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According to a report by True North on June 22, the cost of living has soared due to persistent inflation, making most Canadians with children more worried about the most basic livelihood issues.

The latest poll results show that under the impact of unprecedented sharp inflation in Canada, 72% of the parents surveyed said they are struggling with food and clothing, and 80% of families with children believe that the bank’s interest rate growth will exceed their ability to bear.  The vast majority of respondents believe that inflation will continue and life will be more difficult.  Additionally, nearly 80 per cent of Canadians believe wages are unlikely to grow faster than inflation.

Another similar study also showed that since Canada’s total debt has jumped to the second place in the developed world, most people believe that the Trudeau government has been the worst performer during the pandemic, and the huge debt has not been converted into the driving force that promotes economic development.

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