新闻简述:在2020年12月30日的 Getter 视频中,郭文贵先生严厉斥责了许多华人华裔在美国不幸发现第二种新型病毒的新病例后的冷漠,甚至是欢呼的不耻行为。郭先生严正呼吁:“不要再被无知和愚昧洗脑,毁掉你这一生,再毁掉你的子子孙孙,这是起码的常识。”



Hello, my dear BIAs. Today is December 30th. I’ve had too many things lined up for the past 2 days. My apologies. Lots on my to-do list for this morning… Just finished a meeting, but many items to care for this afternoon. All things related to mainland China. I am quite shocked honestly. After the 2nd case of a new virus just emerged in the U.S… The 2nd of this new type of virus has been identified. The U.S. is the 2nd country identified with this new virus, following the U.K. The facts and intel about the virus we’ve revealed for the past 1 year, all has been proven to be 100% accurate. Who or which intel agency in the world can be like our WM & NFSC? As broadcasted on the Lude Media shows – focusing on the biggest threat for all human beings, the CCPVirus (coronavirus/COVID-19), when exactly it broke out, what to expect next, and prospects of the 2nd new type of virus… Thanks to Dr. Yan, our angel scientist, all has been accurately told to everyone. For the past one year, people on earth have been besieged or killed by this CCPVirus, still the crisis has only been met with bureaucratic mess globally. How tragic! I heard that Boris Johnson was gonna make yet another speech! Frigging useless! This is just horrible! 

尊敬的战友们好!12月30号, 这两天事儿太多。 今天抱歉,上午一堆的事情, 刚把会开完。接下来下午还有好多的事情, 都是国内的事情。 真是很惊讶啊, 就是现在美国有了第二例, 第二例。。。第一例新型病毒,已经被发现了。 这是第二个国家, 继英国之后。 我们一年内所有的对病毒的整个的说法和情报 100%准确。 你说什么人,什么样的情报机构全人类像我们爆料革命,新中国联邦一样, 路德访谈, 把所有的人类上最大的威胁, 共产党病毒, 什么时候发生, 将会发生什么。第二种病毒, 我们的闫博士,天使科学家, 准确的告诉了大家 但是 人类在一年来在等待着CCP病毒的扼杀, 全球处在官僚之中, 悲剧啊。 听说Boris Johnson又要演讲, 演讲个屁用啊, 在这点上太可怕了。 

But more horrible than this is – whenever the UK, Europe or the West, the world is confronted by an outbreak of the disease, with the death tolls jumping up, in the land where the virus originated, in our motherland, besieged by the CCP, all you see on social media or TVs were rounds of roaring cheers. It happened with the emergence of the 1st case in the U.S., now the same with the 2nd type of virus being confirmed. All the brainwashed sheeple from the mainland responded by jollying along, regardless they belong to the “haves” or “have-nots”! regardless the ones with feasts to indulge in, or distressed with empty-bellies. The CCP has made quite an “accomplishment” for the past 8, 5, 6 yrs, brainwashing the Chinese so much so that they’ve been turned completely hostile to the U.S. and the world. Even to the dangerous extent of racial issues, as they may simply hate because of one’s color of skin or religion, unprecedently. 

更让人可怕的事情, 每次欧洲,英国, 西方世界在面对病毒病情爆发, 死亡人数增加的时候, 来自于病源国的初始国—— 中共,我们的祖国。 共产党的整个的视频和媒体一片欢呼。 从美国报出来有第一例病毒, 第二种病毒,检查出来,新病毒, 整个中共国被洗脑的老百姓, 一片欢呼之声。 不管是有钱的还是没钱的, 有饭吃的,没有饭吃的,都这样。 就共产党这8年,5,6年, 成功的把中国人洗脑,把中国人 和美国,和全世界对抗, 甚至走向更加危险的种族, 皮肤色别(肤色),宗教的仇恨, 前所未有。 

Do Chinese really understand what this may entail? This may be interpreted that Chinese as a whole hold animosity towards the world! Then your children, all Chinese overseas will have to pay the price! Even Chinese descendants in Europe, and, in the U.S., a large number of people echoed or resent [the images]! Many friends have been asking me since last night, Americans and Europeans, “Why on earth you Chinese people live in our country, and yet hate us so much?” “They have been brainwashed extensively.” “But even with being brainwashed, how could one be so joyful seeing so many people died?” Exactly the question I want to ask too! Isn’t it all because of communism?! Now only the WM & NFSC have been shouting out loud, appealing to all Chinese not to bring upon such animosity from the world! Your children, your grandchildren cannot afford it! China as a nation can’t afford it! 

中国人知道不知道这意味着什么? 意味着 你跟全世界为敌。 付出的代价是你的孩子。海外的华人, 欧洲的,在美国的华人… 竟然有大量的人转发。 从昨天晚上到现在,很多美国朋友, 欧洲朋友在说:“你们中国人呆在我们的国家, 为什么这么恨我们? ”我说他们被洗脑了。 “他们为什么(被)洗脑, 看到这么多人死,还那么开心?” 这个问题我也想问。 它不就是共产主义么。 现在只有爆料革命,新中国联邦, 在呼吁 不要给全世界建立这么大的仇恨。 你的子孙,你的子女承受不起, 中华民族承受不起。 

But all you see is just tragic! In the face of this virus, none of the fake democracy activists, the Party of the “beg-for-donations” for 30 yrs, has stood up, and has spoken up a word of justice. This virus originated from [CCP-controlled] China, don’t you know?! How could you be so cheerful when others are infected with the virus? They have not yet pursued, have not started a war, have not discriminated against all Chinese… By contrast, you wish more people from other countries would die? How ridiculous?! Are these sheeple still human beings? Many mainlanders are still under the illusion that virus only kills foreigners, not themselves. Little did they know that he/she may very well be the next! So, my dear brothers and sisters – this CCPVirus (coronavirus), and the brainwash, has deprived Chinese of the ability to discern true from false, good from evil. Gone with it is the most basic humanity. 

但是你看到悲剧啊, 在病毒面前,欺民贼, 30年伸手(要)捐款,捐款党, 没一人站出来为病毒说句公道话的。 这病毒来自咱中[共]国知道吗? 人家染上病,你咋就这么开心呢? 人家没追究你,没跟你战争, 没歧视你华人, 你还 希望人家死越多人越好? 这是何等的荒唐啊。 这还是人吗? 在国内的人,以为病毒只死人家, 不死自己, 你不知道下一个可能就是你。 所以说亲爱的兄弟姐妹们, 共产党的病毒和对中国人的洗脑, 和中国人对真假、善恶的判断能力已经丧失殆尽, 起码的人性已经没了。 

Our NFSC and WM has such a long and uphill road ahead of us. What we can do and have done is something that no one has been able to achieve. No one has attempted even. All my brothers and sisters, my BIAs of the WM, do not give up! Do not be discouraged by this! There will always be villains now and then, but the number of good people always exceeds that of bad. In the end, good will prevail over evil. This, I never doubt about! 

新中国联邦,爆料革命任重道远。 我们能做到的和我们已经做到的,从来没人做到过, 也没有人去做。 爆料革命的所有兄弟姐妹,战友们, 不要因此放弃、气馁! 坏人会层出不穷, 但好人永远比坏人多。 最后,正义一定战胜邪恶。我深信不疑。 

Even with the comical incidents one after another since the dawn of the WM… Ultimately, God will make them expose their true colors. And they will get the punishment they so deserve! What is right and what is wrong? You reach into other people’s wallets, trying to get a fortune from others without working for it. That is wrong! You make others work for you for free, and yet you reap the benefits without lifting a finger. That is wrong! Harming or vilifying others without any good reasons, that is wrong! Fake words, fake beliefs, fake ideology, fake emotion, fake humanity – All those are wrong! Instigate hatred, disseminate hatred, spread disease – That is wrong! Don’t we know at least this much of common sense, my BIAs? You should be able to tell who is telling the truth and who is not? Who is instigating hatred? Who is putting his/her hands into your wallets? You can judge for yourself, right? 

包括爆料革命出现的这一个个的荒唐的滑稽的事情。 最终上天真的会让他们暴露出本来的面目, 他们会真正的受到惩罚。 什么叫对错? 你把手伸到人家腰包里边去, 无偿的获得别人的财富, 你是错的。 让人家为你无利而动, 你不劳而获, 这是错的。 无缘无故的伤害别人,你是错的。 说假话,假信仰,假思想,假真情,假人性, 那是错的。 拉仇恨,传播仇恨,传播疾病, 那是错的。 这点儿常识战友们知道么。 谁说的话是真话假话你总该判断的了吧? 谁在拉仇恨, 谁把手伸到你腰包里, 这你能判断的了吧? 

Who are the ultimate victims of this CCPVirus and the CCP’s globalized brainwash? None other than us Chinese! In this regard, there is no difference of upper-class and lower-class, men and women, young and old. When people hold animosity towards you, they disregard your gender or else. As long as you are of Chinese descent, they’d hate you for it. Therefore, brothers and sisters, this is alarmingly dangerous! Alarmingly dangerous, my brothers and sisters! When a person loses the basic ability to discern true from false, good from evil, the disastrous consequence will find its way to his/her doorstep, sooner or later. 

共产党在海外的全世界的洗脑和这种病毒,害的是谁? 害的是我们中国人。 在这个问题上, 没有高低, 不分男女,不分老幼。 人家恨的时候, 不会因为你是男的、女的,怎么(有区别的)恨你。 是中国人,人家都恨。 所以说兄弟姐妹们,危险至极啊。 危险至极啊,兄弟姐妹们。 当一个人对一个基本的真假善恶缺失判断力的时候, 那就是灾难一定是, 早晚的问题,一定到你身上。 

How ridiculous our world has become! In mainland China, shortage of food is arising; people cannot withdraw money from banks even. And yet this has not hindered the praises for the CCP! What exactly has the CCP provided you? The CCP does not produce wealth; nor grow any food that you may eat. Instead, the wealth and the food are all fruits of your own labor. And yet you have the CCP to thank for, especially when the world are holding grudges against Chinese! How outrageous, brothers-in-arms! Stop being brainwashed by ignorance and stupidity. Do not let brainwash ruin your life, and that of the generations to come! This is the most basic common sense. Brothers and sisters, don’t let brainwash cloud your judgement that you may make mistakes that will be irreparable. 

现在你看看这个世界多荒唐。 中国现在大陆,缺粮, 银行钱取不出来, 还一片歌颂伟大的党好。 党给你啥了? 党不生产财富,党不生产任何的给你能吃的粮食, 都是你自己劳动创造出来的。 你感谢党, 在全世界都恨中国人民的时候你还感谢党! 岂有此理啊,战友们! 不要再被无知和愚昧洗脑, 毁掉你这一生,再毁掉你的子子孙孙, 这是起码的常识。 兄弟姐妹们, 不要再执迷不悟, 犯下你无法承受的错误了。

翻译:【RD16】 字幕:【相机过热啊】 听写:【jamie(文胤)】 视频解码:【恒久忍耐】编辑:【RD16】


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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !

The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

Action ! Action ! Action !

Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !

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4 月 之前



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