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Part 5 – American Energy Independence


Unleashed America’s oil and natural gas potential.


  • For the first time in nearly 70 years, the United States has become a net energy exporter.
  • 近70年来,美国首次成为能源净出口国。
  • The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.
  • 美国现在是世界上第一大石油和天然气生产国。
  • Natural gas production reached a record-high of 34.9 quads in 2019, following record high production in 2018 and in 2017.
  • 在2018年和2017年创纪录的高产量之后,天然气产量在2019年达到了34.9 quad的历史新高。


  • The United States has been a net natural gas exporter for three consecutive years and has an export capacity of nearly 10 billion cubic feet per day.
  • 美国已连续三年成为天然气净出口国,每天的出口能力近100亿立方英尺。
  • Withdrew from the unfair, one-sided Paris Climate Agreement.
  • 退出了不公平,单方面的《巴黎气候协定》。
  • Canceled the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan, and replaced it with the new Affordable Clean Energy rule.
  • 取消了上届政府的《清洁能源计划》,并将其替换为新的《可负担的清洁能源规则》。
  • Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
  • 批准了Keystone XL和Dakota Access管道工程。
  • Opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska to oil and gas leasing.
  • 在阿拉斯加开放了北极国家野生动物保护区(ANWR)进行石油和天然气开采区块租赁。
  • Repealed the last administration’s Federal Coal Leasing Moratorium, which prohibited coal leasing on Federal lands.
  • 废除了上届政府的联邦煤炭开采区块租赁禁令,该禁令禁止在联邦土地上租赁煤炭开采区块。
  • Reformed permitting rules to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and speed approval for mines.
  • 改革了许可规则,以消除不必要的官僚机制并加快矿山的审批速度。
  • Fixed the New Source Review permitting program, which punished companies for upgrading or repairing coal power plants.
  • 修正了“新资源审查”许可计划,该计划对进行升级或修理燃煤电厂的公司进行了处罚。
  • Fixed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) steam electric and coal ash rules.
  • 修正了环境保护署(EPA)的蒸汽发电和煤灰法规。
  • The average American family saved $2,500 a year in lower electric bills and lower prices at the gas pump.
  • 美国家庭平均每年通过降低电费和降低燃油价格节省了2500美元。
  • Signed legislation repealing the harmful Stream Protection Rule.
  • 签署立法,废除了有害的“河流保护规则”。
  • Reduced the time to approve drilling permits on public lands by half, increasing permit applications to drill on public lands by 300 percent.
  • 将批准在公共土地上钻探许可的时间减少了一半,使在公共土地上钻探许可的申请增加了300%。
  • Expedited approval of the NuStar’s New Burgos pipeline to export American gasoline to Mexico.
  • 加快批准了NuStar的新布尔戈斯(New Burgos)输油管道,以将美国汽油出口到墨西哥。
  • Streamlined Liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal permitting and allowed long-term LNG export authorizations to be extended through 2050.
  • 简化的液化天然气(LNG)码头许可,并允许将长期LNG出口许可延长至2050年。
  • The United States is now among the top three LNG exporters in the world.
  • 美国现在是世界上三大LNG出口国之一。
  • Increased LNG exports five-fold since January 2017, reaching an all-time high in January 2020.
  • 自2017年1月以来,液化天然气出口量增长了五倍,到2020年1月达到历史新高。
  • LNG exports are expected to reduce the American trade deficit by over $10 billion.
  • 液化天然气出口有望使美国的贸易逆差减少100亿美元以上。
  • Granted more than 20 new long-term approvals for LNG exports to non-free trade agreement countries.
  • 为向非自由贸易协定国家的LNG出口,授予20多个新的长期许可。
  • The development of natural gas and LNG infrastructure in the United States is providing tens of thousands of jobs, and has led to the investment of tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure.
  • 美国天然气和LNG基础设施的发展,提供了数以万计的就业机会,并带来了数百亿美元的基础设施投资。
  • There are now 6 LNG export facilities operating in the United States, with 2 additional export projects under construction.
  • 现在,美国有6个LNG出口设施正在运营,另外还有2个正在建设中的出口项目。
  • The amount of nuclear energy production in 2019 was the highest on record, through a combination of increased capacity from power plant upgrades and shorter refueling and maintenance cycles.
  • 通过电厂升级带来的发电量增加和更短的加核燃料与维护周期,2019年的核能生产量达到有史以来最高。
  • Prevented Russian energy coercion across Europe through various lines of effort, including the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation, civil nuclear deals with Romania and Poland, and opposition to Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
  • 通过多方努力,防止俄罗斯在欧洲的能源霸凌行为,包括跨大西洋能源合作伙伴关系,与罗马尼亚和波兰的民用核协议以及反对北溪2号管道。
  • Issued the Presidential Permit for the A2A railroad between Canada and Alaska, providing energy resources to emerging markets.
  • 颁发了加拿大和阿拉斯加之间A2A铁路的总统许可证,为新兴市场提供能源。

Increased access to our country’s abundant natural resources in order to achieve energy independence.


  • Renewable energy production and consumption both reached record highs in 2019.
  • 可再生能源的生产和消费在2019年均创历史新高。
  • Enacted policies that helped double the amount of electricity generated by solar and helped increase the amount of wind generation by 32 percent from 2016 through 2019.
  • 已颁布的政策使太阳能发电量翻了一番,并从2016年到2019年,风力发电量增加了32%。
  • Accelerated construction of energy infrastructure to ensure American energy producers can deliver their products to the market.
  • 加快能源基础设施建设,以确保美国的能源生产商可以将其产品交付市场。
  • Cut red tape holding back the construction of new energy infrastructure.
  • 削减繁文褥节,减少新能源基础设施建设的阻力。
  • Authorized ethanol producers to sell E15 year-round and allowed higher-ethanol gasoline to be distributed from existing pumps at filling stations.
  • 授权乙醇生产商全年销售E15,并允许在加油站的现有加油泵中分发高乙醇汽油。
  • Ensured greater transparency and certainty in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program.
  • 确保可再生燃料标准(RFS)计划具有更高的透明度和确定性。
  • Negotiated leasing capacity in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Australia, providing American taxpayers a return on this infrastructure investment.
  • 商定了战略石油储备中心给澳大利亚的租赁容量,为美国纳税人提供了基础设施投资的回报。
  • Signed an executive order directing Federal agencies to work together to diminish the capability of foreign adversaries to target our critical electric infrastructure.
  • 签署了一项行政命令,指导联邦机构共同努力,以降低外国对手针对我们关键的电力基础设施的竞争力。
  • Reformed Section 401 of the Clean Water Act regulation to allow for the curation of interstate infrastructure.
  • 改革了《清洁水法》第401条,允许管理州际基础设施。
  • Resolved the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) oil crisis during COVID-19 by getting OPEC, Russia, and others to cut nearly 10 million barrels of production a day, stabilizing world oil prices.
  • 解决了COVID-19期间的石油输出国组织(OPEC)石油危机,使石油输出国组织(OPEC),俄罗斯和其他国家每天减产近1000万桶,稳定了世界石油价格。
  • Directed the Department of Energy to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to mitigate market volatility caused by COVID-19.
  • 指示能源部使用战略石油储备,来缓解COVID-19造成的市场波动。





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