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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, September 21, 2020

即時發佈 2020921

New York City Police Department Officer Charged with Acting As an Illegal Agent of the People’s Republic of China


The Defendant Reported to Officials with the PRC Consulate About the Activities of Chinese Citizens in the New York Area and Assessed Potential Intelligence Sources for the PRC Within the Tibetan Community in New York and Elsewhere


A criminal complaint was unsealed today in federal court in the Eastern District of New York charging Baimadajie Angwang, 33, a New York City Police Department officer and United States Army reservist, with acting as an illegal agent of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as committing wire fraud, making false statements and obstructing an official proceeding.  Angwang was arrested earlier today in Williston Park, New York, and his initial appearance is scheduled for this afternoon before United States Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo at the United States Courthouse in Brooklyn, New York.

紐約東區聯邦法院今天公佈了一項刑事訴訟,指控33歲的白馬大傑·昂旺(Baimadajie Angwang),他是紐約市警察局官員和美國陸軍預備役人員,他充當中華人民共和國(PRC)的非法代理人,並犯有電信欺詐、虛假陳述和妨礙正式訴訟程式。今天早些時候,Angwang 在紐約的威利斯頓公園(Williston Park)被捕,他的首次出庭定於今天下午在紐約布魯克林的美國法院由美國地方法官 Peggy Kuo 主持。

“State and local officials should be aware that they are not immune to the threat of Chinese espionage,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers.  “According to the allegations, the Chinese government recruited and directed a U.S. citizen and member of our nation’s largest law enforcement department to further its intelligence gathering and repression of Chinese abroad.  Our police departments provide for our public safety and are often the first line of defense against the national security threats our country faces.  We will continue to work with our state and local partners to protect our nation’s great police departments.”

負責國家安全的助理司法部長約翰·C·戴默斯(John c. Demers)說,“州和地方官員應該意識到,他們不能免受中國間諜活動的威脅。”根據指控,中國政府招募並指示一名美國公民和我國最大執法部門的成員,以進一步收集情報和鎮壓海外華人。 我們的員警部門為我們的公共安全提供保障,並且經常是我們國家面臨的國家安全威脅的頭道防線。 我們將繼續與我們州及地方夥伴合作,保護我們國家偉大的員警部門。

“The defendant is charged with violating his sworn oath as a New York City police officer to protect and serve the citizens of New York by instead reporting to PRC government officials about the activities of Chinese citizens in the New York area and developing intelligence sources within the Tibetan community in the United States,” stated Acting United States Attorney Seth D. DuCharme. “Today’s arrest shows that no one – especially one sworn to uphold the law – is immune from prosecution for illegal acts on behalf of foreign governments.”

代理聯邦檢察官 Seth D. DuCharme 說: “被告被指控違反了他作為紐約市員警保護和服務紐約市民的宣誓,反而向中國政府官員報告中國公民在紐約地區的活動,並在美國藏族社區發展情報來源。今天的逮捕表明, 任何人 —— 尤其是宣誓維護法律的人 —— 都不能因為代表外國政府的非法行為而免於起訴。”

“The defendant allegedly violated the trust of his community and the New York City Police Department on behalf of a foreign power, the People’s Republic of China.  This type of conduct simply cannot be tolerated,” said Alan E. Kohler, Jr., Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division.  “This case serves as yet another reminder that China represents the biggest counterintelligence threat to the United States and that the FBI and our partners will be aggressive in investigating and stopping such activities within our nation.”

“據稱, 被告代表一個外國勢力, 即中華人民共和國, 違背了其社區和紐約市警察局的信任。 這種行為是絕對不能容忍的,” 聯邦調查局反間諜部門副主任Alan E. Kohler, Jr.說, “這起案件再次提醒我們,中國是美國面臨的最大反間諜威脅,聯邦調查局(FBI)和我們的合作夥伴將積極調查和阻止美國境內的此類活動。”

“This is the definition of an insider threat – as alleged, Angwang operated on behalf of a foreign government; lied to gain his clearance, and used his position as an NYPD police officer to aid the Chinese government’s subversive and illegal attempts to recruit intelligence sources,” stated FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office William F. Sweeney.  “The FBI is committed to stopping hostile foreign governments from infiltrating our institutions, and we will we not tolerate the behavior of those who willingly violate their oath to the United States, and covertly work against their fellow citizens. We want to thank the NYPD for its extraordinary partnership on this investigation.”

聯邦調查局紐約辦事處主管助理William F. Sweeney說: “這就是內部威脅的定義 —— Angwang代表外國政府行事; 為獲得許可而撒謊,並利用他作為紐約警察局警官的身份,協助中國政府進行顛覆性的非法招募情報來源。聯邦調查局致力於阻止敵對的外國政府滲透我們的機構,我們不會容忍那些自願違反對美國的誓言,暗地裡針對他們的同胞的行為。 我們要感謝紐約警方在這次調查中的非凡合作。 ”

“As alleged in this federal complaint, Baimadajie Angwang violated every oath he took in this country. One to the United States, another to the U.S. Army, and a third to this Police Department,” stated NYPD Commissioner Dermot F. Shea.  “From the earliest stages of this investigation, the NYPD’s Intelligence and Internal Affairs bureaus worked closely with the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division to make sure this individual would be brought to justice.”

“正如這份聯邦起訴書所指控的那樣,Baimadajie Angwang違反了他在這個國家的每一個誓言。 一個對美國的,另一個對美國陸軍的,第三個對這個警察局的。 ”紐約市警察局局長Dermot F. Shea說:“從這次調查的最初階段開始,紐約警察局的情報和內務局就與聯邦調查局的反間諜部門密切合作,以確保將此人繩之以法。”

According to the publicly filed complaint and detention memorandum, Angwang, an ethnic Tibetan native of the PRC and naturalized U.S. citizen who resides in Williston Park, New York, is assigned to NYPD’s community affairs unit where, among other things, he serves as a liaison to the community served by the 111th Precinct.

根據公開提交的起訴和拘留備忘錄,Angwang出身於中華人民共和國的藏族族裔,他入籍美國,居住在 Williston Park,被分配到紐約警察局的社區事務單位,在那裡,除其他事項外,他擔任第111轄區服務的社區聯絡人。

Since at least 2014, Angwang acted at the direction and control of officials at the PRC Consulate in New York City.  Specifically, Angwang reported on the activities of Chinese citizens in the New York area, spotted and assessed potential intelligence sources within the Tibetan community in New York and elsewhere, and provided PRC officials with access to senior NYPD officials through invitations to official events.  One of the PRC Consular officials at whose direction Angwang acted worked for the “China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture,” a division of the PRC’s United Front Work Department.  This Department is responsible for, among other things, neutralizing potential opponents of the PRC and co-opting ethnic Chinese individuals living outside the PRC.

至少從2014年開始,Angwang就在中國駐紐約領事館官員的指揮和控制下行動。 具體來說,Angwang舉報了中國公民在紐約地區的活動,在紐約和其他地方的西藏社區發現和評估了潛在的情報來源,並通過官方活動邀請,為中國官員提供了接觸紐約警察局高級官員的機會。 Angwang在其中一位領事官員的指揮下行事,他曾在“中國西藏文化保護與發展協會”工作,而該協會隸屬於中華人民共和國統戰部。除其他事項外,該部門負責同化潛在的中華人民共和國反對者,並發展居住在中華人民共和國境外的華裔人士。

According to court documents, Angwang was explicit about his motivations, telling his PRC official handler that was wanted to get promoted within the NYPD so that he could assist the PRC and bring “glory to China.”  In addition, Angwang told his handler that the handler’s superiors in Beijing “should be happy . . . because you have stretched your reach into the police.”

根據法庭檔,Angwang 對自己的動機非常明確,他告訴他的中華人民共和國官員,他想在紐約警察局得到提升,這樣他就可以協助中華人民共和國,並“為中國帶來榮耀”。 此外,Angwang告訴他的聯絡人,這名聯絡人在北京的上司“應該很高興… … 因為你已經將你的觸角伸到了警方。”

In addition to acting as an illegal agent of the PRC, Angwang is also charged with committing wire fraud, making material false statements and obstructing an official proceeding.  As part of his employment with the U.S. Army Reserve, Angwang maintained a “SECRET”-level security clearance.  According to court documents, in 2019, Angwang completed and electronically submitted an SF-86C form for a background investigation.  On the form, Angwang lied by denying that he had contacts with a foreign government or its consulate and by denying that he had close and continuing contacts with foreign nationals, including his family members who live in the PRC, some of whom were affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army.  

除了充當中華人民共和國的非法代理人之外,Angwang還被指控犯有電信欺詐、做出重大虛假陳述和妨礙正式訴訟。作為美國陸軍預備役的一部分,Angwang 保持著一個“秘密”級別的安全許可。根據法庭檔,2019年Angwang完成並以電子方式提交了 SF-86C 表格,以進行背景調查。 在表格上,Angwang 撒謊,否認他與外國政府或領事館有聯繫,並否認他與外國國民有密切和持續的聯繫,包括他居住在中華人民共和國的家庭成員,其中一些人隸屬於中國人民解放軍。

The charges in the complaint are merely allegations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.  If convicted, Angwang faces a maximum sentence of 55 years’ imprisonment.


The government’s case is being handled by the Office’s National Security and Cybercrime Section.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael T. Keilty is in charge of the prosecution, with assistance from Trial Attorney Scott A. Claffee of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section.

政府的案件正由辦公室的國家安全和網路犯罪部門處理。在國家安全部反間諜和出口管制科的審判律師Scott A. Claffee的協助下,美國助理檢察官Michael T. Keilty負責起訴工作。

閱讀司法部原文: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/new-york-city-police-department-officer-charged-acting-illegal-agent-people-s-republic-china

翻譯:【Naomi 】校對:【文所未聞 】 【GM31】 編輯:【GM31】


路德社對該其訴訟的評說: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxPYq7gbPR4&feature=youtu.be  [34:00 開始]

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