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Taiwan media reported on June 21 that Chris Patten, former governor of Hong Kong,  said that the CCP has treacherously tore up the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Xi Jinping has suppressed Hong Kong’s freedom with a strong sense of revenge.

Patten said that according to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the CCP agreed that Hong Kong could retain freedoms and enjoy autonomy for 50 years under the principle of “One country, Two systems”. But after Xi Jinping took power in 2012, he gradually became a dictator. The CCP was terrified by the freedom that Hong Kong actually represents. 

Since the implementation of the “National Security Law” in Hong Kong in 2020, the CCP has completely violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration and tried to  deprive Hong Kong’s freedom which threatened its rule.

Patten pointed out that after Russia invaded Ukraine, countries around the world were worried that the CCP would also invade Taiwan. But after seeing the major setbacks of the Russian-Ukraine war and the world’s joint sanctions against the Putin regime, Xi Jinping should clearly realize the serious consequences of his attempts to invade Taiwan.

Article: Former Hong Kong Governor Condemns Xi Jinping’s Crackdown On Hong Kong’s Freedom  

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