HCQ Works for the New Variants of the CCP Virus


GTV Xiao Mi Feng: I am Xiao Mi Feng in GTV. I am in Europe. There are so many mutated [CCP] viruses in Europe and all over the world. Does Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) still work now? Are you still taking it now?  


Mr. Miles Guo: Thank you, Xiao Mi Feng. OK, so, I have not been out as often as before due to the [CCP] virus. Besides, the people I met were all important officials, and they were all very well protected. We met at extremely safe places. So, I cannot take it daily. Please don’t take it every day. I took it for five days with Zinc, and then I stopped for twelve days before I started another cycle. Well, I am probably in the middle…I have taken it for one cycle in the past month. So, from today I have started another cycle. I believe it works. 

Currently, many fellow fighters, including those who got infected reflected that after taking HCQ, they have completely recovered and the virus has been completely wiped out. I think it truly works for the [CCP] virus, and based on current findings, it also works for the new variant of the virus. 

It shows how important our great scientist [Dr. Li-Meng Yan] and Lude Media are, which have saved many lives. This is the power of the Whistleblower Movement. It is very important, Xiao Mi Feng, thank you. 


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