Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

On June 27, jiemian.com cited data from Communist China’s Influenza Center that the detection rate of positive influenza virus cases has been on the rise in June in southern China, with infections predominantly by the influenza A (H3N2) subtype. The number of influenza cases is higher than in the same period in 2019 and 2021.

Influenza epidemics frequently erupt in the winter and spring, so why does the influenza outbreak this time occur in the summer in southern China? Lin Yuzhuo, an emergency room doctor at the First People’s Hospital in Qinzhou City Guangxi Province, offers the explanation: Influenza also has an outbreak period in the summer, and a relatively large influenza outbreak erupts every two to three years on average. Each influenza outbreak is caused by a different virus strain; the influenza viruses mutate quickly, so the antibodies produced after contracting one strain of virus are only effective against the same strain of virus. Besides, the antibodies produced by the human body after influenza virus infection don’t remain forever; the antibodies only last for ten to twelve months.  

Another virologist Chang Rongshan says: After influenza infection, the patient is prone to develop complications such as pneumonia, mumps, and heart disease. The mortality rate is quite high for severe influenza cases, so the virus poses a high threat to the elderly and children. The complications are also hard to treat. The inoculation rate of the flu vaccine has also been very low in recent years. The virologist claims that the Covid-19 virus (Chinese Communist Party virus) has lower transmission rate in comparison due to high vaccination rate. The virologist also cautions the public to pay attention to the risk of simultaneous outbreaks of influenza and Covid because the two diseases display similar symptoms. In addition, Jiang Lina (chief physician of the Acute Infectious Disease Control Institute in the Guangxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests taking the flu shot is the most economic and effective measure to prevent influenza—she says while there is vigorous promotion of the Covid vaccine, inoculation of the flu vaccine shouldn’t be neglected. 

One sentence by Dr. Lin Yuzhuo is correct—each influenza outbreak is caused by a different strain of virus, and because the influenza virus mutates quickly, taking the flu shot isn’t effective. The influenza virus is an RNA virus; Covid-19 is an RNA virus; HIV is also an RNA virus; RNA viruses have been undergoing fast mutations. Therefore, it is impossible to create an effective vaccine against RNA viruses. By promoting compulsory vaccination through various means, the Chinese Communist Party must be harboring evil intentions. Amid this year’s influenza outbreak, the CCP’s official media only intends to blame the toxic Covid vaccine disaster on influenza.