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Miles Guo had visited Phoenix, Arizona, during Christmas in December 2019, and again in June this year, two and a half years after the trip to Phoenix, and this time Miles Guo and the deep state held a secret meeting in Phoenix. It can be said that this meeting was a watershed for the Whistleblower Movement; the deep state tycoons also specifically asked Miles Guo to bring a message to the Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighters.

Miles Guo Grand Live Broadcast on 6/22/2022 (summary)

The deep state tycoons disliked the word “swamp”. They said there is no swamp, and we mythologize it. The NFSC is the real future.

Tycoons say that they are learning and watching what the NFSC people are doing, and they will welcome NFSC in Sedona and Phoenix with their actions, and they will welcome NFSC people as hosts, and they share weal and woe with the NFSC.

These deep state tycoons have had a trusting relationship with Miles Guo since 1991, and the reason they have not met together for more than two years is because of the CCP virus. During this meeting, Miles Guo received special respect from the tycoons, mainly because they obtained and believed Miles Guo had important information about vaccines. As a result, not only did they not receive the poisonous vaccine themselves, but their entire families did not receive the poisonous vaccine. Their relationship with Miles Guo also changed into life and death.

The New Federal State of China(NFSC)and the Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo is different today than it was in the past, and Miles Guo could not help but lament several times during the June 22 Grand Live Broadcast. (summary)

In 2019 I had sent a photo in Phoenix of a mountain that looked like a monkey. After that time, humanity started to face the CCP virus. I’m back in Phoenix, this time looking at that same mountain that looks like a monkey in the same place, and the CCP virus has come so far. When I talk to everyone about the changes from 2019 to today, there are really no words to describe it. 2019 to today is a legendary moment for humanity, they feel that everything has changed for humanity since 2019, and the words they say most often, “everything has changed.” From 2019 to today, everything has changed in the human world; how many lives and blood have been exchanged?

In this century of political and economic changes, the most significant benefit for the NFSC people is that they are not vaccinated. If we compare life to a number, life and health are “1”, and career, family, status, and wealth are all zeros. Our countless fellow fighters not only have a healthy life but also are young, vigorous, energetic and sunny!

As deep state tycoons gave Miles Guo a quote that said, “Miles, I beg you, please make sure you remember these words I gave you today, if it’s considered a gift, this is my gift to you.

Miles Guo Grand Live Broadcast on June 22,2022 (summary)

“Your greatest strength is that you are young, you are transparent, and everything about you is in the sun. Don’t change it, we only have history, strictly speaking, we can’t stand the sunlight, and we are old. Everything we have will be returned to the people, none of it will belong to us, and you are creating things for others. Only the power under the sun is the greatest power, where is the deep state? The NFSC is too transparent.”

Miles Guo said these words of the tycoons struck him that it was like an electric shock. The greatest strength of our NFSC is that everything we do can be exposed to the sunlight, using the wisdom of righteousness, practicing the righteous way, without conspiracies and tricks, and without any unseemly things. Our NFSC and all G-Club members practice “righteousness” and “only the truth will prevail” and master the most advanced high technology, which is the power of sunlight and the future of all human beings!

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Coincidentally, the location of Miles Guo’s meeting, Phoenix, is known as the “Canyon of the Sun”, a city full of sunshine, where the NFSC has emerged from the “swamp” and is making our “sunny land”.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, and like Las Vegas, it is a city in the desert. The temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius 111 days a year, which is why it is known as the “Canyon of the Sun”.

Miles Guo’s visit to Phoenix also included a special mention of the mysterious town of Sedona

Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on June 22 (summary).

Just so you know, the place I went to this time is Phoenix and the small town of Sedona on the edge of Phoenix. Sedona is the most magical place in the world and is the place where UFOs appear. The deep state tycoons also believe in that mysterious power and magnetic secrets, and they are mystics.

Image: xioushekecan

Sedona, a town 120 miles north of Phoenix, is located between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon and has a unique red rock landscape with many supernatural and spiritual origins and is known as a sacred Indian site.

According to the results of modern science, the earth’s magnetic field in Sedona is powerful, and there is a rare geophysical phenomenon known as the super-energy Vortex field. Although this invisible to the naked eye from the depths of the earth’s rotational force is unbelievable, its strong force makes many local trees grow like twisted twists under the influence of the vortex.

The tree trunk is twisted and rotated by the energy vortex.

Image: Xiouchekecan
Image: Xioushekecan

The American Indians first noticed this strange phenomenon. Although this violent vortex-like energy from the depths of the earth cannot be seen and touched, your body and mind can feel it, and they also found that people living here are physically healthier than those living elsewhere. As a result, ordinary people believe that this vortex from the underground superpower can enhance the human body’s energy but also help the mind enlightenment and enhance the level of spiritual enlightenment. Because of this, various religious groups worldwide have been competing to set up bases here.

Image:Xioushekecan (There is a Tibetan Buddhist stupa in a realm where Christianity is prevalent in the West. Sedona deserves to be the center of spiritual practice in America.)

Sedona is said to be one of two “energy vortexes” with medical powers on Earth, the other being the Tibetan Himalayas. Energy Vortexes are mysterious focal points on Earth where cosmic energy is enhanced. The Tibetan Himalayas and Sedona, in the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth, respectively, are said to be the best places to link up with aliens and the best landing places for aliens to land on Earth, where aliens have set up hyperspace portals.

It is simply amazing that there is a heavenly arrangement that the canyon of the sun, Phoenix, and the mysterious Sedona are connected with our New Federal State of China and the Himalayas. No wonder Miles Guo said, “The arrangement of heaven made me go to Phoenix, Sedona, and I believe more in this mysterious power of heaven and all Buddhas and gods, but I don’t rely on it.”

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