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According to Digital Journal, on June 20th, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducted cyberattacks against the U.S targets, and many of these hackers acted under the direction of the CCP. American security agencies warned that CCP-backed hackers had breached major telecom companies worldwide. 

Having analyzed the motives behind these dangerous cyberattacks, some cybersecurity evangelists have realized how countries relied on cyber-warfare for political interests. FBI alleged that the CCP conducted more cyber intrusions than the rest of the world combined and went to great lengths to get what they wanted by cyber-warfare. With the escalating friction between the U.S. and Communist China over Taiwan, the recent attacks were an attempt to gain additional intelligence. 

The report believed the telecom industry was established in an approach relying too much on partners and carriers, making it easier for CCP-backed hackers to bring down multiple interconnected systems simultaneously. If a telecom company fell victim to a cyberattack, it would have a tremendous impact on the entire industry and consumers. Regarding suitable counteractions, the whole sector and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should prioritize Operational Technology (OT) security and apply Zero Trust strategies.

Article: CCP-backed Hackers Attacked Major Telecom Companies Worldwide

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