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Translated by:  Tokyo Sakura Group – Garrettw

On the June 28th grand live broadcast Miles Guo talked about Swamp’s evaluation of NFSC’s recuse in the Ukrainian frontline Medyka, which is an operation of international heights.  What’s more, the Swamp also helped silently in this recuse.

In Miles Guo’s words, “the Swamp said that the recuse is something a super country can do.  It takes great bravery to go to the frontline to rescue and also to bear huge pressure, apart from these, we are able to quickly arrive at the frontline and carry out recuse activities.  During the period, ‘fellow fighters’ performance and our coffee are not at the level of an ordinary country.  The more important is the time of rescue’s starting and ending planned just right, with deep international political perspectives and means.”

He continued to say, “Swamp is familiar with every fellow fighter in the frontline, thanks to the advanced AI information acquisition methods.  Miles revealed that during the recuse, CNN, CNBC, BBC and a German media controlled by Russia have sent a special working team to the frontline to interview fellow fighters and bad-ass around in attempting to smear our recuse in the media.  Later the reason why these media have not reported these smeared news, all that is the help of Swamp.”      


Edited and Proofread by:  Linda Progress
Posted by: Beyond X

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