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Paul Hastings LLP is a global law firm that specializes in white collar and government disputes, energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property. Paul Hastings has been ranked on The American Lawyer’s A-List for eleven consecutive years. It was founded in 1951 and has 18 offices worldwide. Let’s see how it connects to the Communist China.

Paul Hastings LLP opened its first office in China around 2015, and soon represented Ping An Insurance(Group) Co. invested in long-term quality rental assets across the US. The same year, Paul Hastings also advised Australia and New Zealand, and other companies as mandated lead arrangers, underwriters and bookrunners in connection with a $480 million secured term loan facility and 20 million revolving facility to RCA01, which owned by Spring Investment Trust(“Spring REIT”), that is part of PAX Real Estate.

In 2018, PAG launched a $671 million unsolicited takeover bid for Spring REIT.  Paul Hastings was the representative for PAG.

In 2020, Paul Hastings, advised China Bohai Bank on its US$1.77 billion global offering and listing of its H Shares on HK Stock Exchange.

In 2021, Paul Hastings, represented a sale between two companies in China, Hon Hai Technology and SCPG Holdings Co., Ltd. 

The same year, Shanghai Fosun Pharma and German BioNTeck developed and commercialized a vaccine on COVOD-19.  Paul Hastings was the representative for Fosun.

In 2022, Paul Hastings, represented six Chinese State-owned local investment enterprises in seven bond issues.

On the top of representative for PAG, numerous Chinese state-owned companies, Paul Hastings LLP also the representative of USB that has an ongoing lawsuit with Miles Guo. 

Paul Hastings has a significant conflict of interest with Miles Guo’s personal bankruptcy case. That law firm shouldn’t be permitted to act as a supervisor of Mr. Guo’s personal estate. The replacement of the “Trustee of the United States” means that PAG indirectly acts as Mile’s trustee.  That is, the U.S. Department of Justice lets criminal suspects manage victims’ assets.  It is a clear case of judicial corruption. 

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