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1) Brother Miles exposed through the live broadcast that Beijing International Investment Co., Ltd changed from state-owned assets to Wang Qishan’ s family after the transfer of its shares. In fact, Wang @ishan personally controlled it, but borrowing money is still in the name of the state, and the responsibility is paid by the civilians themselves.
2) US National Security Advisor Sullivan pointed out on June 27 that US President Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are about to communicate through the phone in the next few weeks.
3) The Group of Seven (G7) Joint announcement once again emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. It also sharply criticized China’s human rights abuses and its 50-year commitment to Hong Kong.
4) According to Reuters, the Biden administration added five companies of the CCP to a trade blacklist on June 28 local time on the grounds that these companies were “suspected of supporting the Russian military and defense
5) Iran and Argentina have formally applied to join the BRICKS national cooperation mechanism led by the CCP and Russia.
6) The Securities Regulatory Commission of the CCP will ban Chinese investors from opening accounts overseas from next month. Some commentators believe that this is to cover up the serious plight of China’s capital outflow in
the name of cracking down on “fake foreign capital”.
7) The Hong Kong police confirmed that the Chinese President will visit Hong Kong on July 1 to attend the ceremony, and will adopt unprecedented security
in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Quote of Today:
It’s not scary to have different opinions, the scary thing is that as long as we have a little bit of difference, there’s no space for a good conversation. The purpose of the CCP’s dictatorship system is to wipe off the atmosphere of all equal dialogue and deprive the unique free and equal soul that the Creator has given to mankind.

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