Miles has a lot of exciting news to share with his fellow warriors from the Whistleblower Movement (WM).  Also, he heard more about the vaccine disaster.

• Lately, Miles has been saying that we must learn to accept and let go. But, in reality, especially at this moment, it’s tough to be able to do that.
• The biggest challenge ahead for unvaccinated people like us is dealing with the sufferings or deaths of loved ones caused by vaccine side effects.
• We can accomplish the impossible mission of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but we cannot save our families and friends from the evil vaccines.

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Brendan Carr, a commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is asking Apple and Google to consider banning TikTok from their app stores over data security concerns. 

• Tiktok is just the first; next will be Zoom, WeChat and Alibaba’s big data platform.
• Since day one, Alibaba has been collecting people’s personal information 24/7, while Zoom has infiltrated everywhere in the U.S., including governments and schools. It is the massive unrestricted information warfare launched by the CCP against the world.
• All the applications related to Communist China will soon be cleaned out of America’s root services.

It is normal for all countries to steal intelligence from each other. But it is absolutely a crime for the CCP to collect people’s private information to attack other countries.

• So many people within the CCP system believe it’s not a big deal to collect any data they want. It is scary to see how easily Chinese people can be convinced by evil.
• When nations are at war, both sides should at least know where the boundaries are. For example, it’s your choice to smoke, but if you want to smoke in public, you must follow the rules.
• It is unacceptable for Putin’s Russia to attack civilian targets like a supermarket in Ukraine. If Russia can do that to Ukrainians, then it can do it to all the people in the world. Then humanity will soon be finished.

Please join Miles to quit smoking together.

• Miles feels very guilty for making many of his friends and fellow WM warriors fall in love with smoking cigars. Now he’s asking for a hundred WM warriors to quit smoking with him.
• Miles is planning to have an exclusive live farewell party on GETTR to tobacco with these 100 WM warriors. They will smoke together for the last time in their lives. And Miles will share his knowledge of the art of cigar smoking.
• No matter what, smoking is definitely bad for yourself and your loved ones.

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Most of the current top social media platforms will be finished soon, and the world will see how powerful the New Federal State of China is. However, we currently do have a huge shortage of good people managers and technical engineers.

Undoubtedly, the global economy is heading for the worst recession in human history. Miles warns everyone again not to jump into the fire now.

Bitcoin’s mystery will soon be revealed. Miles will go live on GETTR this Sunday.

Miles will go live on GETTR this Sunday. 

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