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On July 14, a staff of a neighborhood committee in Shanghai privately gave a forced Covid vaccination to an elderly man in his nineties, who is currently being rescued in hospital and is in critical condition.

According to a report by Sina Finance, staff of the neighborhood committee in Lane 1320 Linfen Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, visited the home of a 98-year-old man without his family’s consent to force him to receive the vaccine. The neighborhood committee claimed that the old man had been evaluated by a doctor before receiving the vaccine and gave his consent.

However, when the family went to the neighborhood committee to ask about the vaccination, the staff was evasive and refused to provide the hospital’s assessment and the consent form signed by the elderly. The family said angrily, “My grandfather has a hearing loss, and my grandmother is mentally ill; how can they have the ability to make a decision! Besides, our family has never been notified by the neighborhood committee; how can you privately visit the house to give the elderly vaccination!”

It is reported that the old man’s stomach was distended the day after the vaccination, and the hospital issued a direct notice of critical illness saying that he needed surgery as soon as possible. The family was very upset, saying, “he would most likely not survive from this surgery as he was oldest-old.”

Recently, there have been many vaccine-related adverse effect cases in Communist China, where thousands of children have developed diabetes and leukemia and must undergo lifelong treatment.


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