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Translated by:  jjdiscord

It was reported on June 27 that U.S. President Biden signed a national security memorandum committing to assist countries in combating illegal fishing, including the Communist China. It is the  first national security memorandum on illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, hereinafter referred to as IUU, in American history.

The White House said that the memo would guide 21 federal departments and agencies in enhancing information sharing and coordination. The U.S. would also launch an alliance with Canada and the United Kingdom to take urgent actions to improve the monitoring of IUU fishing. 

A senior U.S. official revealed that illegal fishing had outpaced piracy as the top global maritime security threat and intensified regional disputes. Therefore, The United States will introduce policies to strengthen efforts to combat IUU fishing, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. In addition, the authorities will also take action against human trafficking and illegal workers. The official said that although the measures are not intended to target a particular country, everyone knows that Communist China is the biggest rule breaker here.


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