每個角落中”。

“In the face of lies meant to divide us, demoralize us, and diminish us, we will show that the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us all, and makes everyone free.“

President Donald J. Trump


-唐納德J. 川普總統

DEFENDING OUR HISTORY: President Trump will always protect America’s ideals and traditions while defending our Nation’s incredible history.


  • President Trump has decried the purposeful distortion of America’s history and taken action to promote knowledge of our Nation’s true story, values, and ideals.
  • 川普總統譴責了故意歪曲美國歷史的行為,並採取行動促進公民對國家真實故事、價值觀和理想的認知。
  • Just this week, the President brought together scholars in our Nation’s capital to convene the very first White House Conference on American History.
  • 就在本周,總統召集各國首都的學者在華盛頓召開了首屆美國歷史白宮會議。
  • To combat disinformation taught in American schools, the President has announced the 1776 Commission, which will promote patriotic education.
  • 為了打擊美國學校所教授的虛假資訊,總統宣佈成立 “1776委員會”,旨在推動愛國主義教育。
  • President Trump issued an Executive Order to construct a National Garden of American Heroes, memorializing the extraordinary people who made positive contributions to America.
  • 川普總統發佈了一項行政命令,建設美國國家英雄園,以紀念為美國做出積極貢獻的卓越民眾。
  • The President took executive action to ensure that those who seek to destroy and dishonor our history by tearing down our monuments are prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law.
  •  總統採取了行政行動,以確保那些通過拆毀我們的紀念碑而試圖破壞和玷污美國歷史的人遭到法律之下最大限度的起訴。

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