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Translated by:  OXV Translation Team – Shugen

According to a CCP-run media, a property developer in Nanjing City launched a campaign targeting potential buyers with a banner “Watermelon for New Home”, offset up to RMB 100,000”. A promo poster shows the special offer runs from June 28th to July 15th, trading up to 5000 kilos of watermelon at RMB20 per kilo to offset up to 100,000 RMB of the house price. 

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Not long ago, another CCP-run media reported that two property developers in Henan Province encouraged buyers to pay down payment with wheat and garlic. 

On June 21, the article “To pay down payment with wheat and garlic in two Henan cities” went viral in Weibo, the leading social media platform in China. According to the article, two real estate developers in Mingquan county of Shangqiu city and Qixian county of Kaifeng city, respectively advertised “Swap wheat at RMB 4 per kilo for new home” and “Swap garlic at 10 RMB per kilo for new home.”

“Swap Garlic for New Home” does not mean buyer need to carry bags of garlic to the property sales office. It is rather a marketing gimmick to attract more potential buyers’ attentions and to promote the property. The developer buys garlic from home buyers at RMB 10 per kilo to offset maximum of RMB 70,000 RMB of down payment. Home buyers don’t have to be garlic growers, nor farmers. 

Same thing for the “Swap Watermelon for New Home”. A salesperson said that shortly after the promo of “Swap Watermelon for New home” is out, the number of enquiries made by existing and new customers sharply increased. However, the promo was temporarily put on hold while the details had yet to be finalized, he added.  

The CCP has never stopped picking its people like leeks, luring them to participate in all kinds of economic activities. It always comes up with new tricks to harvest Chinese people’s money. This time trading agricultural products for new home obviously aimed at the large population of peasant society.   

China is running into fiscal deficit as zero-covid costs soar and revenue falls, domestic consumption continues to lag in key provinces. The CCP now switched its target to the peasant society which encompasses almost half of China’s population (roughly 45%). This shows that the China’s economy is hanging by a thin line. As Mr. Miles Guo said earlier, financial crisis and collapse of China’s real estate market are bound to happen this year. 


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