War Room Pandemic Ep 249 – Burn it Down

The coronavirus pandemic as the tearing down of monuments persists and the movement to defund the police gains steam in the House of Representatives

War Room Pandemic Ep 248 – The Rape of Hong Kong...

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic as more information comes out about the CCP’s complicity in spreading the virus and misinformation across the world. Bill Gertz calls in to talk about VOA

War Room Pandemic Ep 247 – Ban-Demic

Raheem gets locked out of his Twitter account and the conversation evolves to alternative platforms to spread truth in a time when the powers that be are looking to suppress truth

War Room Pandemic Ep 246 – Action for America (w/ Foreman...

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the need for action from the President and conservatives at large heightens. Calling in is Foreman Mike with an update from the Southern border wall

War Room Pandemic Ep 245 – Woke Capitol (w/ Burgess Owens...

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic as Antifa/BLM protestors and rioters attempt to set up another autonomous zone, this time in the nation's capital of DC

War Room Pandemic Ep 240 – Embrace the Suck (w/ Rosemary...

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic as there is news of new lockdowns in Beijing coming out of China. Calling in is Rosemary Jenks to discuss the implications of the SCOTUS DACA decision for Americans