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  1. 如何徹底終結CCP病毒大流行系列文章How to End the CCP Virus Pandemic for good.
  2. 印度疫情大爆發的教訓。https://gnews.org/zh-hant/1256402/
  3. Hospitals murdering COVID-19 patients by forcing them to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and midazolam
  4. 伊维菌素救命药Ivermectin highly effective
  5. 曾一度濒死的新冠患者在服用伊维菌素后起死回生 并顺利康。COVID-19 patients who had been near death have been revived and recovered after taking ivermectin.:


  1. 推特居然认为具有很高影响力的正规美国心脏协会杂志的文章是“不安全”的信息! 谁给推特的权力?美国心脏协会 mRNA 疫苗警告上贴上“不安全”标签 该研究发现 mRNA 疫苗将患心脏病的风险从 11% 显着增加到 25%。 Twitter considered the highly influential, regular Journal of the American Heart Association as “unsafe” information! Who gives Twitter the power? The study found that the mRNA vaccine significantly increased the risk of heart disease from 11 percent to 25 percent.
  2. 巴西总统因为说新冠疫苗会增加患上艾滋风险而被法院调查。推动新冠疫苗的背后势力太黑暗太强大,任何说出病毒和疫苗真相的政客、媒体、知名人士、记者、医学专家和一线医护人员等人士无一不被审查和迫害. Brazil’s president has been investigated by a court for saying the coronavirus vaccine increases the risk of contracting HIV. The forces behind the push for COVID-19 vaccines are so dark and powerful that politicians, media, celebrities, journalists, medical experts and frontline health care workers who speak the truth about the virus and vaccines are being censored and persecuted . https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1721712/
  3. 今天,医疗腐败已变得如此普遍,危及我们所有人的生活和福祉。Medical corruption has today become so widespread as to compromise the lives and wellbeing of us all. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/ivermectin-big-pharma-rfk-jr-the-real-anthony-fauci/
  4. 牛津大学的这些”研究人员”应该进监狱。这是犯罪性的渎职行为。就像HCQ试验一样,牛津大学的伊维菌素试验也被设计为失败。 他们故意选择低剂量的伊维菌素,治疗时间不足(仅3天),他们开始治疗的时间很晚(所有主张使用伊维菌素的医生都说必须在第一次出现症状后立即给予治疗)These Oxford researchers should go to jail. This is criminal malfeasance. Like the HCQ trial, the Oxford ivermectin trial was designed to fail. They deliberately chose low doses of ivermectin, the duration of treatment was inadequate (just 3 days), and they started treatment late (all doctors who advocate ivermectin say treatment must be given immediately after the first symptoms)
  5. 泽连科医生早在2020年3月就制定了Covid-19的首批治疗方案之一。然而,在此后的近两年里,由于他对羟氯喹等药物和更广泛的流行病的看法,权威反对他。Doctor Zelenko developed one of the first treatment protocols for Covid-19 all the way back in March 2020. In the nearly two years since, though, medical establishment turned against him because of his thoughts on hydroxychloroquine and on the pandemic
  6. 医院拒绝给病人注射伊维菌素,故意杀害病人Hospitals are deliberately MURDERING patients by denying them access to ivermectin https://dreddymd.com/2021/09/28/hospitals-are-deliberately-patients-denying-access-to-ivermectin/
  7. FDA 诋毁伊维菌素是给马吃的驱虫药。IVERMECTIN: It’s called “horse de-wormer” for any American taking it for Covid, but for Congress, it’s their FIRST CHOICE for prevention and treatment Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, and President of Frontline (FLCCC) Alliance, Dr. Pierre Kory, has already prescribed Ivermectin for 200 people in Congress. Dr. Pierre Kory from FLCCC treated Joe Rogan, along with 200 members of Congress, with monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, Z-pak, NAD, vitamins and ivermectin. Yes, ivermectin, the medication the entire medical complex and mainstream media are calling “horse medicine” and “horse de-wormer.” So, Congress is taking Iver while hawking clot shots for us!
  8. 英国政府及科学官僚们如何合法的杀人? 1、制定法律:“不接种,没工作”,让医院大量医护人员失业; 2、由于医护人员短缺,英国政府指示所有 NHS 医院让所有他们认为不再需要病床的患者出院; 3、这一决定导致数以千计的老年人和生活不能自理的患者在未经患者或其家人许可的情况下转移到养老院甚至是旅馆,并接受“临终关怀”DNR治疗,所谓的DNR治疗就是不抢救不复苏不治疗! 4、这种“临终关怀DNR治疗”就是让这些患者服用咪达唑仑药物,然后导致他们不可避免地死亡,然后将其标记为 Covid-19导致的死亡。 5、你了解咪达唑仑是什么吗?How can the British government and scientific bureaucrats legally kill people? 1. Formulating laws: “No vaccination, no work”, which made a large number of hospital medical staff unemployed; 2. Due to staff shortages, the UK government instructed all NHS hospitals to discharge all patients they deemed no longer needed beds; 3. This decision has resulted in thousands of elderly people and patients unable to take care of themselves being transferred to nursing homes or even hotels without the permission of the patients or their families, and receiving “hospice” DNR treatment, the so-called DNR treatment is no resuscitation, no treatment! 4. This “hospice DNR treatment” involves giving these patients the midazolam drug, leading to their inevitable death, and then marking it as COVID-19 caused death. 5. Do you know what midazolam is?
  9. 多倫多市長莊德利邀請 5-11 歲兒童成為接種疫苗的“超級英雄” Toronto Mayor John Tory Invites Children 5-11 to Become Vaccinated “Superheroes” https://gettr.com/post/pin3kuba9f
  10. 他们害怕了!欧盟希望废除纽伦堡法典,通过强制“疫苗接种”重建医学法西斯主义They’re scared! The EU wants to abolish Nuremberg and re-establish medical fascism through compulsory “vaccination”
  11. Biden “Strongly Supports” Vaccinating Children Under 5 As mRNA Founder Robert Malone Warns: “Many Children Will Die” 拜登“強烈支持”給 5 歲以下兒童接種疫苗,正如 mRNA 創始人羅伯特·馬龍警告說的那樣:“許多孩子會死”
  12. 新西兰总理杰辛达·阿德恩承认:“这项疫苗接种计划不会有终点。”不扎针,没工作。” 曾几何时,打疫苗可以给你自由了?!流氓政客垂死前的挣扎,传播真相,不打疫苗,远离病毒,他们溃败之日不远矣。New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted: “There is no end to this vaccination programme.” No needle, no work.” When did a vaccination set you free? ! The last gasps of rogue politicians, spreading the truth, not vaccinating, not getting the virus, their downfall is not far away.
  13. 这几个代表你相信哪一个?福奇、拜登、比尔盖茨? Which of these do you believe? Fauci, Biden, Bill Gates?
  14. 威斯康辛议员指责福奇利用艾滋病和冠状病毒制造恐怖Wisconsin senator accuses Fauci of using AIDS and corona virus to keep Americans in fear Despite Fauci’s denials, more and more people will wake up https://gettr.com/post/pj0hhx5f5f
  15. 一群騙子, 史蒂夫貝克因新的“健康”規則摧毀鮑里斯約翰遜 We are being lied to and conned on a grand scale. This has to be the worst Parliament in living memory. I’m an ex Army Officer but even I am beginning to think that “civil disobedience” may be the only way to make this government listen. Good on Steve Baker for telling it like it is to Comrade Boris, absolute hero. I wish he were Prime Minister. Well done, Steve Baker, a voice that represents the people. Courage in politics vs. the cowards who betray the people and the country. Hoorah for Steve Baker, at last someone who sees through these ludicrous restrictions
  16. Fauci should go to prison for 5 years for lying to Congress.福奇应该因对国会撒谎而入狱5年。https://gettr.com/post/pikrjr86bb
  17. 【揭露医院死亡营】伊丽莎白·李·弗利特博士说:“如今,美国医院的 COVID 患者实际上比美国监狱中的囚犯受到的待遇更差。他们被扣为人质并与亲人隔离,原因是钱……医院由政府支付费用,这些费用包括: * 每个进门的患者PCR 测试费用; * 如果患者因COVID 入院,医院就获得额外报酬; * 如果医院只使用瑞德西韦来治疗病人,就能获得整个额外 20% 的奖金; * 一旦患者使用呼吸机,就会有另一个奖励奖励给医院; * 如果患者在医院死亡,还有另一笔奖励金。 然而瑞德西韦已经被证明是一种失败的埃博拉病毒治疗药物,瑞德西韦具有的毒性对于中共病毒患者来说恐怕就是导致他们上呼吸机的原因。 Hospital Death Camps Exposed. Today, COVID patients in US hospitals are actually treated worse than prisoners in US prisons. They were held hostage and separated from their loved.
  18. 一个由前辉瑞副总裁 Dr. 迈克尔·耶登等组成的英国团体已代表英国公民向国际刑事法院提起诉讼,控告鲍里斯·约翰逊和英国官员、比尔和梅琳达·盖茨、大型制药公司的负责人、世界经济论坛主席克劳斯·施瓦布等人危害人类罪A group that includes former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon, heard, has filed a lawsuit with the ICC on behalf of British citizens against Boris Johnson and British officials, Bill and Melinda Gates, the heads of large pharmaceutical companies, the Chair of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and others for crimes against humanity.
  19. 他们以前知道。他们现在知道。不要挨戳。不要遵守任何命令。这是善与恶的较量。They knew then. They know now. Don’t take the jab. Don’t let anyone you love take the jab. Do NOT comply with any mandates。 It’s good vs evil.
  20. Bombshell: New Zealand Pays $1000 to Doctors For Euthanizing COVID-19 Patients. 在新西兰医生每对一名covid 19 患者实施安乐死将收到1000美元





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