《路德社》每日简报早间版 2020.12.16–NewYork Time

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1216早间要闻-NewYork Time                                         

LuDe Media 20201216 Morning News, New York Time


Special Prosecutor Selected


LuDe revealed that the prosecutor had worked with attorney Lin Wood, served the Bush family and was a lawyer who came for the extermination of the CCP. Because President Trump did not grant McConnell’s request to pardon Joe Biden, and appointed a special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate the Hunter Biden affair.


White House Counsel’s Office Advised President Trump Not to Fire FBI Director


The Capitol Hill newspaper reported the above news, on the one hand, confirms that President Trump is about to dismiss the FBI director, Ray, on the other hand, is also threatening President Trump, saying that if fire off Ray, it will be recognized as an act of retaliation, trying to dissuade Trump from retracting his decision.


U.S. Defense Department Abruptly Shut Down Secret Internet Protocol Routers


This is a network protocol of routers, SIPRNet, used by the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense to send classified information that is suspected to have been attacked and decrypted (by the CCP). It was shut down for an upgrade to fully enhance confidentiality and security to avoid further attacks and decryption, and to prepare for future major operations.


FTC Announced Dec. 14 to Investigate Nine Major Companies, Including Twitter and Facebook


Other companies surveyed include WhatsApp, YouTube, ByteDance, Amazon, Reddit, SnapChat and Discord. The survey covers whether there are violations in the collection and use of users’ private data, as well as the way users display advertising contents, whether algorithms or data analytics are used on personal information, and the impact of data policies on children and adolescents. The survey, which has a 45-day response time, will provide a conclusive basis for future enforcement. However, LuDe analyzed these companies have long had a response strategy, such as providing massive amounts of information, so that the FTC cannot find evidences in the data-sea, and have to stop.


Each of Us in Wars Beyond Limits




No matter real or false strategies and tactics in live broadcasting of Mr. Guo and Mr. LuDe, every warrior must keep the belief that we will win. We have been making history and changing history. Our group subconscious is on the justice side, and victory is bound to belong to us.

At the same time, it is important to realize that the process is bound to be arduous. If the Chinese Communist Party is so easily to be exterminated, where is the value of Whistleblower Movement? It is because victory is not easy that we battle companions and the elites in the institutions will cherish it, and will build our country better in the future.

If Biden withdraw voluntarily, Trump will win easily, sparing the crocodiles hidden within the swamp, then the consequences would be endless. Without the CCP’s full infiltration into the U.S. and the inevitable comical spectacles of rigged elections, where is the value of the New Federal State of China in the United States? How did Mr. Guo come out three years early to break the news about the Chinese Communist Party’s blue and gold yellow? And why did Mr. Guo reveal the CCP’s Blue-Gold-Yellow plan three years in advance?


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