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Translated by: Himalaya Formosa Taiwan – Moli C.

On June 25, Miles Guo posted a Gettr video, saying that he hopes brothers-in-arms will not be bothered by the immediate vaccine passport and mandatory policies, but rely on their own strength and dedication to create dignity and hope for themselves.

Miles said that many Asian fellow fighters have inquired about vaccine passport matters they face when traveling to countries such as Europe and the United States and these issues need to be treated specifically. As long as he has the ability to impose a helping hand, he will definitely do his best. But the only thing certain is that mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports will eventually be eliminated worldwide. Extreme countries such as Hungary, which enforces the most draconian vaccine policies, were forced to abandon them a long time ago because they were unpopular.

Brothers-in-arms should not be distracted by the immediate situation temporarily. The population will face a very tragic situation in the future with the shortage of electricity and oil supplies in the big cities within the Communist China. The collapse of real estate and problems with mortgages and credit will be coming. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will apply to all brothers-in-arms and solve all problems.

Fellow fighters who have left Communist China and went to Europe and the Middle East, naturally want to go to better places such as the United States, but they also have to live within their means and find an accurate position for themselves between heaven and hell. One should never get something for nothing, but rather give a future to one’s children by working diligently to keep oneself and one’s family safe and alive with dignity. Miles leads the whistleblower Movement every day with a workload that is much more than normal, which comes from an inner gratitude to the heavens and gives action with a strong mind and will.


Proofread/Edited by: Snorlax S.
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Posted by: Zee Li

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