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Evidence of CCP’s Persecution of BIAs



Xiao Pijiang: Look at this picture. It was attached in a message from a staff member of the MSS of P.R.C. to a brother-in-arms who was asked to drink tea (summoned to have an investigative chat) with them. The BIA (Brothers-in-arms) was asked to comment on GTV to slander the Whistleblower Movement and Mr. Guo, saying that they scammed the hard-earned money out of the Old-Hundred-Names, which means that they (Ministry of State Security) were trying to frame us (Whistleblower Movement).


Next, this BIA was asked to continue to comment on GTV with four other GTV accounts, and to send a screenshot of his comments to the MSS to prove that his task was completed.


Only in this way could the MSS let this BIA pass. This was a nationwide, integrated action, and each victim was forced to cooperate with the government to participate in the so-called “safeguarding of their own rights”. This was purely the consistent style of the CCP, forcing our brothers-in-arms to turn their coats. So sometimes when we see some (Wumao) remarks on GTV, they may be, very likely, from some BIAs who were forced to do that by the MSS.


Khaleesi, who sent us this message? At that time, when I saw the messages from some BIAs, to be honest, I didn’t feel shocked anymore. Because I’ve followed the Whistleblower Movement and Uncle Guo for a long time, I felt that they were just a bunch of jerks after seeing the message, but their actions have never exceeded my expectations. Brother Seven might not have been very angry when he saw this picture. Is there something else behind the scenes, Brother Seven? Can you explain some?



Mr. Miles Guo: We have a family of brothers-in-arms who are from Guangxi who were asked by the MSS of P.R.C. to drink tea (have an investigative talk) with them. The family has six or seven members. At first it was his daughter who was arrested. The girl supports the Whistleblower Movement. Then his brother was arrested. Later his parents were arrested. And finally his brother’s children were arrested. All of them support the Whistleblower Movement.


I believe you guys know them, they have made many videos for us. The family was forced to act according to the script fabricated by the MSS, such as: how Miles Guo cheated you; how Miles Guo scammed your money. They even forced his daughter to say that she had nude video chats with Miles Guo. But the girl refused, saying that Brother Seven never asked her to do that.


The staff members asked her to read the script that they had written. They spoke with her with a voice changer, and the voice was totally the same as mine. And this BIA told me about something that was too exaggerated and beyond her imagination –that she was secretly video-recorded for a long time. Then they showed her the video and asked her to dub for the video with some words they prepared. These are all too common.


This family was amazing. Truth be told, I’m very unhappy about that. I said that she should have done whatever they asked her to do, but she refused, saying that she can’t do that for the life of her. And finally the MSS gave in. There were too many such stories.


Do you remember what I exposed three years ago? About one of my bodyguards who returned back home from the U.S. to get married. He was called to the police at night after he finished his work in Zhengquan. He was constantly beaten by the police from as soon as he arrived. He himself was a Chinese wrestling champion and a boxing champion, so he had great resistance, and the policemen were exhausted after beating him. After the abuse, they asked him to film a video, in which he must say that Miles Guo hid in the 18th floor in New York, living in fear every day. He ran to his room after hearing the police siren every time. He often cried in the bathroom. That was what they asked him to say in the video.


The video took two weeks to make, but nothing was released in the end. It was a policeman on our side who told me this, not the bodyguard. The policeman said that this dude was so strong that he refused for the life of him to work with them. I’ve talked about this in a live broadcast before. It happened three years ago.


Another thing, in the second half of 2018, the WM-Extermination Task Force summoned more than a dozen Hong Kong celebrities, including Joey Yung and some same-level ones, the ones who had met me before, as well as some older and obsolete stars. They were told that the Anti-WM Group knew they had met Miles Guo before, and they were asked to say that Miles Guo had molested them. Not only that, they were also asked to say that some WM supporters in HK, who have kept in touch with me but you don’t know their names, had molested them. These celebrities truly had balls that they refused for the lives of them to work with the Anti-WM Group, even when they were coerced by the mafia and black police in HK. This was an old story.


Today, the MSS will use many tricks. You’ve seen what happened with VOG and the Phoenix Base. You cannot imagine what had happened in last 48 hours. Even I could not have imagined what happened. Yesterday both Lude and our scientist (Dr. Yan) were shocked when they heard it.


My goodness, my brothers and sisters. What your Brother Seven experienced are beyond your imagination. The contributions of many BIAs in the Whistleblower Movement are beyond your imagination. Alright? Thank you!



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