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Translated by:  OXV Translation Team – TrueSky

On June 22nd, Miles Guo said in the grand live broadcast that the main concern of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is to get back the wealth from to the thieves who stole it from the country and hid it in the West, because all this money belongs to the Chinese people.  The world is no longer interested in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a regime.

Image source: Himoney

A lot of money in the West comes from the CCP.  Wang Qishan is confident because he controls the huge wealth of the Chinese people and has used the money to buy off Western politicians and collude with the dark forces.

The Swamp will help the NFSC find more evidence and information about the theft of Chinese wealth.  This includes money injected into elections, money funneled into the deep web and laundering channels, and the transfers of money into Bitcoin.

The NFSC will use the western justice system to get back the wealth of the Chinese legally from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Germany and France.  The NFSC will not allow the forces of darkness to harm the NFSC people again.


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