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Dec 02nd Brief-NewYorkTime

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President Trump’s bomb speech initiates the pre-war general mobilization.



He said this is the most important speech in my life and guarding the U.S. Constitution and laws is my primary duty. The Democratic Party has rigged the election with virus originated from China.

Trump’s proposal of the Guardian Constitution at a time when the United States has been severely invaded by the ultra-restricted warfare is a pre-war mobilization to pave the way for his upcoming Thunder operation.


Why Lincoln so great?



Lincoln said that one side would rather start a war than allow the country to survive, while the other side would rather fight than let the country perish. This violent conflict that has caused the United States to suffer for four years and killed 600,000 people is God’s ultimate punishment for 250 years of slavery. It’s God’s will to let the war continue until the whip draws every drop of blood to pay

Lincoln abandoned the benevolence of women, dared to quell the rebellion, abolished slavery, and protected territorial integrity, making the United States a beacon of human civilization.


Trump definitely great


Everyone is dependent on the freedom of others to achieve their own freedom. 1.4 billion Chinese have no freedom, and Americans will certainly lose their freedom (in the process of losing). The era when Wall Street used 1.4 billion Chinese slaves as a tool to accumulate wealth has to be over. Trump was the Chosen One who stood up to save the United States again at a time of crisis when the country was invaded and the people’s right to vote was denied.


Linwood calls out the CCP


He said that the United States again has come to the founding moment of 1776. We will fight for freedom and will never let the Chinese Communist government in Beijing occupy our country. This is the United States and you got the wrong opponent.


House of Representatives passed accountability law and China stocks will be delisted or subject to audited


The “Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act”, as Lude Media has predicted on the 29th, was quickly passed by 2/3 of the vote in the House of Representatives which proved the interest groups in the United States have completed their formal cut with the CCP, and have broken off their most important interests. The CCP has lost its backing in the United States and is getting closer and closer to extinction.


NATO Defence Ministers’ Joint Meeting formally discuss the CCP (not China) threat.


The meeting discussed how the CCP changes the role of international organizations, controls the infrastructure of other countries and adopts economic aggression such as malicious loans, and claimed to jointly respond to its threats.

The CCP was used to refer to the previous China throughout the meeting.


The U.S. will rebuild the air base where Atomic Bombing Missions were carried out


The base is located on Tinian Island, 160 kilometers north of Guam, from where the B-29 bombers that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki took off. After reconstruction, it will be a backup with the Anderson base in Guam, greatly enhancing the survivability of the battlefield





Dr. Mo

Benefits are very tempting to capitalism, and the CCP uses this to convey benefits to Wall Street. On August 23 last year, as soon as President Trump said that he would decouple, he was opposed by various interest groups. Wall Street wants to make money through the CCP, but once they realize that the CCP not only makes fortune on them but also kills them, everyone will participate in destroying the CCP.



Dr Guan:

Trump made it clear today that this was his most important speech, which is to convey his determination to thoroughly resolve election fraud and defend the Constitution.



The CCP can survive because certain interest groups in the United States want to make money through the CCP. If the United States does not give it a chance, the CCP will die.



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