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1214早间要闻-NewYork Time                                         

LuDe Media 20201214 Morning News, New York Time


The Global Networks and U.S. Cable Television Suddenly & Briefly Crashed


LuDe Media analyzed the operation as a rehearsal of the Chinese Communist Party’s active attack on the United States, and the CCP is best at muddying the waters. The purpose of their operation is to mess up and subvert the United States. The CCP’s long-trained agents have long mastered a whole set of pre-planned operations in the absence of electricity and internet. This short-lived crash smells of an impending decisive battle.


How to View the Impending Decisive Battle?



另外,根据习近平的要求,拜登已经提名最反川普的纽约市长Andrew Cuomo为司法部长人选,他一旦上台不仅会立即抓捕川普全家,而且会把所有右翼力量全灭。川普和整个右翼力量已经没有退路。

If there is brief chaos for several days in the U.S., Trump will surely adopt martial law, military regulation and other means to take over or shut down the fake media directly. Hence, Whistleblower Movement may use mainstream media like CNN to broadcast the truth.

Patriots do not have to worry about Trump’s hesitation in front of the decisive battle, because this time it is not a decision made by Trump alone, nor is he fighting alone, but a showdown of life and death between the forces behind the swamp and the Chinese Communist Party, where the CCP must be decisively eliminated.

In addition, according to Xi Jinping’s request, Biden has nominated Andrew Cuomo, the most anti-Trump New York mayor, as his choice for Attorney General, who will not only arrest Trump’s whole family immediately once in power, but will also wipe out all right-wing forces. There is no way back for Trump and the entire right-wing forces.


Lin Wood Tweeted to Remind People to Prepare Doomsday Supplies and Remember That Only One President is Trump


The list of doomsday supplies includes plenty of water, food, flashlights, batteries, candles, radio, guns and ammunition (2nd Amendment supplies), and a plan to meet with community leaders. The tweet reminded the public to remember that we only have one president at a time and our leader is Trump, not Biden.


Trump Issued Executive Order on Successors to Acting Secretary of Defense


When war comes, Congress and the judicial system may not function properly, where presidential decree is everything and the only force that takes control of social order. This executive order, issued on December 10, specified the succession order of the acting Secretary of Defense as follows: Deputy Minister of Defense, Secretary of the Military Department, Minister of Defense Policy, Director of Defense Intelligence and Security, and Chief Management Officer of Department of Defense, to ensure that command remains in the hands of someone Trump absolutely trusts.


President Trump Replaced Commander of Combatant Command

12月7日,经总统提名,代理国防部长米勒宣布,任命四星上将、美国太平洋舰队司令约翰.阿奎利诺担任印太司令部司令。他十分彪悍, 曾多次延长部署,支持海外军事行动 “拒绝飞行”、”慎重部队”、”南方观察”、”贵族之鹰”、”持久自由 “和 “伊拉克自由”。颤抖吧,中共。

On Dec. 7, following the presidential nomination, Acting Secretary of Defense Miller announced the appointment of four-star Admiral John Aquilino, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, as commander of Indo-Pacific Command. Aquilino is a very tough man and has made several extended deployments in support of overseas military Operation Deny Flight, Deliberate Force, Southern Watch, Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and so on. Tremble, CCP!


What to Do for Impending War



We are here for justice, and we believe that justice will prevail over evil. We have light within us, and no matter how dark it is ahead, it will not stop us from running to the light. The devil has gone mad and it is bound to perish.

To every battle companion: Please prepare doomsday supplies, and never forget to spread news of the Whistleblower Movement to deliver the truth every day.

#CCP_is_terrorist   #TakeDownTheCCP


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