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Translated by: Himalaya Melbourne Athena — Lish

On June 24, the Chairman of the Hong Kong hospital staff union “Hospital Authority Employees Alliance”, hereinafter referred to as HAEA, David Chan Kwok-Shing, said the organization would be dissolved after an extraordinary General Meeting.

The HAEA was established during the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Movement in 2019. From February 3rd to 7th, 2020, the organization launched a strike with the medical workers to urge the Hong Kong government to shut down and secure the border aimed to reduce the spread of CCP virus from mainland China and provide adequate equipment for frontline medical personnel in combating the epidemic. The strike was joined by thousands of public hospital employees.

The HAEA stated on social media that even though the union will be forced to dissolve, it is hoped that the group has empowered people of courage and continue to persist in the pursuit of freedom in their daily lives. Everyone shall never forget and never give up. 

Since the implementation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law two years ago, many trade unions, political organizations and civic organizations in Hong Kong have been forced to disband under the political suppression of the Hong Kong Communist government. Those include the \ Civil Human Rights Front, which has organized the July 1 demonstration for 17 consecutive years since 2003; Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, Union for New Civil Servants and other groups.


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