Steve Bannon

10/17/2020 Bannon warns Joe Biden: Much more evidence to come. You’re...

Bannon warns Joe Biden: Much more evidence to come. You're going to be buried in an avalanche of corruption and how you've sold out US. Biden family have stolen money from the Chinese people to enrich themselves

War Room: Pandemic Ep 443 -The CCP’s Ownership of Joe Biden

The deep state media is now working overtime to persuade Americans that the authentic photos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and the emails that prove the family was involved in a multi-million dollar pay-for-play scandal are make believe

10/12 Jami-Lee Ross, member of the Advanced New Zealand Party on...

The CCP has conducted foreign interference in a range of forms via its United Front Work, by donating to the political party and connecting with the desperate communities around the world to effectively infiltrate the political system

Extrait War Room ep 407

L'État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine va anéantir l'emprise du PCC sur les chinois pour établir une nouvelle Chine ayant la liberté de religion.

Extrait War room ep-428

Personne ne trouve l'hôte intermédiaire entre le virus et l'humain, parce qu'il n'existe pas ! L'hôte intermédiaire est l'écran de fumée entretenu par le PCC !