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Monday, November 2, 2020


Chinese National Pleads Guilty To Attempting To Illegally Export Maritime Raiding Craft And Engines To China


Jacksonville, Florida – Ge Songtao (50, Nanjing, People’s Republic of China) has pleaded guilty to conspiring to submit false export information through the federal government’s Automated Export System and to fraudulently export to China maritime raiding craft and engines, and attempting to fraudulently export that equipment in violation of US law. Ge Songtao faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in federal prison. A sentencing date has not yet been set.


According to the plea agreement , Ge Songtao was the chairman of Shanghai Breeze Technology Co. Ltd., a company headquartered in Shanghai, China. Beginning in 2018, he was interested in identifying a source of supply of US-manufactured combat rubber raiding craft equipped with engines that can operate using gasoline, diesel fuel, or jet fuel. These vessels and multi-fuel engines are used by the US military and can be operated after being launched from a submerged submarine or dropped into the ocean by an aircraft. No comparable engine is manufactured in China.


One of Ge Songtao’s US-based employees, co-defendant Yang Yang, attempted to order seven of the raiding craft equipped with these engines from a US manufacturer. When the US manufacturer suggested that Yang Yang purchase cheaper gasoline-fueled engines, she insisted that she wanted to purchase the military-model multi-fuel engines. To induce the manufacturer to sell this equipment, Yang falsely represented that her customer was an entity called United Vision Limited in Hong Kong, rather than Shanghai Breeze Technology Co. in Shanghai. One of Yang’s Chinese co-workers had told her that American manufacturers would be more likely to sell to an entity in Hong Kong rather than one in mainland China. By misrepresenting what company was buying the equipment, and where it was located, Yang caused the entry of false information in the Department of Commerce’s Automated Export System in violation of federal law.


To facilitate the purchase of the raiding craft and engines, Ge Songtao arranged for the wire transfers to a separate company in Hong Kong, Belt Consulting Company Limited, which in turn wired over $110,000 to the US manufacturer. He also coordinated plans to send an employee to Hong Kong to receive the raiding craft and engines and transship them to mainland China.


On September 15, 2020, Yang Yang pleaded guilty to the same two charges to which Ge Songtao has pleaded guilty. On August 13, 2020, co-defendant Zheng Yan pleaded guilty to conspiring to submit false export information and to fraudulently export the raiding craft and engines in violation of US law. The trial of remaining co-defendant Fan Yang, is scheduled to begin on February 1, 2021.

2020年9月15日,杨洋对葛松涛认罪的两项指控表示认罪。 2020年8月13日,同案被告人郑岩对密谋提交虚假出口资讯和违反美国法律欺诈性出口突击艇和发动机的罪名表示认罪。其余同案被告人范阳,定于2021年2月1日开庭审理。

“As FBI Director Christopher Wray has stated previously, we will not tolerate it when China violates our criminal laws and international norms, much less enable it,” said Rachel L. Rojas, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Jacksonville Division. “FBI Jacksonville and our partners throughout the US government will continue working to hold China accountable and protect our nation’s innovation, ideas, and way of life.”

“正如FBI局长Christopher Wray之前所说,当中国违反我们的刑法和国际准则时,我们不会容忍,更不会助长这种行为。”联邦调查局杰克逊维尔分部的特别探员Rachel L. Rojas说。 ”联邦调查局杰克逊维尔分局和我们在整个美国政府中的合作伙伴将继续努力追究中国的责任,保护我们国家的创新、理念和生活方式。”

“Ge Songtao’s attempts to illegally acquire sensitive US technology for illicit purposes threatened the operational readiness and safety of our nation’s military,” said Special Agent in Charge Thomas Cannizzo of the NCIS Southeast Field Office. “NCIS and our law enforcement partners remain committed to preserving Department of the Navy warfighter superiority by protecting our nation’s critical technologies and infrastructure from theft or compromise at home and abroad.”

“葛松涛企图非法获取美国敏感技术用于非法目的,威胁到我们国家军队的战备和安全,” NCIS东南外地办事处的特别探员Thomas Cannizzo说。 “NCIS和我们的执法伙伴仍然致力于通过保护我们国家的关键技术和基础设施在国内和国外不被窃取或损害来维护海军部的作战优势。”

“A top priority of the Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Export Enforcement, is ensuring that the United States military always maintains its qualitative edge on the battlefield by preventing circumvention of US export controls and export filing requirements,” said Acting Agent in Charge Alan Berkowitz. “In working with our law enforcement partners we disrupted Chinese illicit procurement of US military combat raiding craft and protected our strategic commodities from falling into the wrong hands.”

“工业和安全局出口执法办公室的首要任务是通过防止规避美国出口管制和出口备案要求,确保美军在战场上始终保持品质优势,”代理主管艾伦-伯科维茨说。 “在与执法伙伴的合作中,我们破坏了中国对美国军事战斗突击艇的非法采购,并保护我们的战略商品不落入不法分子手中。”

This case was investigated by the FBI, the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the US Department of Commerce – Bureau of Industry and Security, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Michael J . Coolican and Heather Schmidt, Senior Trial Attorney, Counterintelligence and Export Section, US Department of Justice.

本案由联邦调查局、美国海军刑事调查处、美国商务部工业和安全局以及酒精、烟草、火器和爆炸物局调查。该案由美国助理检察官Michael J. Coolican和美国司法部反间谍和出口科高级审判律师Heather Schmidt负责起诉。


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