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LuDe Media 20201216 Evening News, New York Time


ODNI Announced Delay in Submission of General Election Assessment Report


ODNI’s (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) official Twitter said Dec. 16 that Director of Intelligence Ratcliffe will not submit his assessment report of foreign interference in the U.S. election by the Dec. 18 deadline.  The reason is that the intelligence community has received the relevant report, but some agencies have not yet completed their coordination of it.


Ratcliffe Said CCP Interfered in U.S. Election

他在12月16日接受CBS记者Catherine Herridge采访时说,在今年11月存在来自中共国、伊朗和俄罗斯的对选举的干预。此番言论包括三重意思:一是定性外国干预了美国大选;二是干预国家有三个;三是中共国排在第一位。据路德社消息,给拉特克利夫的情报中,CIA确认中共没有干预大选,而几个军情部门的情报则确认中共干预了大选。



In a Dec. 16 interview with CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge, he said that there were election interferences from China, Iran and Russia in November of this year. This statement includes a triple meaning: one is to qualify foreign countries interfered in the U.S. election; two is three countries interfered in election; three is the Chinese Communist country in the first place. According to LuDe Media, the intelligence given to Ratcliffe, the CIA confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party did not interfere in the election, while intelligence from several military intelligence departments confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party interfered in the election.

A senior national security intelligence officer said Ratcliffe drew a line in the sand on the Chinese Communist Party and would not back down. Many professional intelligence officers agree with the director of intelligence, but many of those who have been saying that Russia interfered in the election have tried to downplay the threat from the CCP.


LuDe Interpreted in Depth the Significance of Report’s Postponement





The report was postponed for the purpose of exterminating the CCP. Since foreign interference in the election has already been qualified, if the report is only for Trump’s re-election and not for the purpose of eliminating the CCP, it can be easily released. However, if the CCP is to be exterminated, the report must be more precise and specific in describing the crimes of the CCP in order to facilitate accountability, which is why there was intense contesting and bargaining among all parties, resulting in the delay.

For the CCP, this report is a matter of life and death, so it will certainly use all kinds of rogue tricks to block or delay, or reduce its lethality.

The report could immediately trigger a NATO war against the CCP, and its contents have a bearing on the fate of the United States and all the world. The report is more important at this time than any congressional or judicial one.

Such an important report cannot be released easily, or its result will certainly not be what the patriots want. The difficulty of producing the report is a testament to the intense crossfire between the two sides, and even more so to the fact that this is the ultimate battle.


Phoenix Superfarm Dismissed for Extinguish the CCP




What the Whistleblower Movement want to destroy is not only the Communist Party, but even more so this flesh grinder system. The core of this grinder is centralization, while the core value pursued by the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China is decentralization. Each battle companion must give up reliance on any organization or individual, and make good use of your own free will and independent thinking to take responsibility for yourselves.

The greatness of America comes from the founding father Washington’s renunciation of power. As the head of the only Superfarm, Sara proactively dismissed Phoenix Superfarm, truly laying down her power and making the best interpretation for the decentralization of farms in the future. Since human nature is selfish, decentralization cannot depend on self-consciousness, but only on the system to ensure. The dissolution of Phoenix Superfarm is an important step to establish a decentralized system.

Sara understood Mr. Guo’s words, “Whistleblower Movement is not for fame and fortune”, and Sara did it. Sara finally appealed to battle companions, “Defend your freedom! The nationalities’ business is your business!”


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