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Remaking the Federal Judiciary


Part 9 –Appointed a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written. 


  • Nominated and confirmed over 230 Federal judges. 
  • 提名并确认了超过230名联邦法官
  • Confirmed 54 judges to the United States Courts of Appeals, making up nearly a third of the entire appellate bench. 
  • 确认了54名上诉法院的法官,近乎占整个上诉法院法官人数 的三分之一
  • Filled all Court of Appeals vacancies for the first time in four decades. 
  • 四十年来首次填补了上诉法院的所有空缺
  • Flipped the Second, Third, and Eleventh Circuits from Democrat-appointed majorities to Republican-appointed majorities. And dramatically reshaped the long-liberal Ninth Circuit. 
  • 将第二,第三和第十一巡回法庭从民主党任命的占多数转为共和党任命的占多数。 并极大地重塑了长期倾向自由派的第九巡回法庭。

Appointed three Supreme Court justices, expanding its conservative-appointed majority to 6- 3. 


  • Appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. 
  • 任命Neil Gorsuch大法官接替Antonin Scalia大法官。
  • Appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. 
  • 任命Brett Kavanaugh大法官接替Anthony Kennedy大法官。
  • Appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • 任命Amy Coney Barrett大法官接替Ruth Bader Ginsburg大法官。

★ ★ ★

Achieving a Secure Border 


Secured the Southern Border of the United States. 


  • Built over 400 miles of the world’s most robust and advanced border wall. 
  • 修筑超过400英里世界最坚固和先进的边境墙
  • Illegal crossings have plummeted over 87 percent where the wall has been constructed.
  • 筑墙的地方非法越境的人数暴跌了87% 
  • Deployed nearly 5,000 troops to the Southern border. In addition, Mexico deployed tens of thousands of their own soldiers and national guardsmen to secure their side of the US-Mexico border. 
  • 部署了近5000名士兵至南部边境。此外,墨西哥也在其美墨边境部署了过万本国士兵和国民卫队,以确保他们一方的安全。
  • Ended the dangerous practice of Catch-and-Release, which means that instead of aliens getting released into the United States pending future hearings never to be seen again, they are detained pending removal, and then ultimately returned to their home countries. 
  • 结束了 “抓捕释放”的危险做法,这意味着外国人在等待未来的听证会时不会被释放到美国,而是被拘留等待驱逐,然后最终被送回本国。
  • Entered into three historic asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to stop asylum fraud and resettle illegal migrants in third-party nations pending their asylum applications. 
  • 与洪都拉斯、萨尔瓦多和危地马拉签订了三项历史性的庇护合作协议,以制止庇护欺诈行为,并在第三国重新安置等待庇护申请的非法移民。
  • Entered into a historic partnership with Mexico, referred to as the “Migrant Protection Protocols,” to safely return asylum-seekers to Mexico while awaiting hearings in the United States. 
  • 与墨西哥建立了历史性的伙伴关系,称为 “移民保护议定书”,以便将在美国等待听证的寻求庇护者安全地送回墨西哥。

Fully enforced the immigration laws of the United States. 


  • Signed an executive order to strip discretionary Federal grant funding from deadly sanctuary cities. 
  • 签署了一项行政命令,剥夺了致命庇护城市的联邦酌情拨款。
  • Fully enforced and implemented statutorily authorized “expedited removal” of illegal aliens. 
  • 全面执行和实施法定授权的 “快速驱逐 “非法外国人的措施。
  • The Department of Justice prosecuted a record-breaking number of immigration-related crimes. 
  • 司法部起诉的与移民有关的犯罪案件数量创下新高。
  • Used Section 243(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to reduce the number of aliens coming from countries whose governments refuse to accept their nationals who were ordered removed from the United States. 
  • 利用《移民和国籍法》第243(d)条,减少来自所在国政府拒绝接受其国民的国家,而被从美国驱逐的外国人数量。

Ended asylum fraud, shut down human smuggling traffickers, and solved the humanitarian crisis across the Western Hemisphere. 


  • Suspended, via regulation, asylum for aliens who had skipped previous countries where they were eligible for asylum but opted to “forum shop” and continue to the United States. 
  • 通过条例,暂停向那些跳过有资格获得庇护的国家,但选择 “挑选法院 “并继续前往美国的外国人提供庇护。
  • Safeguarded migrant families, and protected migrant safety, by promulgating new regulations under the Flores Settlement Agreement.
  • 通过颁布《弗洛雷斯和解协议》下的新条例,保障移民家庭和保护移民安全。 
  • Proposed regulations to end the practice of giving free work permits to illegal aliens lodging meritless asylum claims. 
  • 提出条例,以结束向提出无特长庇护申请的非法外国人提供免费工作许可的做法
  • Issued “internal relocation” guidance. 
  • 发布了 “内部重新安置 “指南。
  • Cross-trained United States Border Patrol agents to conduct credible fear screenings alongside USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) adjudication personnel to reduce massive backlogs. 
  • 对美国边境巡逻队人员进行交叉培训,以便与美国公民和移民服务局(USCIS)裁决人员一起进行可信的恐惧筛查,以减少大量积压案件。
  • Streamlined and expedited the asylum hearing process through both the Prompt Asylum Claim Review (PACR) and the Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP). 
  • 通过 “快速庇护申请审查 “和 “人道主义庇护审查程序”,简化和加快了庇护听证程序。
  • Launched the Family Fraud Initiative to identify hundreds of individuals who were fraudulently presenting themselves as family units at the border, oftentimes with trafficking children, in order to ensure child welfare. 
  • 发起 “家庭欺诈倡议”,以查明数百名在边境欺诈性地以家庭为单位的个人,他们往往与被贩卖的儿童在一起,以谋求儿童福利。
  • Improved screening in countries with high overstay rates and reduced visa overstay rates in many of these countries.
  • 在逾期居留率较高的国家改进了筛查工作,并降低了许多国家的签证逾期居留率。
  • Removed bureaucratic constraints on United States consular officers that reduced their ability to appropriately vet visa applicants. 
  • 消除对美国领事官员的官僚限制,这些限制降低了他们适当审查签证申请人的能力。
  • Worked with Mexico and other regional partners to dismantle the human smuggling networks in our hemisphere that profit from human misery and fuel the border crisis by exploiting vulnerable populations. 
  • 与墨西哥和其他区域伙伴合作,摧毁本半球的人口走私网络,这些网络从人类痛苦中获利,并通过剥削弱势人口加剧边境危机。

Secured our Nation’s immigration system against criminals and terrorists.


  • Instituted national security travel bans to keep out terrorists, jihadists, and violent extremists, and implemented a uniform security and information-sharing baseline all nations must meet in order for their nationals to be able to travel to, and emigrate to, the United States. 
  • 实行国家安全旅行禁令,将恐怖分子、圣战分子和暴力极端分子拒之门外,并执行所有国家必须达到的统一安全和信息共享基准,以便其国民能够前往和移民美国。
  • Suspended refugee resettlement from the world’s most dangerous and terror-afflicted regions.
  • 暂停从世界上最危险和受恐怖影响的地区重新安置难民
  •  Rebalanced refugee assistance to focus on overseas resettlement and burden-sharing. 
  •  重新调整难民援助,将重点放在海外安置和负担分担上。
  • 85 percent reduction in refugee resettlement. 
  •  难民安置数量减少85%。
  • Overhauled badly-broken refugee security screening process. 
  • 彻底改革了严重失灵的难民安全审查程序。
  • Required the Department of State to consult with states and localities as part of the Federal government’s refugee resettlement process. 
  • 要求国务院与各州和地方协商,作为联邦政府难民安置程序的一部分。
  • Issued strict sanctions on countries that have failed to take back their own nationals. 
  • 对未能收回本国国民的国家进行严格制裁。
  • Established the National Vetting Center, which is the most advanced and comprehensive visa screening system anywhere in the world. 
  • 建立了国家审查中心,这是世界上最先进、最全面的签证审查系统。

Protected American workers and taxpayers. 


  • Issued a comprehensive “public charge” regulation to ensure newcomers to the United States are financially self-sufficient and not reliant on welfare. 
  • 颁布了全面的 “公共福利受益人 “条例,以确保新来美国的人在经济上自给自足,不依赖福利。
  • Created an enforcement mechanism for sponsor repayment and deeming, to ensure that people who are presenting themselves as sponsors are actually responsible for sponsor obligations. 
  • 建立了担保人还款和推定的执行机制,以确保那些以担保人身份出现的人真正负责担保人的义务。
  • Issued regulations to combat the horrendous practice of “birth tourism.”
  • 颁布法规,打击 “生育旅游 “的可怕行为。
  • Issued a rule with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make illegal aliens ineligible for public housing. 
  • 与住房和城市发展部一起发布了一项规则,规定非法移民没有资格获得公共住房。
  • Issued directives requiring Federal agencies to hire United States workers first and prioritizing the hiring of United States workers wherever possible. 
  • 发布指令,要求联邦机构首先雇用美国工人,并尽可能优先雇用美国工人。
  • Suspended the entry of low-wage workers that threaten American jobs. 
  • 暂停威胁美国就业的低收入工人入境。
  • Finalized new H-1B regulations to permanently end the displacement of United States workers and modify the administrative tools that are required for H-1B visa issuance. 
  • 敲定新的H-1B条例,以永久结束对美国工人的置换,并修改发放H-1B签证所需的行政工具。
  • Defended United States sovereignty by withdrawing from the United Nations’ Global Compact on Migration. 
  • 捍卫美国主权,退出《联合国全球移民契约》。
  • Suspended Employment Authorization Documents for aliens who arrive illegally between ports of entry and are ordered removed from the United States. 
  • 对在入境口岸之间非法入境的外国人暂停发放就业授权文件,并下令将其驱逐出美国。
  • Restored integrity to the use of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by strictly adhering to the statutory conditions required for TPS. 
  • 严格遵守临时保护身份的法定条件,恢复了临时保护身份使用的完整性。















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