War Room: Pandemic EP 174 – The Wall Xi Journal (w/...

Calling in is Jonna Bianco to discuss how she is working to get the CCP to abide by its financial obligations to Americans via government bonds issued by China to the American people

War Room: Pandemic EP 173 – The Failure to Grill Fauci...

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield testified in front of the Senate about the coronavirus response so far. Calling in is Congressman Jim Banks about how the House is responding to the global outbreak

War Room: Pandemic EP 172 – The Populist Position Amid the...

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and talk about where the nationalist populist movement now stands amid this new political landscape

War Room: Pandemic EP 171 – Victory Begets Victory (w/ Sharri...

President Trump orders American financiers to pull pension funds from Chinese equities. Also calling in is Roger Robinson to discuss the implications of pulling American pension funds out of Chinese equities

War Room: Pandemic EP 170 – Audit the CCP (w/ Kyle...

The mainstream media attempts to set a narrative that the virus origins in the Wuhan lab are "debunked". Kyle Bass calls in to discuss what methods can be used to level the playing field when dealing with the Chinese Communist Party

War Room: Pandemic EP 169 – Pandemic: Slave Labor (w/ Robert...

Why the mainstream media is so hesitant to cover China in an unbiased manner. Robert Kuttner calls in to discuss the dynamics of the labor and capital under the Chinese Communist Party's regime