Steve Bannon

War Room Pandemic Ep 266 – Never Again

Raheem Kassam, Jack Maxey, and Greg Manz are joined by Steve Bannon to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as news of the Chinese Communist Party's tyrannical and maniacal treatment of Uighurs goes global

War Room Pandemic Ep 265 – Death and Chaos in Urban...

Calling in is Steve Cortes to discuss the violence in Chicago. Also calling in is Jack Posobiec to discuss the crime spike, Trump's weekend speeches, and Hong Kong

War Room Pandemic Ep 264

Calling in is Peter Navarro on how the CCP attacked America and "CCP Lied, American Died"

War Room Pandemic Ep 263

BLM protestors continue to push for the removal of monuments that reflect the shared history of Americans. Calling in in Miles Guo to discuss his claims that the Vatican has entered in a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party

War Room Pandemic Ep 258 – Flood the Zone (w/ General...

The CCP weaponizes its influence in America for nefarious purposes. Calling in is General Robert Spalding on how we have ceded ground in the information war with China

War Room Pandemic Ep 257 – Converging Forces (w/ Dave Ramaswamy)

The national security apparatus makes apparent the playbook they will use to attack President Trump via Carl Bernstein's rambling CNN piece. Calling in is Dave Ramaswamy to discuss the latest actions India has taken banning CCP technology apps