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Keep Faith in the Public Square


Graham:Thank you for being here today. Clearly, this is a very special day. The first thing I want to say about Secretary of State Pompeo is that he is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was born the first time before the new birth in Orange County in California, and he got to Kansas, I think, as soon as he could. I was born in Arkansas, got to Texas as soon as I could. But he went on to ah to Kansas, and then to serve first in his class, rather, at the United States Military Academy at West Point. First in his class, US Military Academy 1986. He served as cavalry officer, this is- this is really good right here, patrolling the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Berlin Wall. He also served with the Second Squadron Seventh Cavalry in the US Army in the Fourth Infantry Division. After he – after he left active duty, Mr. Pompeo graduated from Harvard Law School and was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. He began a business back in Kansas in the oil and gas business. So he was telling me before the service that uh he knows West Texas a little bit and East Texas, was here quite a bit and the Trump Administration is taking very good care of our oil and gas business here in Texas, and uh we appreciate that very much. Uh, previous to uh being sworn in as Secretary of the State – of State on April 22nd 2018, he served as the Director of the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency from 2017-2018. Before that, a congressman ah, from Kansas. What a resume. And what a life you have lived sir, and are living. And we are so grateful for your testimony of faith, your service to our country. He is married to Susan Pompeo,and they have one son, whose name is Nick. Would you welcome to Prestonwood the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Mike Pompeo. (Applause.)

Graham牧师:谢谢大家的到来。显然,这是非常特别的一天。关于国务卿彭培奥,我想说的第一件事就是他是主耶稣基督的追随者。他出生在加利福尼亚州奥兰治县(Orange County),之后,我想,他尽快到了堪萨斯州接受了第一次受洗。我出生在阿肯色州,我尽快到得克萨斯州(受洗)。而他去了堪萨斯州,然后去了西点的美国军事学院学习,拿了班级第一。 1986年美国军事学院他是班上第一名。他曾担任骑兵军官,这是-这真的很不错,在柏林墙倒塌之前他曾在“铁幕”巡逻。他还曾在美国第四步兵师陆军第二中队第七骑兵中服役。服役结束后,彭培奥先生于哈佛大学法学院完成学业,曾任《哈佛法律评论》的编辑。之后他回到堪萨斯州开始石油和天然气方面的创业。

因此,祷告会开始之前他告诉我,他对得克萨斯州西部有所理解,而得克萨斯州东部,即这里,(了解)更多了。川普政府对我们在得克萨斯州的石油和天然气业务给予了很好的照顾,我们对此表示非常感谢。在2018年4月22日宣誓就任国务卿之前,他曾于2017年至2018年期间担任中央情报局局长;在此之前,担任堪萨斯州的议员。真是份完美的简历。先生,您过往和现在的经历简直是太精彩了。我们非常感谢您对信仰的见证,对国家的服务。他与苏珊·庞培(Susan Pompeo)结婚,并育有一子,名字叫尼克。普雷斯顿伍德(Prestonwood)欢迎您,有请美国国务卿迈克·彭培奥(Mike Pompeo)。 (掌声)

Mike Pompeo:Thank you, thank you all, thank you. Thank you very much. Oh Pastor Graham, thank you so much for inviting me here today. I – I too, had tears in my eyes I had makeup too, so I hope that’s not all messed up. When the choir came in, it was quite emotional. My wife and I have been streaming services most days from our home church back in Wichita Kansas, Eastminster Presbyterian. Just a couple hours up I-35 from where we are. It’s a very special place. Those believers are very special friends of ours. We miss them an awful lot.


Susan and I taught 5th grade Sunday school there for years. Perfect predicate for becoming the Sectary of State. Hahaha. Teaching 5th grade boys Scripture and getting them in their seats, ah, the world poses no problems. It put a real smile on my face this morning coming in and – and seeing big trucks and believers and the Lord sitting in pews. Um, this is the America I know, it’s the American that we all love. And the hymn this morning that “He is Worthy” is what I want to talk about. He is worthy, and He is worthy of our efforts. Each of us.


I want to take you back just about 3 years. I was – I was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. I had flown all night, I was America’s most senior spy. I climbed off the airplane, I was greeted by a member of the team on the ground. Ah, and this gentleman shook my hand and – and in my hand, he inserted uh, a Bible. A palm sized Bible. I didn’t know who he was. I, to this day, don’t know who this gentleman was. I ah, I got in my vehicle. This was a difficult place in the world. The Bible was dirty and sandy and greasy. I got in the vehicle, we were headed off to the destination and he wrote … I want to read this. He said: “Mr. Director, you have been a light to me, and to the world. Bless you.” I later learned he works for the State Department. I still don’t exactly what – who, who thought I was going to be here today leading his organization, but I did know that night that for at least one person at one moment that I had made his life closer to what it is we all came here this morning to pray about and to believe.


I say this story not to brag about anything I’ve done, but to remind us all of our responsibility. Our duty. Our duty to shine the light wherever we go, and to keep our faith in the public square. This is necessary. I believe it. I believe with all my heart that faith in the public square is not only lawful but righteous, it is not only powerful but required of each of us. And especially – especially in these challenging times, keeping faith in the public square is not simply acceptable, but it’s an imperative. It’s an imperative for each of us. We must all, everyone here today, everyone watching online, must all keep faith in our lives in the public square as best we can at home, abroad, in our workplaces, in every interaction that we have. It’s great that you welcomed 3 new believers today. They now have that same calling, that same duty to shine the light wherever it is that they go.


I’m here, I’m in plain old Texas. I recognize that Texas thinks it’s a country, but it’s really not. Um, my team reminded me that it doesn’t count as some new country I’ve visited. But I actually believe that the American people need to understand what I do, as America’s most senior diplomat and what my state department team tries to do around the world each and every day.


I want to start by just thinking about the fact that we’re here and what a blessing it is that we can come worship freely. We can love our Lord, we can be with our friends and brothers who do so themselves.


We need to thank our founders for that. They created this unique place. As I travel the world, I am reminded how unique it is each and every day. These men knew that America was founded on a set of Judeo-Christian principles. And that putting faith in the public square was nes- was necessary for a successful nation. They knew, in their hearts, that all human beings are created in the image of God and deserve dignity and that our rights flow not from any government, but indeed from the Almighty. They knew that God informed – God informed moral standards the way that we live will bring order and flourishing to all the world. It was George Washington who said it best, perhaps, he said of political – of all the dispositions and habits which lead to the political prosperity, religion. Religion. Religion and morality are indispensable supports. They put the protection of human dignity in our founding documents. We can never walk away from that. We reflect that. My team as I travel the world, we do our best to reflect that.


We’ve led the world in the response to this virus that came from China. We’ve provided humanitarian systems, technical systems. We’ll keep doing that. I just traveled in, I was in Suriname, I was in Guyana, I flew to ah, the border region between Venezuela and Brazil and watched Americans helping these refugees fleeing the brutal Maduro regime, coming just for some water for some bread to take care of their kids so they could feed them. I had a chance to pray with a couple of them. I watched Americans use their power, putting their faith in the public square benefitting these people who were in such troubled place. We know this greatness from America.


Now, in our country, it’s true, you’re free to have no faith at all, and our nation doesn’t establish a state religion. That seems right, it’s what our founders contemplated. But we all, as we think about faith in the public square, need to be mindful of what countries look like when faith is vanished. We – we know the answer. Pastor mentioned I, I spent my first years as a young lieutenant on the East West German Border in a tank, staring across into communist East Germany. I saw the fearful and sullen faces of the East Germans, a communist police state.


We can’t forget world history. A godless Adolf Hitler destroyed millions and millions of lives. Chairman Mao in China, and even now today, the Chinese Communist Party. Frankly, there is no regime that rivals the horrors that are taking place in the world, the destruction of the central idea of human dignity than what the Chinese Communist Party is undertaking today. In a place that many of us wouldn’t know, it’s in Western China, it’s called Xin Jiang, there are millions of people being held in conditions that violate the most fundamental rights, the most basic dignities of those people. These people are held in internment camps, they are forced sterilizations, forced abortions. These are the kinds of horrors that haven’t befallen civilization in decades and decades. I considered it to be truly the stain of this century, and it’s part of the Chinese Communist Party’s war on faith. They want to drive faith out of their public square. I had a chance to travel to the Chinese border region and met with a family who had one of their family members held in one of these detention camps. She wrote me a note, the note said: “Please pass this to the world.” I’ll read just a part of it. She wrote, “Beloved brothers and sisters, I earnestly ask for your prayers. For me and for my family. It’s been 6 months since my husband was incarcerated in Xin Jiang. At first he would make phone calls from prison to let me know that he is ok. Now, the only hope I have remains in the Lord. I pray every day that he will be returned.”


These are the challenges that require us to keep faith in our public square here in America and every place we interact. It’s we’re called to do as Christians, and I believe it is fundamentally what we are meant to be as Americans as well. First thing is what this woman asked. You all do it here, and do it every week and every day. You pray for our oppressed brothers and sisters around the world, that they might one day know the freedoms that we do, and they would hold to their faith under difficult trials. Of course keep supporting your missionaries around the world. I see them, I meet with them when I travel there, doing great work, bringing salt and light to dark places around the globe. But you can also do it in ways that are even simpler. Every place you go, every interaction you have, bring the Lord with you. Every time you come to church, every time you go to work, in a PTA meeting, a school board meeting, a soccer field, wherever it is you find yourself, exercise your right to a religious freedom. Shine your light. Imagine if millions and millions and millions of Americans did this every day. It would put wind in the sails of my team at the Department of State.


You know, Evangelicals, we like to champion religious freedom, I have worked on this diligently. President Trump has been glorious in supporting those efforts. And that is fantastic. Because in fact, to whom I just given, much is expected so we work on this with great diligence. Just encourage you to use your protections. The glory we have in America to do big things for our country and for the kingdom we can do them both. Keep your faith in the public square.


Thank you. Look I- I’m not naive. Well maybe, in some ways. But in the most important way. I know it’s inevitable that when you do that, there will be those who oppose you. There will be those who critique you. Those who will say things that may not be very Christian or particularly kind. If you do it right, that means you’ve got conviction. I know this firsthand. Google the headlines. You know, a former National Security advisor said about me, she said, “It’s problematic that Mike Pompeo is overtly religious.” The New York Times wrote, this is one of my favorites, it’s not my wife’s favorite. The New York Times wrote that, “No Secretary of State in recent decades has been has been open and fervent as Mr. Pompeo about discussing Christianity and foreign policy in the same breath.” I ah, my son who’s thirty, who keeps me humble, said “Well how many breaths are you supposed to take?” A fair question coming from a young Christian believer.

谢谢。看,我并不天真。好吧,也许在某些方面(天真)。但是在某些最重要的方面(不是)。我知道当您这样做时,不可避免地会有人反对、会有人批评。那些人会说些不太合乎基督教或特别友善的话。如果您做对了,那就意味着您会受到指责。这我有一手资料。 Google的头条新闻。您知道,一位前国家安全顾问谈到我时说,“迈克 彭培奥(Mike Pompeo)公开地笃信信教是个问题。”纽约时报写道,这是我的最爱之一,我妻子则不认同。《纽约时报》写道:“近几十年来,没有像彭培奥先生一样热衷于同时讨论基督教和外交政策的国务卿。”我啊,我三十岁的儿子让我保持谦卑,他说:“那你应该呼吸几次?”这是来自一个年轻的基督徒信徒提出一个合理问题。

Look, I fundamentally believe that connecting one’s faith with America’s foreign policy is essential. We have to be grounded, we have to have the central understanding that our founders brought to our foreign policies. How we think about the world. Just this week, right? Just this week, on Tuesday, two leaders from Muslim nations made peace with the Bible state, Jewish, with the Jewish. They made peace! These Jewish leaders, these Muslim leaders, both in private and in public. These leaders were adamant that their faith was at the center of the accomplishment. Think about that. You’re not likely to read it in your newspaper. I was there. It mattered to them. Even though these nations had disagreements and they will continue to have disagreements, I am confident. Their faith, their commitment their belief, provide the indispensable element to permit them to recognize each other as brothers and sisters. It is no coincidence that the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and between Israel and Bahrain. It is called a set of agreements known as the Abraham Accords. I know God’s name, too, can be invoked for evil, but we should welcome it when leaders feel bound by a higher power to pursue harmony with their brother nations.


Faith strengthens diplomacy; it does not undermine it. Now, a good news. I’m not the only one at the State Department who believes this. Recently, a group of light shiners started the first ever faith-based employee affinity group at the state department. One of the ah- one of the Christian faith groups leaders came to me and said, “Mike, before you arrived, we did not think it wise to gather around our belief in Jesus. Now we know. Now we know we must show the value added by people of all faiths to the state department,” and I see the benefits of this. Everyday on my own team as we travel the world. From Israel to India, to South Korea and to Senegal. World leaders and their people tell me that faith is at the center of their lives and their nation, and they appreciate the fact that it is at the center of our nation as well. (Applause.)

信仰加强外交而不是破坏。现在,有个好消息。我并不是国务院唯一相信这一点的人。最近,一群发光发热的人在国务院成立了第一个基于信仰的员工团体。一位基督教信仰团体的领袖对我说过:“迈克,在你来之前,我们认为因耶稣的信仰而聚合的作法并不明智。现在我们知道了,现在我们知道,我们必须证明所有有信仰的人们都能为国务院创造更多的价值”,我看到了这样做的益处。我们环游世界时,每天都从自己的团队上看到(这样的益处)。从以色列到印度、再到韩国、再到塞内加尔,世界各国领导人和他们的人民告诉我,信仰是他们生活和国家的中心,他们感恩这一事实,即信仰也是我们国家的中心。 (掌声)

So as I close, I’m going to get the chance to have a short conversation with Pastor Graham. I’m looking forward to that, no questions barred, so pray for me. The truth is, if you keep faith in the public square, then American will be a better nation. The world will be a better place. We can all do this together. Forget the critics. Keep at it, know your Lord. I keep a Bible on a table in my office. It’s over on a small table on the side of my desk. I dig into the Word as often as I can. Um, Galatians chapter 6:9 tells us “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” I know no one in Prestonwood will do that. I know those of you watching today won’t either. We have a great help in the Lord whose power is made perfect in weakness, so don’t give up, stay at it, keep your faith, shine your light, walk with the Lord. Keep faith in the public square and God will bless us, the United States of America, and the world. Thank you for having me here this morning.

结束前,我会有机会与Graham牧师进行简短的交谈。我很期待,没有什么禁忌问题,所以为我祈祷吧。事实是,如果您能在公共领域坚守信仰,那么美国将成为一个更好的国家,世界将变得更加美好。我们一起努力。忘掉那些批评,坚持下去,理解你的主。我在办公室的桌子上放着一本圣经,就放在我桌子旁边的一张小桌子上。我会尽可能多地钻研主的道。加拉太书6:9 告诉我们:“我 们 行 善 , 不 可 丧 志 ; 若 不 灰 心 , 到 了 时 候 就 要 收 成 。”我知道普雷斯顿伍德教会(Prestonwood)的信徒们不会,我知道今天的那些观众也不会那般行事。我们在主中享有了莫大的益处,而主的大能在软弱中得到了完美的表现,所以不要放弃,坚持下去,保持你的信仰,发出你的光芒,并与主同行。 在公共领域坚守信仰,上帝会保佑我们,上帝保佑美利坚合众国,上帝保佑世界。很荣幸今晨我能与您同在。

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