2021年6月20日, 將被載入史冊的最難忘的父親節,爆料革命的領袖、新中國聯邦的創始人郭文貴先生向世界發出了嚴重警告,中共可能在今年夏秋交接季節對 G7 國家發動下一輪致命的生物武器和化學武器攻擊。 同時中共計劃進攻臺灣並打擊日本,以引起全球混亂,轉移視線,逃避全球對於中共SARS-CoV-2生化武器的調查和追責。

On June 20, 2021, probably the most unforgettable father’s day to be recorded in the world history, Mr. Miles Guo, the leader of Whistleblower movement and the founder of the New Federal State of China sent a dire warning to the world about the upcoming more lethal bioweapon and chemical weapon attack from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to G7 countries likely at the end of this summer and the beginning of this fall time frame. And the CCP plans to attack Taiwan and Japan to cause a global chaos to divert the mounting pressure of the investigation of the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a bioweapon from the CCP’s lab.

2017年,郭先生向世人告誡中共為稱霸世界將發起惡性攻擊, “黑暗即將來臨”, 但是他卻遭到中共及其全球幫兇和那些被利用的白癡的嘲諷和惡毒攻擊。2020 年 1 月 19 日,郭先生和他的爆料革命的戰友,在世衛組織和中共承認之前,向世界發出警告, Covid-19 將大爆發。 他準確和可靠的情報信息是當時美國總統川普下令禁止中國航班飛往美國的關鍵因素。 不幸的是,世界並沒有完全認真對待他的警告,因此很多人由於新冠大爆發而付出了巨大的代價。

In 2017, Mr. Guo warned the world of the CCP’s nefarious plan to attack the world in order to dominate the world and he was ridiculed and viciously attacked by the CCP, their global accomplices and useful idiots ever since. He and his Whistleblower Movement fellow warriors warned the world of the Covid-19 outbreak on Jan 19, 2020 through Lude Media on YouTube before WHO (World Health Organization) and the CCP admitted it. His accurate and reliable intelligence information was the basis for then US President, Donald Trump, to stop incoming flights from China to US. Unfortunately, many people did not take his warnings seriously and are paying a big price for it as a result of the pandemic.

以下是他的第二次嚴重警告的全文,希望這一次世界能認真對待他的話,及時做好準備並采取果斷行動,阻止中共對人類的下一輪的大屠殺計劃的執行。 剩下的時間不多了。 請大家廣為傳播並采取必要行動!!!

The following is the full text of his 2nd dire warning, hopefully this time the world will take his words seriously, get prepared and take actions to prevent the CCP from executing its genocide plan against the humanity. There is not much time left. Please spread the news and take actions!!!

The following link contains his video broadcast on June 20, 2021, with Chinese and English subtitles:

The Chinese full text comes from the following GNews article

The following is the full text of his words from his video broadcasting on June 20, 2021.


On June 20th, Mr. Guo Wengui (a.k.a. Miles Guo)solemnly issued the following warning to friends in the United States and Europe, as well as all friends who support the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. I do not guarantee anything and my warning is for your reference only.


In order to maintain a peaceful future and a mutually respectful relationship between the West and the Chinese, on the basis that all humans on this planet are of the same kind, to defend the peace and security of mankind, to be free from the threats from or utilization by any evil forces, we, the Whistleblower movement, have always been telling the West and the world about truth of the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party)’s threats to the Chinese people and the world. In the past, HNA, a company used to be worth several trillion dollars with its asset value growing 2,000 times a day, is an evidence of the CCP’s aggression to the Western economy. The former CEO of HNA, Mr. Wang Jian, was killed in Provence, France, and HNA’s true controlling shareholder, Chinese Vice Chairman Wang Qishan is corrupted. Bohai Holding Group plundered the Chinese people’s wealth from all aspects. And Guo Taiming (a.k.a Terry Guo) participated in the election of Taiwan, which was manipulated by the CCP. We, the Whistleblower Movement, were the first to inform our Taiwan compatriots. We also announced that in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Law Movement, the CCP would send People’s Liberation Army disguised as Hong Kong police to slaughter the Hong Kong people and implement the so-called martial law. We have been supporting the peaceful protests of numerous students in Hong Kong and helping many Hong Kong compatriots to peacefully protests against the CCP.

我們在2019年12月份,我們曾經跟西方政府談過病毒的可能性。在2019的6月份的時候,我們就談過共產黨一定會使用生化武器和化學武器對香港的運動以及對西方的攻擊。從2019年的5,6,7,10 月份我們都做過這樣的警告。後來大家發現從香港運用的所謂警察的催淚武器,所畏的治安武器裏面含有大量的化學武器。包括後來對香港運動者的強奸,殺害和黑警察以及共產黨的兇殘。

In December 2019, we told Western governments the possibility of the virus. In June 2019, we talked about the CCP’s definite use of biological and chemical weapons in Hong Kong and its attacks on the West. We have given such warnings from May, June, July, and October of 2019. Later, everyone discovered that the tear gas, so-called policing weapon, used by the police in Hong Kong contained lots of chemical weapons. We also exposed the subsequent raping and killing of Hong Kong activists and the brutality of the Hong Kong Popo and the CCP.


On January 15, 2020, during a live broadcast of the Rule of Law Foundation, we, the Whistleblower Movement, and all people of the New Federal State of China warned the West and the world that the CCP’s claim, that the Wuhan virus (coronavirus) was “no human-to-human transmission” and “controllable and preventable, are totally false. And we have informed as many relevant departments of the US government as possible that it was a bioweapon attack. Later, Mr. (Steven K.) Bannon and all our fellows jointly announced to the world that the virus was originated from CCP’s Wuhan lab in China and the true death toll (millions). Using the information provided by numerous insiders from the CCP, we have demonstrated to the world the brutality of the CCP and the threat it poses to the world. Unfortunately, only President Trump of the United States adopted our information and immediately enacted a travel ban (from China) to the United States. Although the United States was impacted, but it did not lead to a huge catastrophe. Many countries that believe in us benefitted from this information, and countries that do not believe us have suffered tremendous damages to human lives, property and national security.


Looking back at the past few years, we, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, have exposed all kinds of evidences to the world, while facing the suppression, demonization, politicization, and even life threats coming from the so-called traditional Mainstream media, the technology tycoons and various economic and political entities. Those interest groups are BGYed (i.e. corrupted or coerced) by the CCP to prevent us from telling the West the truth about the biological weapons from the CCP, and the truth about the suffering of the Hong Kong people and the human rights violation in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement, have always persevered to demonstrate to the West the true nature of our movement and to establish a peaceful relationship between the Chinese and the West. We tell the world that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese people. The CCP cannot represent the Chinese people. The Chinese people are the biggest victims of the CCP’s deeds. From 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 to this year, we are the first group of people to inform the world about Xinjiang genocide and the concentration camps in Xinjiang. We were the first group of people to provide the West and the U.S. government with the truth about the atrocity in Xinjiang. Moreover, many Chinese policemen and military comrades working in Xinjiang risked their lives to send out the evidences of Xinjiang. We have provided them to the relevant departments. I believe that the evidences we, the Whistleblower Movement, provided are the key information for the Trump administration to make the right decision, i.e. to conclude that it was a genocide in Xinjiang, a crime against humanity committed by the CCP. We are very honored to be recognized by the West. We have always persisted on upholding the truth and using real data and personal experience to inform the West about the CCP’s crimes against humanity and its numerous attempts to dominate and manipulate the world, and the fact that the CCP would use any means to dominate the world disregarding the safety and well-being of the people in the world.


Today, on the morning of June 20, 2021, I am very honored to send out all warnings and alerts once again to my compatriots all over the world.


Before issuing the warning, I would like to reiterate that the actions of the CCP do not represent the Chinese people, that the CCP in China is an illegitimate organization, especially now that the US government has determined that the CCP has committed genocide in Xinjiang and crimes against humanity, now that the CCP has torn up the international agreements in Hong Kong by adopting so-called “Anti-Extradition Law” and the “National Security Law”, has massively murdered and killed Hong Kong students, is threating and attempting to wage a war against Taiwan, has tore up the border treaty of the South China Sea, is harming our compatriots in Tibet and China. We once again emphasize that we, based on the true history and civilization of the Chinese people, are here to deliver the message to the West: We are all humans, and we will never become the enemies of the West. The Chinese people have never invaded or occupied any territory in Western countries in the past, and we are not going to do so. Never ever. As such, all of my announcements today represent the peaceful Chinese people. Only a fraction of communist families, no more than 200, are monopolists of the power and economy in China. They are the culprits who have committed crimes against Western countries and are attempting to dominate and forcibly occupy the resources of the West and to release the virus again and cause other incidents that I am about to announced today.

現在最核心的我要告訴大家,我們獲得準確的情報,第一條,共產黨正在試圖,可能在今年的下半年,夏天和秋天交接之際,要在美國和歐洲西方再次釋放冠狀病毒,而且這次釋放病毒的危險性一定比上一次還高。我們有準確的情報,我們得知:共產黨非常清楚,西方的G7峰會之後,全世界人民由於幾百萬人的死亡,數以億計的人民感染病毒,全世界的各界要求獲得真相,共產黨已經很清楚真相最終是會被查出來的。政治勾兌,政治收買和威脅已經可能起不到作用。他們只有兩個選擇,一個,當西方真的要接近真相的時候,他們要侵占臺灣。所以現在他們做出了一系列政治和軍事部署。內部的會議清楚地決定,只要是西方用大量的經濟製裁,甚至用發動戰爭威脅的情況下,共產黨就要把這個生化武器用盡用絕。用中共的最高領導人的話說,“既然這個武器是為美國人和白人研製的,我們就應該把它送到美國去。我們在印度使用的非常成功, 我們應該在美國在歐洲,讓他更加地成功,而且應該無所顧忌。既然要用就應該用到敵人怕,用到讓敵人恐懼”。

Now the most critical thing I want to tell you is that we have obtained accurate intelligence information that: first, the CCP is attempting to once again release the coronavirus in the United States and Europe and the West at the end of this summer and the beginning of this autumn. And this time, the virus is absolutely more lethal than last time. We have accurate information, we know that the CCP knows very well that after the G7 summit in the West, because millions of people died and hundreds of millions of people were infected with the virus, all walks of life in the world are demanding the truth, the CCP knows well that the truth will eventually be found out and its political deals, bribing and coercions may no longer work. So they have only two choices, one, when the West is almost approaching the truth, they plan to invade Taiwan. So far they have already made a series of political and military deployments. The internal meeting clearly decided that as long as the West deploys a large-scale economic sanction or even the threat of a war, the CCP will launch this biological and chemical weapon. In the words of a top CCP leader, “As this weapon was developed for Americans and the white people, we should send it to the United States. We have used it in India very successfully, and we should make it more successful in the United States and Europe without any reservation or fear. Once we have decided to use it, we should use it to the extend to make the enemies terrified and petrified.”


This kind of decisions have been carried out by the CCP in the past. I hope that all the elites in the West will take precautions and protections when they see and hear the information. Meanwhile, the highest level of the CCP has decided that after the virus is released, when the world is focusing on the truth of the virus and the CCP could not get away from it, the CCP would launch a war to invade and annex Taiwan and divert the world’s attention from the virus to Taiwan, so that no one would talk about the virus any more. The CCP will plunge China and the western countries into a state of war. And during that state of war, they will exploit the wartime international relationship as all wars are ultimately ended with trading political and economic resources. Using war as a distraction to obfuscate the truth that the CCP has created of the virus. They intend to use the war to force the West into peace talks and eventually give up on seeking accountability for the creation of the virus.


So what has the CCP already done by now? Today, I, Guo Wengui, on behalf of the New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement, to peace-loving Western friends all over the world: you should be warned that, in the past 4 weeks, about 300,000 Americans residing in Hong Kong and 180,000 to 220,000 Americans residing in mainland China are being enumerated and controlled by thousands of agents dispatched by the CCP’s National Security Council. That is, the American citizens in China and Hong Kong have been identified and located for national security, all their computers, mobile phones and contact methods are under surveillance and their personal information is being verified, this also includes (the citizens of) Europe, the European Union, the West, and Japan, i.e. the G7 group/ countries that might demand truth from the CCP in the future. The citizens of those countries, that are able to participate in the war against the CCP in Taiwan, are being registered and tracked in China. The CCP is already in a pre-war state. This is a decision made unanimously by the National Security Council of the highest leadership of the CCP.


This is exactly the same preparation work done by the Western countries before launching the Iraq, Libya and other wars in the past 70 years. Meanwhile, to all of the kindred spirits in the West, please remember, the CCP has been stockpiling food and other military supplies, I believe you know it more than I, their war preparations and stockpiling of food and large amount of foreign reserves. In addition, in southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other nearby areas and countries, the CCP is stocking up their strategic reserve of supplies and deploying strategic weapons in some sensitive areas, especially the long-range and medium-range missile systems. Moreover, the CCP has made ample preparation for its navy to engage in suicide wars even if it might be a ratio of one thousand to one Chinese v.s. the U.S. and Japanese forces. These preparations, including the state of war against all international satellites in the space, are ready.


In addition, we must also warn the West. The CCP holds not only biological weapons, but also very advanced chemical weapons. When ordinary people talk about biological and chemical weapons, they think that biological and chemical weapons are very difficult to maneuver or release. The coronavirus has told the people of the world that biological weapons are very easy to disseminate and very easy to manufacture, which is extremely dangerous. So many people think that chemical weapons can only be delivered to the so-called destination with missiles or carriers. This is wrong. The CCP already possesses chemical weapons that can be easily released without any sound or color. Moreover, most of these biological and chemical weapons use the technologies of the US biological and chemical weapons, this is dangerous to the whole world.

共產黨在對西方這些G7國家,所有的水源和電力設施和重要的自然風口控製區已經布置了和有計劃布置了化學襲擊的這種手段。所以當全世界要追究共產黨冠狀病毒真相的時候,把共產黨的化學武器的襲擊和生物武器的再次襲擊以及對中共的各國公民的安全和綁架,請西方的各國政府一定高度重視。這就是今天郭文貴告知西方所有的同類和新中國聯邦爆料革命的正義人士,所有掌握的中國內部的信息,我希望這一切都不用發生,但是我們的希望總是在共產黨那裏得到都是與此相反的結果,共產黨從來不會考慮人類的安全和人性的價值。他們永遠不相信,和平和善良,對他們來講是有任何價值的,他們只相信暴力,武力和欺騙。西方世界已經在過去給了中國共產黨70年的近百年的機會,讓他給中國人民帶來民主,法治自由和給世界帶來和平。中英關於香港的協議,中美關系WTO和中歐關系,貿易關系,科技關系,過去70年的歷史是最好的答案。任何關於中共有希望勾兌還有合作,或者認為他還能代表中國人民的,你們將為此付出代價。因為共產黨已經用事實和冠狀病毒和香港,臺灣,新疆,西藏給出了最好的答案。 任何心存幻想都可能是造成你不可挽回的損失,那是你最大的犯罪。新中國聯邦和爆料革命在任何情況下永遠都不會妥協和恐懼,將會和西方的文明站在一起,直到達到消滅共產黨那一天為止。

The CCP has already deployed its plan to launch chemical attacks on all water sources, power facilities, and important natural vent control areas in these G7 countries in the West. Therefore, when the whole world is ready to investigate the truth about the CCP’s coronavirus, Western governments must pay great attention to the chemical and next-round of biological attacks from the CCP as well as the safety and kidnapping of their countries’ citizens by the CCP. This is what I, Guo Wengui, would like to tell my fellow mankind in the West and the righteous people of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement. I hope that all of the inside information from China that I have conveyed today will not happen, but our wishes and hopes have always got the opposite results from the CCP. The CCP has never considered the safety of the people and the value of humanity. They never believe in that peace and kindness are of any value to them. They only believe in violence, force and deception. In the past 70 years, the Western world has given almost a hundred years of opportunities to the CCP, hoping that it would bring democracy, rule of law and freedom to the Chinese people and peace to the world. The Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong, Sino-US relations, WTO, Sino-European relations, trade relations, scientific and technological relations, and the history of the past 70 years is the best answer. Anyone that still has hope in the CCP, that still wants to collude or cooperate with the CCP, that still believes the CCP could represent the Chinese people, you will pay a heavy price for it, because the CCP has used facts, the coronavirus, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet to give you the best answer. Any illusion you might still have may cause you irreparable harm and loss which is also a huge crime. The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement will never compromise and flinch under any circumstances and will stand with Western civilization until the day when the CCP is eliminated.

以上是郭文貴對西方再次發出的警告,希望不要在回到2017年10月份我在華盛頓的新聞記者招待會一樣,我說出的話以後,被稱為笑話,用過去的四年來證明是對的,我為此希望能引起高度的重視,希望你們相信,希望你們去調查. Don’t trust me, but go verify.非常感謝。

The above is Guo Wengui’s warning to the West again. I hope the same result will not be repeated following my first warning in that press conference in Washington D.C. in October 2017. After my first warning, I was ridiculed and finally it took four years (for the world) to prove that I was right. I hope this time great attention will be paid (to my 2nd warning), I hope you believe it, I hope you investigate it. Don’t trust me, but go verify. Thank you very much!

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