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The Department will embrace IW as an enduring and fundamental form of warfare. To institutionalize our approach to IW and preserve a baseline of IW capabilities and expertise, we must address IW in force development and design in our approach to human capital. We must also build an agile, cost-informed, and resource-sustainable approach to IW.


To operationalize our approach to IW, we must establish a proactive approach to control the tempo of adversarial competition and adopt a resource-sustainable approach to counter violent extremist organizations. Additionally, we will seek to improve our understanding of the multi-domain environment, and foster unified action with interagency partners as well as our network of allies and partners.


Institutionalizing Irregular Warfare


We will incorporate IW into our Department’s policies, strategies, plans, and institutional processes to break the reactive cycle of investment in IW capabilities. We will train, educate, and develop our people to ensure sufficient expertise in IW as part of our operational culture. Our personnel will learn to embrace the mindset necessary to succeed in irregular warfare missions and compete more effectively against all adversaries. We will also retain and improve upon our concepts, tactics, and capabilities for IW. Together, these steps will enable the Department to gain and maintain the advantage in adversarial competition and ensure readiness for ongoing and future irregular warfare. 

我们要将信息战纳入部队的方针、战略、计划和流程,以打破信息战投入不足的被动局面,作为技能的一部分,我们将通过培训和实操来提升我们的士兵,以确保他们掌握足够的专业知识,能学会调整心态,以确保取得非常规战争的胜利,更有效地击败所有竞争对手。我们还将不断改进信息战理念、战术和能力。 总之,这些方案将使国防部能够在对抗性竞争中获胜并保持优势,为接下来的非常规战争做好准备。

The persistent and enduring character of IW requires the Department to institutionalize IW as an efficient and effective part of force development and design. Breaking our reactive cycle of investment in IW requires preserving a baseline of IW-focused and IW-capable expertise and tools sufficient to allow Combatant Commanders to perform IW tasks necessary to achieve their campaign objectives.


We will prioritize investments in human capital as the primary competitive advantage in IW over our adversaries. Military officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians must receive continuous access to IW-related training, doctrine, and education in order to build shared understanding.


We will ensure the Department’s approach to IW becomes more agile, efficient, and effective by developing resource-sustainable capabilities and harnessing commercial technological advances. Advances in artificial intelligence and quantum computing hold significant potential to transform how we process information, understand trends, and disseminate actionable intelligence to decision-makers and warfighters. We must aggressively pursue these innovations in order to defeat the multi-domain, stealthy irregular warfare campaigns conducted by our adversaries. We will also invest in and employ our capabilities in a more cost-informed and resource-sustainable manner to manage risk effectively.

我们要通过资源开发可持续能力和利用商业技术进步,确保国防部的信息战方案变得更加灵活、高效。现代人工智能和量子计算帮助我们改进处理信息的方式、了解趋势以及向决策者和作战人员传递有用的情报,这方面具有巨大的潜力。 我们必须积极追求创新,以击败我们的对手进行的多领域、隐蔽的非常规战争活动,我们还将以更经济、资源可持续投入的方式来有效的管控风险。

Operationalizing Irregular Warfare


Our Department’s shift towards great power competition does not signal an abandonment of the critical competencies we have developed to prosecute irregular warfare. Instead, this shift gives us a vital opportunity to update our approach to irregular warfare and meet the full range of challenges posed by our adversaries and competitors today. This vision requires rethinking how the Joint Force will operationalize forces that are currently employed in disconnected ways to achieve a concerted deterrent and shaping effect through IW.


We will seize the initiative and execute proactive, enduring campaigns employing IW capabilities to expand the competitive space, shape the environment, and prepare for escalation to conflict, if required. To control the tempo of adversarial competition, the Department must manage escalation dynamics and dictate the character, scope, intensity, and terms of this competition to our adversaries. We will apply IW to shape our adversaries’ behavior to our advantage, increase the cost of hostile action against the United States and its allies, and pursue innovative ways to disrupt, counter, and preempt coercion and subversion.


While the Department shifts towards great power competition, violent extremist organizations still represent a persistent threat to U.S. national interests. We will adopt an efficient and effective, resource-sustainable approach to countering VEOs and consolidating gains optimized to the enduring nature of these threats. Specifically, we will degrade and, on order, defeat designated priority VEOs; build, lead, and sustain a military network to share the burden with willing and capable partners; and deny VEOs key technological and military capabilities.

虽然国防部转向大国竞争,但暴力极端主义组织(VEOs)仍然对美国国家利益构成持续威胁。我们将采用高效、有效、资源可持续的方法来对抗 VEOs, 并巩固针对这些持久性威胁而优化的收益。具体来说,我们将降级并按命令击败指定的优先 VEOs;建立、领导和维持一个军事网络,与愿意和有能力的合作伙伴分担负担;剥夺 VEOs 的关键技术和军事能力。

We will foster and sustain unified action in IW. The Department will adapt organizational structures, authorities, and practices to collaborate with interagency partners from the outset to formulate assessments, plans, and conduct operations in an integrated manner. We will use our strengths to enable and incentivize interagency action where necessary, and proactively fill any resulting gaps with our own capabilities.


We will adopt a coordinated approach to advance our national interests by, with, and through our network of allies and partners. The Department must emphasize its natural strengths relative to the predatory behavior of our adversaries, increase the ability and willingness of our allies and partners to defend their sovereignty and contribute to multinational coalitions, and continually demonstrate that we are the preferred partner of choice. Operations conducted with our allies and partners have the added benefit of creating a strong deterrent effect. Investing in and maintaining these relationships will bolster partner countries’ commitments to common security objectives and yield significant long-term benefit to the United States.





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