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Translated by: Himalaya NZ Translation Team – Lisa0527

In the Grand Live Broadcast on June 28th, Miles Guo mentioned that the Plutocrats are not omnipotent.

Photo: FOX

On the issues of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Plutocrats could not convince and influence Xi Jinping not to attack Taiwan or humiliate Hong Kong. It is better to keep Taiwan and Hong Kong independent, which is the best way to maximize the interests of the majority. For example, in the case of the sanctions against the Russian oligarchs, the Plutocrats can’t do anything to stop sanctioning these tycoons.  If they can’t do it, they just can’t do it, and they can only think twice and seek its own interests.  The Plutocrats have a huge influence and can almost affect the fate of all mankind, but what they cannot do is also huge, and their desires and disappointments are equally large.

In addition, the Plutocrats are very honest, never saying things they don’t believe, and never giving people the illusion of ambiguity. What surprised Miles at the “deep mountain” meetings this time was that the Plutocrats said very honestly that no matter whether Xi attack Taiwan or not, the world will get rid of Xi and Wang Qishan.


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