簡述:在2021年4月1日的蓋特視頻中,郭先生說閆博士的報告迎頭痛擊了世衛組織的病毒報告,世衛組織應該叫 「武漢組織」(注:武漢組織的英文為 WuHan Organization,其簡寫與世衛組織的WHO相同)才更合適。他並痛斥了整個世界的敗壞,沒有一個人或國家有道德、能力、良知和專業精神,足以來評價閆博士、爆料革命和新中國聯邦的貢獻。他說「因為這個世界實在是太黑暗了,被共產黨這個流氓組織完全是以假、以騙、以黑、以藍金黃將各國首長都拿下,連美國這樣的國家都不能逃過他這種下三濫的手段。」



Dr. Yan’s Work Is Highly Recognized by Experts Around the World

昨天科學家推出的以毒滅共的第三個報告以後,全世界可以說跟 WHO 的所謂的武漢Organization(武漢組織,WHO)所說的所有報告,正好是針尖對麥芒。在這個時候在世界上引起了巨大的反響。

Yesterday, after our scientist [Dr. Li-Meng Yan] pushed out her third report, [1] aiming for taking down the CCP with the truth about the virus, it has gone head-to-head with the report released by the so-called W.H.O., which should really be called the “WuHan Organization”. So far, Yan’s report has caused a huge response in the world. 


Dr. Yan was so tired because she didn’t sleep much for the last two days. She sent a message saying that she had a headache because of the lack of sleep. She really did a fantastic job. She has been highly valued and highly recognized by scientists in infectious diseases, military intelligence agencies, and biochemical weapon experts around the world. This has pushed the movement of taking down the CCP with the truth about the virus to another level.


Behind this [report], there is our Ph.D. Team and the LuDe Media’s effort in breaking the news broadly, also including the effort of all the farms of our Whistleblower Movement, G-News, GTV’s broadcasting, and all our fellow fighters’ cooperation. Without these efforts, who would know this [report]? Who would know you? No one would know how delicious the food you cook in your home if no one spreads the word for you, right? The key is that we have the platform of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Without this platform, neither Dr. Yan nor the Ph.D. Team’s work would be meaningful.

這時候就看到了我們打的是群體之仗,引起了世界上媒體、武器研究專家、世界軍事和情報專家,這種有核裂變的效應。只有事實才能告訴大家答案。我們也不在乎誰怎麼評價我們,更不在乎誰怎麼來看我們。到目前我們還沒有看到一個活著的,配得上從道德上、從境界上、從能力上、專業上,還配得上來評價我們的以毒滅共和爆料革命的,還沒有,還沒有, 希望越多越好,一個都沒有。如果任何有良知的人,都應該有這個基本的判斷。我們戰友們當然要有這個自信了。你見過一個道德、能力、良知、專業,能配得上評價我們的嗎?沒有。

Now you can see that the war that we are engaging in is a group fight, and we have caused this kind of nuclear fission effect in the media, bioweapon experts, world military and intelligence experts in the world. Only facts can give everyone the answer. We don’t care how other people comment on us, let alone how others see us. So far we have not seen a living person who has the morality, capacity, and professional ability at a level high enough to evaluate our movement of taking down the CCP with the truth about the virus or our Whistleblower Movement. There has been no one yet, not yet. I hope there are as many such people as possible, but no one at all. If anyone has a conscience, he should have this basic judgment. Of course, our fellow fighters should feel confident. Have you ever seen a person at such a level in morality, ability, conscience, and professionalism that can evaluate us? No.


This is the correct judgment that our fellow fighters should have. What qualifications do they have to scold us or evaluate us? None. Including the governments of various countries, there is no one worth our respect and can judge us on this matter. With that being said, I am proud, very proud. It’s not possible for us not to feel proud because the world is too dark. The rogue organization of the CCP has brought the leaders of all countries to their kneel with falsehood, deception, gangsters’ ways, and the BGY plot. Even countries like the United States cannot escape being corrupted by these dirty means. When we look at this world, we can only look down on people in this world, and really don’t need look up to anybody, because the world is too dark. The CCP is using the CCP virus to kill people all over the world and committing genocide and crimes against humanity, yet there are still people standing with it. How can this be? Where is the justice? Where is the respect? Where is the belief?


[1] The Wuhan Laboratory Origin of SARS-CoV-2 and the Validity of the Yan Reports Are Further Proved by the Failure of Two Uninvited “Peer Reviews”

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