Fraudulent capital injection and withdrawal of funds, fraudulent withdrawal of funds, the most important thing is that, he didn’t keep his promise which is the amount that he had to pay, so the contract is not valid.

【Miles Live Broadcast Highlight】 24th, June 2022, the  fraudulent Beijing International Trust and Investment Corporation (BITIC) offered Ashmore and Weiyi a huge amount of international credit notes via domestic banks such as PingAn and China Merchants


What was our brother Tarzan saying? What did this son-of-bitch do? Fraudulent capital injection and withdrawal of funds, fraudulent withdrawal of funds, the most important thing is that, he didn’t keep his promise which is the amount that he had to pay, so the contract is not valid, the contract is invalid.

The deals of the shares hold by the BITIC is invalid. The credit notes offered to Weiyi is not valid. Including the global credit notes offered to Ashmore, and to Black Stone and Black Rock, when Blackrock bought Hilton Hotel, BITIC issued a guarantee, how much is that? $800 million. When was transaction done? Please check it out! In 2010 and 2012, $800 million and interest. The interest is 15%, how much would that be? The note is still there but of no use, Wang Jian is dead, isn’t he? It was Blackstone which sold to Wang Jian. And it was Blackstone again who bought HNA from Wang Jian. Well, it was Blackstone which helped China to open oil futures in the Middle East. How much? It has reached a total of $150 billion. This $150 billion was done by Old Xiao. Our Brother Tarzan worked under him. The first deal in China was done by him. He initiated it.

My brothers and sisters, do you cherish your fellow fighters? Just like Tarzan, Mr. Three-Rights in the group chat that. You guys were just fooling around, making hanky-panky, seducing them. They are the real tycoons! It’s true! About the question, that Mr. Three-Right and Mr. Tarzan were saying are the most important topics. The investment of Ashmore and WeiYi are fraudulent, False capital injection, capital evasion, illegal guarantee, invalid contracts, it all happened. This is the topic that Mr. Tarzan asked about earlier on. 279.8 million, that is, 280 million was not paid. Wang Qishan offered the shares and the controlling right to Weiyi and Ashmore. Then WeiYi and Ashmore made use of it with the help of Ma Mingzhe’s PingAn Group and China Merchants Bank,including China Construction Bank, and also Bank of Beijing, etc. ……through CNOOC, CNPC and China Shenhua, China Energy etc, and all the so-called overseas investment groups or Investment companies manipulated the trillions of dollars of financial notes.

The evidence is out and clear, who can find them? No one can. Just like the loan note that Mr. Tarzan gave to Xiao Jianhua, who can find it? Only two people. Xiao Jianhua and Mr. Tarzan. Mr. Tarzan had done billions of dollars of deals in the exact same way. That Mr. Tarzan personally handled it. Only Mr. Tarzan can tell you that the number of notes he made. Only he can tell it, other than him, is Xiao Jianhua. How much money was taken? Those credit notes truly exist and are hidden, nobody knows where.  We can only know when it is cashed in. It is not cashed in yet, but the money was already taken. There is an automatic rollover period, “Boom Boom Boom ……”, even panties are not needed as guarantee. When it expires, it just rolls over.

Video Clip: CG. | Chinese Subtitles: Little Bee | Translator: Modaoshi | Proofread: Stephanie | Script: Freecat | Editor: Quentin | Publish: Little Bee

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