Steve Bannon

War Room Pandemic Ep 202 – Feeding the Dragon (w/ Chris...

Calling in is Chris Fenton to talk about the CCP's stranglehold on Hollywood. Liz Yore calls in to discuss the situation in Minneapolis. Jack Leung calls in to give an update on the ground as to what is happening in Hong Kong

War Room Pandemic Ep 201 – The Great Information War (w/...

Also calling in is Kevin Freeman to talk about the steps America is taking to choke down the Chinese Communist Party's ability to do business with The West

Steve Bannon: we are at war with the Chinese Communist Party

Steve Bannon says that the CCP's manipulation of the CCP-virus "made things crystal clear. We’re in a war with the Chinese Communist Party.”

War Room Pandemic Ep 200 – The Alliance of Liberty

The CCP's efforts to antagonize its own neighbors and the West in response to the global outbreak. Calling in is Dan DiMicco to discuss the re-domestication of American manufacturing

War Room Pandemic Ep 199 – High Noon in Hong Kong...

The situation in Hong Kong escalates and the Chinese Communist Party attempts to goad the West into action (or inaction). Calling in is Mark Simon to provide his insights on the situation in Hong Kong

War Room Pandemic Ep 196 – A Baseball Bat with a...

Roger Kimball and Peter Morici call in to discuss their pieces on China's liability. Dr. Paolo Zanotto calls in to talk about some controversial hydroxychloroquine studies in Brazil