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A brief timeline 

On December 31st, 2019, Dr. Yan, a virologist and a then core team member of the WHO H5 Reference Laboratory and the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases of China at the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health, conducted a secret investigation on the outbreak in Wuhan. On Jan 16th, 2020, Dr. Yan conducted a second investigation. On both occasions, Dr. Yan used her personal connections inside China’s research and hospital systems, including PLA laboratories and hospitals, and the CDC. Through communications with them, Dr. Yan learned first-hand information of the emerging COVID-19 disease, including its severity and scale of spread. She also learned how the CCP government was hiding such information from the public, which was deeply worsening the situation. Dr. Yan then gave timely feedback to her supervisors, professors Leo LM Poon and Malik Peiris, who are top coronavirus experts and core consultants of the WHO. She had hoped that certain actions would be taken internationally to pressure the CCP government to act responsibly. However, no such actions took place. Instead, Dr. Yan was warned repeatedly by professor Poon that she “should not cross the red line” and, “if not, would be disappeared”. 


2019年10月,闫博士那时是一个滤过性病原体学者兼WHO H5参考实验室以及中国新发传染病国家关键实验室核心团队成员,在香港大学公共健康学院进行了一场针对武汉的爆发的秘密调查。在2020年1月16日,闫博士进行了第二次调查。在两次调查中,闫博士都运用了她和包括中国的研究和医疗系统的关系,包括解放军实验室和医院,以及CDC。通过与他们的沟通,闫博士获得了有关COVID-19出现的第一手信息,包括它的严重性和传播广度。她还了解了中共政府是如何对公众隐瞒这些信息的,这令情况严重加剧。闫博士那时定期向她的主管即潘烈文博士和马力克博士做定期信息回馈,他们都是WHO冠状病毒的顶尖科学家和核心顾问。她曾希望能有些国际性行动被采取以迫使中共政府负起责任来。结果,没有这样的行动发生,相反,闫博士不断被潘教授警告“不要越过红线”以及“如果不这么做将被消失”。

At the same time, Dr. Yan also obtained intelligence information about the true identity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – a bioweapon created by the Chinese military. She then verified this herself by analyzing the genetic information of the virus shared on the database using her own expertise in virology and biology. While chasing the initial sequence information, Dr. Yan also noticed that strange changes were made to the earliest deposited SARS-CoV-2 sequence. The first version of the genomic sequence, which was uploaded on January 12th was strangely mistaken. It was then quickly withdrawn and replaced by the second version (MN908947.2) on Jan 14th, which was largely correct. It is noteworthy that, on January 13th, Thailand reported the first case of infection outside China, which entails that sequence information would be obtained by the outside world and no longer under the full control of the CCP government. What is also noteworthy is that the first version was not accessible on the database for a long while until it reappeared (MN908947.1), surprisingly, free of the severe errors that it had carried previously. Finally, on January 17th, a third version was uploaded and some missing nucleotides were added to the sequence (MN908947.3). The intelligence information, the genetic evidence, the severity of the disease, and the cover-up by the CCP government convinced Dr. Yan that a public health crisis may be forthcoming. 


This great sense of urgency compelled Dr. Yan to seek alternative avenues to let this information go out to the public. Her hope was, once again, to alert the world and trigger certain international pressure to make the CCP government act responsibly, which may then prevent a global health crisis. On Jan 19th, 2020, she anonymously shared this information on the LUDE Media, a YouTube channel that broadcasts to a great Chinese audience both inside and outside mainland China. In this broadcast10, Dr. Yan sent the following five messages: 

• The virus was created in a PLA laboratory using ZC45/ZXC21 as the template. 

• The CCP government is actively covering up the true information of the disease. 

• There is human-to-human transmission. 

• There are no wild animal intermediate hosts, and the Huanan seafood market is not the origin of the virus. 

• If not controlled immediately, the virus may lead to a pandemic and, as a result, many mutants will emerge inevitably and rapidly. 







The red line had been crossed. Dr. Yan knew very well then that her actions could lead to severe consequences in her personal safety. If her identity was revealed, she could be “disappeared”, just like what happened to thousands of Hong Kong youths during the pro-democracy protests since June 2019. Dr. Yan did it anyways. 

The effect of Dr. Yan messages was immediate and significant. The CCP government was shocked by the substantial truth in Dr. Yan’s messages; it was afraid that this anonymous insider was going to expose more of its lies. With its original plans disrupted, the CCP government reacted in a hurry: 

• Four hours after LUDE Media’s broadcast, the CCP government tripled their official number of infections, increasing it from 62 to 198. 

• A few hours later, the CCP government reported, for the first time, infections outside of Wuhan. 

• It also made a nation-wide announcement elevating the infectious disease alertness to the highest level according to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases

• Within one day, the CCP government admitted for the first time that there was human-to-human transmission. 

• Three days later, Wuhan was put into lockdown. 







At the same time, the scientific field has been mobilized. In China, Dr. Zhengli Shi, the batwoman from the Wuhan Institutes of Virology (WIV), hurried out a Nature publication (submitted on January 20th and published on February 3rd, 2020)11, where she reported a RaTG13 bat coronavirus sharing a 96.2% sequence identity with SARS-CoV-2. Since then, this RaTG13 virus has served as the founding evidence for the natural origin theory (this publication of Shi has been accessed over 1.11 million times and cited 5431 times by March 30th, 2021). Interestingly, in the same issue of Nature, a similar article was published by Dr. Yongzhen Zhang12, which described ZC45 and ZXC21 as the closest match to SARS-CoV-2 evolutionarily. However, Dr. Zhang’s publication received much less attention (0.47 million accesses and 2588 citations by March 30th, 2021). On February 8th, 2020, Major General and bioweapon expert Dr. Wei Chen took over 

the leadership of the WIV. Furthermore, a compulsory regulation was put into place 

demanding that all manuscripts concerning SARS-CoV-2 research produced by Chinese laboratories must be first reviewed and approved by the CCP government before being submitted for publication.





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