Miles Guo’s Broadcast HighlightsJune 19,2022 by Submarine – Escaped from Mainland China Special Session- Fellow Fighter’s Plans for the Future and Messages Sent by Mr. Miles Guo to Fellow Fighters


I won’t be selling my H Coins, I will transfer it to…

Fay Fay:

This is your family’s heirloom, ok!


I prepared some savings before I came out.


Half a lifetime’s savings, not just some savings.


Yeah, prepared for almost half of my lifetime’s savings. Then one week before I came out, I sold a house. I’ve requested a real estate to agent to sell my house within a week. You can sell it if you can, I will accept any price. But if you can’t settle on a deal within a week, I won’t sell this house

The house was originally worth about 300,000 RMB. Somebody had offered 290,000 RMB. Later we negotiated for a price at 290,000 RMB. Later, because that house was not at our local, it was more than an hour away from our local. We both agreed to 290,000 RMB. When I got there after an hour of driving, he gave me a counter offer of 270,000 RMB. I wasn’t happy about that, so I didn’t sell it to him

After a week, I talked with a real estate agent that this house has to be sold, no matter how much the price, he introduced me to a buyer, I sold it for 170,000 RMB. So, this money is also part of my living expenses, I believe I will be ok until the CCP is over. This savings that I have should be enough to support my family until the CCP is destroyed.

Besides, I can earn some Laying Flat Coin, right?

Fay Fay

“What a lovely family, you’ve made my day since early morning! I do believe there are good people more than the bad ones, smart people are more than stupid ones” Mr. Guo posted on his GETTR again? Shouldn’t he be going to his retreat?


Is it Mr. Guo’s message?

Fay Fay

Yes, it is.


Wow, so excited, very excited!


I have a more important message to share with Submarine’s family. Just now, Long Island Brother left a message on my WhatsApp. Please let Submarine’s family contact me after the live stream. Let’s see if there is anything the Himalaya Alliance of the NFSC can do for them. We hope they can settle down as soon as possible. Long Island Brother allowed me to share this info on our live stream. Then to convey Mr. Guo’s consideration and concerns for you guys. It was especially explained by Mr. Guo himself.

So, after our live stream, please contact Long Island Brother. If you have any difficulties in your life and you need the help. I am sure they will give you a proper arrangement.

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