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Hello honorable fellow fighters! Today is January 2, 2021. Have you worked out? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? In 2021, I just heard things about the domestic real estate, about the few remaining export-oriented factories in the coastal areas, the power bill, and then the so-called power shortage, and then about the real estates not being allowed to sell even when people want to, and about banks almost going bankruptcy now.  


Brothers and sisters, and the domestic fellow fighters, I can understand the messages you sent out. There are some words that I, Miles, cannot directly say. I believe you understand better than me and you know better than me regarding the situations around you in China. What is the current situation now? It is not just lack of food and flour. Is the real estate valuable? Is it possible for it to be valuable? Brothers and sisters? Then it is normal to lose electricity. Fighting for coal, now they are fighting for coal. Didn’t they [the CCP] brag that they will fight with Australia. They have killed all private entrepreneurs as well as arrested all those who have been doing coal business their whole life? Without the coal mines of those private entrepreneurs, without the coal mines in Australia, what do you [the CCP] still have? You, the CCP has nothing but the “pickled cucumber” [non-functioning penis], what else do you [the CCP] have? Right? What is the use of making a fake “dildo” economy?       


So brothers and sisters, this is an inevitable result. It won’t work without this. Can the banks be good? How could the banks be good? Can you withdraw money [from the bank]? Is it possible to go abroad? Are you allowed to go abroad? Can you take your money abroad? Can you spend your money abroad? Alipay and Red Packet in WeChat will not exist in the future. All of them are under the control of the party. The CCP is now playing with a lot of virtual currency. This time I heard that the so-called Central Working Conference clearly regards the virtual currency as a sharp weapon when the country is at risk. Treating it as a sharp weapon means cheating the ordinary Chinese for money. Therefore, brothers and sisters, don’t listen to their bullshit.    


Additionally, many of our Chinese compatriots ask whether President Trump won or lost and are waiting for China’s economy to get better. Brothers and sisters, please don’t be naive. The New York stock market will kick out the CCP [companies] without hesitation. Do you think they can come back? Whichever party is coming into power…100% that it will be President Trump. Whichever party is coming into power, please stop dreaming, the biggest victims of the war between the U.S. and the CCP are our compatriots. Do you think the CCP is still capable of making trade rampage around the world just like what the China’s economy looked in the past three decades? Trading anywhere in the world with no one who dares to stop them? Does China really have a GDP of 13 trillion or 14 trillion a year? Impossible!


The expert said that it is impossible for China to reach the 13 trillion GDP – the line of life and death – in the next decade or the next two decades. Even if the CCP were still there and achieved 13 trillion GDP, it would still be impossible for it to survive for 2 years. This is God’s will. We are not only taking down the CCP by the U.S., by the insiders of the CCP, but also taking down the CCP with the help of God. What is the current situation of the domestic food stock? Think about it, my fellow fighters, what is the current situation of the supply chain? Look at it by yourself. Hence, for those fellow fighters who have fled the CCP, please show your gratitude to God. Those fellow fighters who have fled the CCP after listening to the Lude Media and the Whistleblower Movement (WM), please be thankful to the WM and the Lude Media. This is not a joke, my brothers and sisters. For those who have stayed in the Western countries, please have a long-term plan. 

专家说了中国的GDP想再跨越,13万亿的生死线的可能性,未来10年、20年是不可能的,就是共产党还在的情况下,说共产党在这13万亿 GDP 的情况下,能活两年的可能性几乎没有,这就是天意。我们不但以美灭共、以共灭共,现在老天还帮我们灭共,国内的现在粮食是什么情况?战友们去想一想,整个供应链到了什么情况?大家去看一看,所以说能逃出来的战友们感谢上天吧,听了我们的路德访谈、听了爆料革命,跑出来的战友们感谢爆料革命吧,感谢路德访谈吧,这不是开玩笑的兄弟姐妹们,现在在西方呆下来的战友们,一定要有长期计划。

With respect to the situation of the pandemic in these several days, we feel it is more difficult and tougher in 2021 than in 2020, and even more threatening to life. Europe, Asia, our country that has been kidnapped by the CCP, and the U.S. have all shifted the focus toward the election of President Trump. After the election, the biggest problem will be the pandemic. What are the changes that the new virus has brought in? Now every country is providing reliefs. I can tell you that in half a year or one year, what reliefs can they provide? Will it be affordable? So, staying at home and staying alive is more important than anything else.

另外一个,这几天的疫情,大家觉得2021年…2021年要比2020年困难的多、艰难的多 ,甚至是对生命的威胁大的多得多。从欧洲、亚洲,被中共绑架下的咱们的祖国还有美国,所有大家焦点都移到川普总统大选,等川普总统大选完,你最大的问题就是疫情。新型病毒造成什么样的改变?现在是各国都在救济,我可以告诉大家再有个半年一年,各国拿啥救济?它救济得起吗?所以呆在家里,活着比啥都重要。

From today to tomorrow, many people in Washington D.C. will not sleep. You will see many people skip sleeping. Last night, from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock you saw the economy [in China] was wailing. The messages I got from America from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock were all focused on Washington D.C., about the 48-hour fight. My brothers and sisters in arms, this kind of restlessness and uncertainty in the world’s economy and politics has never happened before. I asked many people and they said that you could not find this kind of global restlessness in history, and it has never happened under the common destiny of the world.    


Therefore, fellow fighters, please stay alive in 2021. Please be united and cherish your health and your family. Please love your family. The other day I saw a fellow fighter saying… our fellow fighter in Spanish said that he/she will send a gift to his/her mother and father. This is really really great. Please take good care of your family. Family is the most important thing now. Then please take care of your fellow fighters. Your fellow fighters are gifts from God. Please treasure your brothers-in-arms. Then every farm should take the opportunity to unite our fellow fighters and help our fellow fighters to grow stronger and bigger. Anything else is just bullshit. The New Federal State of China will succeed, the WM will be powerful, and the CCP will be taken down. God is pushing us to take down the CCP. Just now many American friends told me, “Miles, after this battle in Washington is ended, we will spare no pains to take down the CCP with you!”



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